Euro Spares


This is a page with links to information about some of the tools I've owned. Some are home-made, others were purchased.

Assorted metal/gearhead links:

American Machinist magazine
Cutting Tool Engineering magazine
Home Shop Machinist and The Machinist's Workshop magazines
Model Engine Builder magazine
Chaski "The Home Machinist!" forum
Home Shop Machinist and The Machinist's Workshop forum
Metal Illness forum
Metalshapers Association (sheet metal work) for (sheet) Metalshaping Enthusiasts and Professionals
Practical Machinist - The Official Community of American Machinst

Yahoo Bridgeport Milling Machine forum
Yahoo CAD CAM EDM DRO forum
Yahoo "Do It Yourself - CNC" forum
Yahoo Job Shop and Home Shop forum
Yahoo Logan Lathe forum
Yahoo Metal Shaper (the machine) forum

San Francisco Bay Area Engine Modelers club
Machining and Metalworking at Home Lots of text files of different metalworking group messages

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