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This page will be mostly to hold information about my Tree Journeyman 325 CNC milling machine, but I'll be adding some information on other mills that interest me.

To start, here's a scan of the factory brochure (date unknown) for the Journeyman line. It covers the 210 (looks like a refitted Bridgeport Series 1 type of mill), the 310 which still hs an external Bridgeport-style motor/pully assembly but on a rigid ram/head chassis, and the 325 which moves the motor into the column and mounts it upside down so the machine isn't as tall. All of the machines have 10x44 tables and the two smaller machines have #30 quick-switch spindles, while the 325 (like the bigger 425 which isn't shown) has CAT40 and a pneumatic spindle clamp.

Here's a couple of photos of my 325 being delivered:

Here's the new old stock Yuasa CNC rotary table I lucked into. When I spoke to a tech at Yuasa to get some information he told me they never made a red rotab, but I know different:


Other Milling Machines

J.D. sent me scans of an interesting catalog for the Martin bench top milling machines. The scans are large format to allow for plenty of detail to be visible.

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