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This page has links to graphics files that have recently been added to the website. When I get time I later move the links from this page into the two other categorized graphics pages.

I've been asked to start showing thumbnail images so I'll try to do that on files in the future. 

COPYRIGHT STATEMENT: I'm retaining copyright to the photos that I've taken, though I don't mind people using them on their sites as long as I get attribution as the photographer (and a link to my site would be nice too). Copyright to photos taken by other people are retained by their respective copyright holders. I've attempted to abide by the "fair use" clause in the copyright laws. I've given attribution where available to the source of any photos that I didn't take. There are some photos from different publications, and while some of these publications are still in business others aren't. I'm not deriving any monetary benefit from these photos (in fact, it costs me to have them loaded on my ISP's server), and I have sincere doubts that my providing photos from publications of 25-40 years ago (especially defunct publications) is denying income to anyone. All photos are offered as a service to interested members of the motorcycling public. However, should someone who retains copyright to any photo that appears here object to the photo being made available, I'll remove the link to the photo upon request.

Many thanks to Off Road Review, formerly published in the UK by Deryk Wylde.

I contacted Deryk to compliment him on the magazine and ask for permission to use some of the photos (with proper attribution), and he graciously allowed me to do that. In addition, he has searched out photos of some of the things that I was really interested to see - private and works specials, bikes with different leading link forks, and specific bikes for which I was unable to find good pictures.

Sadly, the magazine is no longer being published, which is a shame as it was of very high quality and had many interesting photos that were not generally available .

Here is a list (in order of appearance) of links to the different section. Please keep in mind that there is some cross-over between sections, so it might pay to look at everything just in case my method of classifying the photos doesn't quite match up with the way you would have divided them.

New Additions

I'm going to start listing the new additions to the page here when they first go up. When I get time I'll then move the links into the appropriate section below (but that may not happen very quickly - I'm more concerned about getting more material up on the site).

I've found or been referred to several interesting sites devoted to 50/80cc GP roadracers. Some of them are mentioned below, but I'd like to add links to them here:

The newest files are in this section.

Rick Denoon in Canada built a nice Honda 400/4 special about 2005. It was the cover bike for a UK magazine, and I've put the photos he sent me in this folder on the site.

Bill VanTichelt’s daughter Holly sent these early Van Tech photos supplied by Ray Hook at Blendzall Oils.  She says that Hook commissioned the first bike for a racer being sponsored by Blendzall.

"Red" with the first Van Tech

 The first Van Tech March 1964

 The Van Tech "widowmaker" twin-engine racer.

"Red" racing the twin Van Tech at Modesto CA

Here's a Yamaha 2T twin of 420cc with R6 running gear built (and photographed) by Dave Pearce at Tigcraft:

 Tigcraft "Stinkwheel"

Here are a couple of Tigcraft racers.  The single has a "reverse head" YZ450 Yamaha engine and the twin is an EN650 Kawasaki.  The Kawasaki won the 2014 Southern 100 650cc Twins race with a new lap record of 103 MPH.  Photos supplied by Dave Pearce at Tigcraft.

 Tigcraft EN650 Kawasaki "on the bench".

 Tigcraft reverse-head YZ450 Yamaha under construction

Tigcraft reverse-head YZ450 Yamaha

A couple of friends and I drove from ABQ to Laguna Seca in 1975 to see the National. It was our first time at a road race event. In the campground we were next to a couple of guys running in the Lightweight race. One of them had this custom-framed Kawasaki Bighorn 350 single. When I recently asked for information about the bike Harry Klinzman told me "yep, Joe Brown, he made fairings, thats his sticker on the side, he made the seat too, my bikes had all his products when I started racing, the bike was built by a guy named Stan Stanky, he was a teacher at a school in Garden Grove for motorcycle repair, I was one of his students, blew me away to see this pic...." Pitted with the Kawasaki was this Yamaha TA250 equipped with Monotrack wheels and disc brakes.

 350 Bighorn Kawasaki Right side