Many of the manufacturers use abbreviated terminology in the part catalogues so we've put this page together to help you decipher the jargon.

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Ferrari(1A)Coupe with Antiskid
Ferrari(1B)Coupe without Antiskid
Ferrari(2A)Cabriolet with Antiskid
Ferrari(2B)Cabriolet without Antiskid
Ferrari(A)Vehicles with Antiskid system
Ferrari(B)Vehicles without Antiskid system
Ferrari(N)Valid from vehicle: 76626
Ferrari(V)Valid until vehicle: 76625
Ferrari246 (E)246 Dino Series 3 (1971-1974)
Ferrari246 (L)246 Dino Series 1 (1969-1970)
Ferrari246 (M)246 Dino Series 2 (1970-1971)
Ferrari250 128 B250 Engine 128 Series (1956-1958) Covering: 250 GT Boano, 250 Tour De France (TDF) No Louver, 250 TDF 14 Louver, 250 GT Ellena Competition
Ferrari250 128 C250 Engine 128 Series (1956-1960) Covering: 250 GT California Spyder, 250 Pininfarina (PF) Coupé, 250 TDF 3 Louver, 250 PF Cabriolet Series 1
Ferrari250 128 D250 Engine 128 Series (1958-1959) Covering: 250 TDF 1 Louver, 250 GT California Spyder, 250 PF Cabriolet Series 2
Ferrari250 128 E250 Engine 128 Series (1960-1964) Covering: 250 GTE Series 1-3, 250 GT California Spyder
Ferrari348 Comp348 GT Competizione
Ferrari355 F1Cars with "Bosch" ABS braking system
Ferrari3PCars with propelling unit with 3 fixing points
Ferrari412A412 with automatic transmission
Ferrari412M412 with manual transmission
Ferrari456 GT456 with manual transmission
Ferrari456 GTA456 with automatic transmission
Ferrari456M GT456M with manual transmission
Ferrari456M GTA456M with automatic transmission
Ferrari4PCars with propelling unit with 4 fixing points
Ferrari4VVehicles with 4 valve engine
Ferrari77 DBNot catalytic cars version with 77 DB exhaust system
FerrariA1Standard version (with K - Jetronic) (Engine F 113 A 000)
FerrariA87Austria (1987)
FerrariACAir Conditioning
FerrariASS NRAssembly Number
FerrariAss Nr.Assembly Number
FerrariAss. NrAssembly Number
FerrariAss. Nr.Assembly Number
FerrariASS.NRAssembly Number
FerrariB1Standard version (KE - Jetronic) (Engine F 113 B 000 - Starting from ch. No. 65907)
FerrariB2Standard version (KE - Jetronic) LH D. (Starting from ch. No. 67079)
FerrariB3Standard version (KE - Jetronic) RH D. (Starting from ch. No. 67079)
FerrariC6Switzerland up to 1986 model year
FerrariC7Switzerland 1987 model year onwards
FerrariC8Swiss, Austrian, Swedish and Danish versions, from 1988
FerrariCATStandard version without catalytic converter - starting from chassis no. 82966
FerrariCDN M.Y. 2000Canada (2000 model year)
FerrariCDN M.Y. 2001USA (2001 model year)
FerrariCDN M.Y. 2002USA (2002 model year)
FerrariCDN M.Y. 2003USA (2003 model year)
FerrariCDN M.Y. 2004USA (2004 model year)
FerrariCDN MY98Canada (1998 model year)
FerrariD.C.Double Conditioner
FerrariD.V.N.From car number
FerrariDs.Right Hand Side
FerrariDxRight Hand Side
FerrariDx.Right Hand Side
FerrariF.E.Cars with electronic clutch
FerrariF.V.N.Until car number
FerrariF1Cars with Electronically Controlled Transmission
FerrariFAR EASTHong Kong, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia Versions
FerrariG.D.Right Hand Drive
FerrariG.S.Left Hand Drive
FerrariGBBritish Version
FerrariGDRight Hand Drive
FerrariGD1Right Hand Drive - until car no. 83373
FerrariGDERight Hand Drive (without catalytic converter) - starting from chassis no. 83374
FerrariGSLeft Hand Drive
FerrariM.2.52.5 Motronic Installation Car
FerrariM.2.72.7 Motronic Installation Car
FerrariM.Y.891989 Model Year
