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When I started the Euro Spares website back in the mid 1990s I had been writing and posting a series of articles on frame design and construction to some of the email lists I was on. These articles began when I asked if anyone on the lists was interested in the subject. The first article was a response to several messages I received, and things just took off from there.

I had received a number of posts asking if I intend to expand the articles into a book, including drawings, photos, and other graphics. I certainly had no intention of doing this when I set out. Once John Bradley wrote his two volume set and Tony Foale republished/greatly expanded his original book any need for me to think about writing a book was rendered extremely moot.

Please keep in mind several things:

I would be very happy to receive your questions about the articles. I would like to find out what areas need expansion/clarification. I do ask that you please read all of the articles before sending your questions, as some of the later articles include additional information on topics in earlier articles. If you find this topic of interest please consider subscribing to my mc-chassis-design email list. Details on how to do that can be found here.

As other technical articles have been written I've added them here too.

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