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New list as of 01/13/2002! - I just started a list for the Greeves marque, covering all models as well as Greeves-based specials. Subscription instructions are as shown below - the list name you'll use is, of course, greeves. Greeves dirt bike owners/riders may also want to subscribe to the more general vintage-dirt list, and Greeves roadracers to the vintage-roadrace list.

In April 1997 I started several e-mail lists, and I've added several more since then. The lists I run are:.

vintage-roadrace - A list for vintage (pre 1975) road racers and fans. An occasional "Forgotten Era" post is fine too. As I've got Japanese and Italian vintage road racers, and have raced English road race bikes too, all makes of vintage road race bikes are welcome.

vintage-dirt - A list for vintage (short-travel suspension pre 1975) dirt bikes and fans. All makes of vintage dirt bikes are welcome.

suzuki-gs-twin - A list for owners and fans of the Suzuki GS four-stroke twins - 250, 400, 425, 450 and 500cc. I envision this list being similar to the EX500 list; a mixture of racers and street riders.

lightweight-roadrace - A list for 250cc and under four strokes and sub-250cc 2 strokes. Vintage and modern road race bikes are welcome, as is the odd CR500 powered RS125 (yes, it's bigger than 249cc, but it is light!).

mc-chassis-design - A list for those interested in the design and construction of motorcycle chassis.

laverda - A list for the Laverda enthusiast (new as of 8 March 1998).

benelli-motobi - A list for the Benelli and MotoBi enthusiasts (new as of 1 November 1998).

greeves - A list for Greeves enthusiasts (new as of 13 January 2002).

How do you subscribe to these lists? As of late 2006 they are now on the "mailman" software. The easiest way to subscribe will be to go to the Micapeak.com website and pick the specific list from the large list of listserves they host and fill in the form on the subscriber services page for that list:


Please be aware that the lists are set up to reject all attachments, HTML code etc. If you send mail to the list it must be in plain text or it will reject. Most mail editors can be set to plain text, though some of them will tell you it is plain text but still continue to include HTML codes. If you have a question about how your system is set, feel free to send me an email using the mailto: link at the bottom of this page. I'll look at your message and let you know if you need to make any changes to your editor. AOL is a program that seems to default to including HTML code.

Note: as of 10 February 1999 I've decided to stop adding to the archives on the website. There are plenty of digests here to look at and get a feel for the list traffic without storing them on my website (which can use the extra space for pictures instead).

Benelli-MotoBi List Digests

Lightweight Road Race List Digests

Vintage Road Race List Digests

Vintage Dirt List Digests

Suzuki GS Twin List Digests

Motorcycle Chassis Design List Digests

Many thanks to Bob Schnick who has kindly volunteered to assemble the chassis design list digests into the html format for me

Laverda List Digests

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