FerrariM.Y.901990 Model Year
FerrariORIENTESingapore, Hong Kong, Thailand Version
FerrariS6Saudi Arabia up to 1986 model year
FerrariS7Saudi Arabia 1987 model year onwards
FerrariSASaudi Arabia
FerrariSn.Left Hand Side
FerrariSxLeft Hand Side
FerrariU7USA 1987 model year
FerrariUSUSA 1986 model year
FerrariUSA M.Y. 2000USA 2000 model year
FerrariUSA M.Y. 2001USA 2001 model year
FerrariUSA M.Y. 2002USA 2002 model year
FerrariUSA M.Y. 2003USA 2003 model year
FerrariUSA M.Y. 2004USA 2004 model year
FerrariUSA MY98USA 1998 model year
FerrariZASouth Africa
Lamborghini67New Zealand
Lamborghini71USA Specification
Lamborghini73Swiss Specification
Lamborghini74UK Specification
Lamborghini75French Specification
Lamborghini76Australian Specification
Lamborghini80Arabian Specification
Lamborghini83Singapore Specification
Lamborghini84Honk Kong
Lamborghini88South African Specification
Lamborghini91Czech Republic
Lamborghini94Costa Rica
Lamborghini96Canadian Specification
Lamborghini#Supplied in kit
Lamborghini§Supplied in kit
Lamborghini2x2 WHEEL DRIVE
Lamborghini4x4 WHEEL DRIVE
LamborghiniCPContort packet
LamborghiniDxRight Hand Side
LamborghiniSxLeft Hand Side
Maserati00Valid for 2000cc 4v - Italian Specification - Left-Hand Drive - Unleaded Fuel - Manual Transmission - 3.77 Rear Axle Ratio
Maserati01Valid for 2000cc 4v POTENZIATO - Italian Specification - Left-Hand Drive - Unleaded Fuel - Manual Transmission - 3.31 Rear Axle Ratio
Maserati022000cc - Italian Specification - LH Steering - Unleaded Petrol - Manual Transmission - 3.31 Rear Axel Ratio
Maserati03Valid for 2800cc - Swiss Specification - Left-Hand Drive - Unleaded Fuel - Automatic Gearbox - 3.73 Rear Axle Ratio
Maserati04Valid for 2800cc Engines - Swiss Specification - Left-Hand Drive - Unleaded Fuel - Manual Transmission - 3.31 - Rear Axle Ratio
Maserati05Valid for 2800cc 4v - Estero Specification - Left-Hand Drive - Unleaded Fuel - Manual Transmission - 3.31 Rear Axle Ratio
Maserati092800cc - Not Italian Specification - LH Steering - Unleaded Petrol - Automatic Transmission - 3.77 Rear Axel Ratio
Maserati102800cc - Not Italian Specification - LH Steering - Unleaded Petrol - Manual Transmission - 3.31 Rear Axel Ratio
Maserati11Valid for 2800cc - USA Specification - Left-Hand Drive - Unleaded Fuel - Automatic Gearbox - 3.73 Rear Axle Ratio
Maserati20Valid for 2800cc - Great Britain Specification - Right-Hand Drive - Leaded Fuel - Manual Transmission - 3.31 Rear Axle Ratio
Maserati212800cc - Not Italian Specification - RH Steering - Unleaded Petrol - Manual Transmission - 3.31 Rear Axel Ratio
Maserati222800cc - Not Italian Specification - RH Steering - Unleaded Petrol - Automatic Transmission - 3.77 Rear Axel Ratio
Maserati24Valid for 2800cc - Australian Specification - Right-Hand Drive - Unleaded Fuel - Manual Transmission - 3.31 Rear Axle Ratio
Maserati25Valid for 2800cc Engines - Australia Specification - Right-Hand Drive - Unleaded Fuel - Automatic Transmission - 3.73 - Rear Axle Ratio
Maserati40Valid for 2800cc - Great Britain Specification - Right-Hand Drive - Leaded Fuel - Manual Gearbox - 3.31 Rear Axle Ratio
Maserati41Valid for 2800cc - Great Britain Specification - Right-Hand Drive - Leaded Fuel - Automatic Gearbox - 3.73 Rear Axle Ratio
Maserati44Valid for 2800cc - Australian Specification - Right-Hand Drive - Unleaded Fuel - Manual Gearbox - 3.31 Rear Axle Ratio
Maserati45Valid for 2800cc - Australian Specification - Right-Hand Drive - Unleaded Fuel - Automatic Gearbox - 3.73 Rear Axle Ratio
Maserati51Valid for 2000cc 3V - Italian Specification B-P - Left-Hand Drive - Leaded Fuel - Manual Transmission - 3.77 Rear Axle Ratio
Maserati53Valid for 2000cc 4V - Italian Specification B-P - Left-Hand Drive - Unleaded Fuel - Manual Transmission - 3.77 Rear Axle Ratio
Maserati58Valid for 2800cc 3V - A-B-CH-D-DK-E-F-N-NLP-S-SF-TW Specifications - Left-Hand Drive - Unleaded Fuel - Manual Transmission - 3.31Rear Axle Ratio
Maserati59Valid for 2800cc 3V - A-B-CH-D-DK-E-F-N-NLP-S-SF-TW Specifications - Left-Hand Drive - Unleaded Fuel - Automatic Transmission - 3.77 Rear Axle Ratio
Maserati62Valid for 2800cc 3V - A-B-CH-D-DK-E-F-N-NLP-S-SF-TW Specifications - Left-Hand Drive - Unleaded Fuel - Manual Transmission - 3.31 Rear Axle Ratio
Maserati66Valid for 2000cc 4V - CY-TH Specifications - Right-Hand Drive - Leaded Fuel - Automatic Transmission - 3.77 Rear Axle Ratio
Maserati67Valid for 2800cc 3V - CY-M-MAL-NZ-ZA-TH Specifications - Right-Hand Drive - Leaded Fuel - Manual Transmission - 3.31 Rear Axle Ratio
Maserati68Valid for 2800cc 3V - CY-M-MAL-NZ-ZA-TH Specifications - Right-Hand Drive - Leaded Fuel - Automatic Transmission - 3.77 Rear Axle Ratio
Maserati69Valid for 2800cc 4V - GB-CY-MAL-NZ-SGP-ZA-HK-M-TH Specifications - Right-Hand Drive - Unleaded Fuel - Manual Transmission - 3.11 Rear Axle Ratio
Maserati77Valid for 2800cc 3V - GR-AUSTRAL-SGP-HK Specifications - Right-Hand Drive - Unleaded Fuel - Manual Transmission - 3.31 Rear Axle Ratio
Maserati78Valid for 2800cc 3V - GR-AUSTRAL-SGP-HK Specifications - Right-Hand Drive - Unleaded Fuel - Automatic Transmission - 3.77 Rear Axle Ratio
Maserati79Valid for 2800cc 4V - Australian Specification Specifications - Right-Hand Drive - Unleaded Fuel - Manual Transmission - 3.36 Rear Axle Ratio
Maserati(A)Vehicles with Antiskid system
Maserati(B)Vehicles without Antiskid system
Maserati(N)Valid from vehicle: 76626
Maserati(V)Valid until vehicle: 76625
Maserati°CCelsius (degrees)
Maserati°FFarenheit (degrees)
MaseratiA.S.Active Suspension
MaseratiA87Austria (1987)
MaseratiASS NRAssembly Number
MaseratiASS NR.Assembly Number
MaseratiAss. Nr.Assembly Number
MaseratiC6Switzerland up to 1986 model year
MaseratiC7Switzerland 1987 model year onwards
MaseratiC8Swiss, Austrian, Swedish and Danish versions, from 1988
MaseratiF1Cars with Electronically Controlled Transmission
MaseratiG.D.Right Hand Drive
MaseratiG.S.Left Hand Drive
MaseratiGBBritish Version
MaseratiGDRight Hand Drive
MaseratiGOLLeaded Fuel
MaseratiGSLeft Hand Drive
MaseratiKMHKilometers Per Hour
MaseratiL.H. DRIVELeft Hand Drive
MaseratiM.T.Manua Transmission
MaseratiMPHMiles Per Hour
MaseratiN.S.Normal Suspension
MaseratiºCCelsius (degrees)
MaseratiºFFahrenheit (degrees)
MaseratiR.H. DRIVERight Hand River
MaseratiSASaudi Arabia
MaseratiZASouth Africa
PorscheM002911 Carrera RS road version
PorscheM002Touring equipment for Carrera RS e. g. electric window opener central locking system underbody protection
PorscheM003911 Carrera RS Clubsport
PorscheM0093-speed Sportomatic transmission
PorscheM018Sports steering wheel with elevated hub 30 mm
PorscheM020Speedometer with two scales mph-km/h
PorscheM024Version for Greece
PorscheM026With activated charcoal canister
PorscheM027Version for California
PorscheM030sports suspension
PorscheM030Sport-type chassis "Koni" with vertical adjustment
PorscheM031Fichtel + Sachs sports chassis without vertical adjustment
PorscheM032Touring suspension
PorscheM033Lowered vehicle
PorscheM034Version for Italy
PorscheM036Impact absorbers front and rear
PorscheM046Side turn signals
PorscheM058Impact absorbers, front and rear
PorscheM061Version for Great Britain
PorscheM062sweden version
PorscheM063Version Luxemburg
PorscheM064Version for Netherlands
PorscheM065Version for Denmark
PorscheM066Version for Norway
PorscheM067Version for Finland
PorscheM068Version for Thailand
PorscheM069Other country version
PorscheM071EU country version
PorscheM086Drum brakes, self-adjusting
PorscheM092Special model Turbo S
PorscheM096Anniversary model "30 years 911"
PorscheM097Anniversary model ""25 years 911"" (D) - Exterior: dark Blue Metallic Interior: all leather equipment in Pear Grey carpets of silk-velour, Pear Grey special center console
PorscheM098Anniversary model ""25 years 911"" (USA) - Exterior: Silver Metallic Interior: all leather equipment in Silk Grey carpets of silk-velour, Silk Grey special center console
PorscheM099Anniversary model ""25 years 911"" (RDW) - Exterior: Blue Metallic Interior: all leather equipment in Blue Metallic carpets of silk-velour, Silver Blue special center console
PorscheM103Shock absorber adjustment
PorscheM111Version for Austria
PorscheM113Version for Canada
PorscheM114Version for Taiwan
PorscheM119Version for Spain
PorscheM124Version for France
PorscheM126Control and indications in French lettering
PorscheM127Control and indications in Swedish
PorscheM130Control and indications in English lettering
PorscheM139Seat heating system, left seat
PorscheM148Engine with increased power output 930.66
PorscheM150Operation with leaded gas
PorscheM151Engine with different parts
PorscheM152Engine noise reduction
PorscheM154Engine control unit for improved emission results
PorscheM155Motronic control unit for cars with catalytic converter
PorscheM156Muffler (low noise level)
PorscheM157Air injection, 3-way catalytic converter, oxygen sensor, L-Jetronic
PorscheM157Engine 85 kW (115 DIN hp) with exhaust gas recirculation, catalytic converter and activated carbon canister - valid from February 77 -
PorscheM157Exhaust gas recirculation, air pump and catalytic converter -79 three-way catalytic converter, oxygen sensor, L-Jetronic 80 air pump, three-way catalytic converter, oxygen sensor, central cold start injection, L-Jetronic 81-
PorscheM157Three-way catalytic converter, oxygen sensor and digital engine electronics (DME)
PorscheM157Version for USA oxygen-sensor, three-way catalytic converter
PorscheM158Radio Blaupunkt RENO SWR 46
PorscheM159Engine sound pachage
PorscheM160Radio Blaupunkt Charleston SWR 26
PorscheM164Tyres 215/60 VR 15 instead of 195/65 VR 15
PorscheM176Blower for oil cooler
PorscheM182Safety devices in passenger compartment
PorscheM1852-point seat belts, rear automatic
PorscheM185Three-point belt, belt-lock with cables, for driver's seat only and two-point belt,rear
PorscheM1862-point seat belts, rear manual
PorscheM186Seat belt for back seats
PorscheM187H4 headlamps for left-hand traffic
PorscheM187Headlamps with sealed-beam insert "asymmetric"
PorscheM190Increased side door strength
PorscheM193japan version
PorscheM195Preparation for mobile telephone system
PorscheM197Stronger battery
PorscheM198Heavy duty alternator
PorscheM198Starter 1.7 kW
PorscheM208Trailer coupling
PorscheM215Version for Saudi Arabia
PorscheM220Locking differential 40 %
PorscheM221Porsche locking differential
PorscheM224Automatic limited slip differential
PorscheM225Version for Belgium, engine designation: -B-
PorscheM225Version for Belgium
PorscheM240Version for countries having inferior fuel qualities
PorscheM241Short shifter
PorscheM243Short shifter
PorscheM249Tiptronic transmission
PorscheM251Automatic transmission shorter gear ratio 33/13
PorscheM255Fuel consumtion indicator
PorscheM256Engine for right-hand drive
PorscheM261Door mirror - flat - passenger's side, electrically adjustable and heatable
PorscheM262Rear view mirror - flat -passenger's side, manual
PorscheM277switzerland version
PorscheM286Intensified windscreen washer
PorscheM288Headlamp washer
PorscheM293Preparation for telephone Becker B-2 network
PorscheM295Preparation for telephone Tekade B-2 network
PorscheM298Catalytic converter together with manual transmission
PorscheM298Preparation for unleaded fuel manual transmission
PorscheM299Catalytic converter together with automatic transmission
PorscheM299Preparation for unleaded fuel automatic transmission
PorscheM302Model designation on rear end
PorscheM308Pneumatic spring for engine hood
PorscheM317Equipment for countries with dust-laden air
PorscheM319Changed step-up of fan
PorscheM320Radio "Porsche CR-11" ROW
PorscheM324Radio "Porsche CR-10"
PorscheM325Version for South Africa/New Zealand
PorscheM326Radio "Porsche CR-21" ROW
PorscheM326Radio Blaupunkt Berlin IQR 88 with ARI
PorscheM327Radio "Symphony RDS"
PorscheM328- Radio Blaupunkt Bremen SWR 46 with ARI up to model year '90 - Radio Blaupunkt Symphony SQR 49 from model year '91
PorscheM328Radio Blaupunkt Bremen SQR 46 with ARI
PorscheM329Radio Blaupunkt Toronto SQR 48 Radio "Porsche CR-210" USA
PorscheM329Radio Blaupunkt Toronto SQR 48
PorscheM330Radio Blaupunkt Toronto SQR 46 Radio "Porsche CR-31" ROW 97-
PorscheM330Radio Blaupunkt Toronto SQR 46
PorscheM331Radio "Porsche CR-1"
PorscheM332Radio "Porsche CR-2"
PorscheM333Radio Paris RCR 41
PorscheM334Radio/cassette player Bremen RCM 42
PorscheM335Automatic seat belt, 3-point, rear
PorscheM336Radio "Duesseldorf RCR 84"
PorscheM338Rear-wheel drive
PorscheM339All-wheel drive
PorscheM340Seat heating system, right seat
PorscheM347Forged wheels platinum-anodized rim 7 x 16 tire 225/50 VR 16
PorscheM348Forged wheels, lacquered - Grand Prix White -
PorscheM360Splash guard corner pieces
PorscheM371Sports seat, left manually adjustable
PorscheM372Sports seat, right manually adjustable
PorscheM373Sports seat, left, electrically height adjustable
PorscheM374Sports seat, right, electrically height adjustable
PorscheM375Clutch lining without asbestos
PorscheM379Standard seat, left, electrical vertical adjustment
PorscheM380Standard seat, right, electrcal vertical adjustment
PorscheM381Standard seat, left, manually adjustable
PorscheM382Standard seat, right, manually adjustable
PorscheM383Sports seat, left, electrically vertically adjustable
PorscheM384Bucket seat, left
PorscheM385Bucket seat, right
PorscheM387Sports seat, right, electrically vertically adjustable
PorscheM39317-inch Targa wheel
PorscheM393Club Sport wheel 16-inch
PorscheM394Magnesium alloy wheel (cast wheels), Telephone styling, 8J / 9J x 16
PorscheM395Forged wheels, silver colored anodized, rim 7J x 16 tyres 225/50 VR 16
PorscheM395Light-alloy rims, forged 6J x 16 with tyres 205/55 VR16
PorscheM395Light-alloy rims, forged front 6J x 16 with tyres 205/55 VR16 rear 7J x 16 with tyres 225/50 VR16
PorscheM395Light-alloy rims, forged, 16-inch
PorscheM397Cup wheel, 16-inch
PorscheM398Cup wheel, 17-inch
PorscheM398Door mirror for driver's side - flat -electrically adjustable and heatable
PorscheM399Air conditioner without front condenser 78
PorscheM400Cast wheel, club-sport 7.5/9J x 16 (cast aluminium)
PorscheM401Light-alloy rims, forged 15-inch
PorscheM401Wheel - cast aluminium alloy telephone design, rim 7 x 16 tire 225/50 VR 16
PorscheM402924 - anniversary car '82 50 years of Porsche designs Exterior color: zinnmetallic Interior equipment: Black
PorscheM402Cast wheel "Cup", 16-inch
PorscheM403911-SC-anniversary car 82 50 years of Porsche designs Exterior colour: Meteor Metallic Interior equipment: Burgundy
PorscheM403Cast wheel "Cup", 17-inch
PorscheM404Anti-roll bar, front and rear
PorscheM405Level control system
PorscheM405RS wheel, 18-inch
PorscheM406928 S - anniversary car 82 "50 years of Porsche designs" Exterior color: Meteor Metallic Interior equipment: Burgundy
PorscheM406Wheel housing liner, front left and right
PorscheM407Rear seats with static belts
PorscheM40818-inch Techno wheel
PorscheM409Sport seats
PorscheM409Sports seats, leather
PorscheM410Sports seats, seat and backrest surface cloth/leatherette
PorscheM412Exterior engine oil cooler
PorscheM41318-inch Turbo-Look wheel
PorscheM414Combined oil pressure and temperature gauge
PorscheM414Exterior transmission oil cooler
PorscheM415Widening of the track on the rear axle
PorscheM4164-spoke steering wheel (leather), diameter 380 mm
PorscheM417Rear package box
PorscheM418Side protection moldings
PorscheM423Holder for cassettes and coins
PorscheM424Automatic heating control
PorscheM426Special model "Le Mans" '81
PorscheM426Special models - world champion 1976 - USA 1978 - Switzerland 1978
PorscheM427Special model - France 1979
PorscheM429Front fog lights, white
PorscheM429Special model - USA-Sebring 1979
PorscheM430Front fog lights, yellow
PorscheM4314-spoke steering wheel (leather), diameter 363 mm
PorscheM432Sports steering wheel leather, diameter 363 mm (4 spokes)
PorscheM432Steering wheel with Tiptronic control
PorscheM433Leather steering wheel Atiwe
PorscheM435Leather steering wheel Momo
PorscheM437Comfort seat, left, electrically adjustable
PorscheM438Comfort seat, right, electrically adjustable
PorscheM439Electrical hood operation
PorscheM439Special model 80
PorscheM440Manual antenna, 4 loudspeakers --- MY 2002 MY 2003 --- antenna diversity
PorscheM443Tinted windscreen glass and tinted side-window glass with electrically heatable windscreen, 1-stage
PorscheM445Emergency wheel for Great Britain, tyre R 15
PorscheM445Silver wheel centres with full-colour Porsche Crest
PorscheM446Concave wheel centers with full-colour Porsche Crest
PorscheM447Emergency wheel out of steel
PorscheM449Emergency wheel, forged
PorscheM449Special model for Switzerland Exterior color: Alpine White Interior equipment: Black
PorscheM450Light-alloy disc rim 6 J x 14 painted black, polished rim
PorscheM451Reduceg radio preparation
PorscheM454Automatic speed control
PorscheM455Anti-theft device for wheels
PorscheM456Anti-roll bar, front, diameter 23 mm, rear, diameter 14 mm, sports shock absorbers, front and rear
PorscheM456Anti-roll bar, front, diameter 23.5 mm, rear diameter 14 mm, sports shock absorbers, front and rear
PorscheM458Aluminium alloy wheels (cast wheels) Telephone styling front 7J x 16 with tyres 205/50 VR 16 rear 8J x 16 with tyres 225/50 VR 16
PorscheM459dome strut
PorscheM459Electrical antenna instead of manual antenna
PorscheM460Additional in-tank pump
PorscheM461Electrical antenna, 4 loudspeakers
PorscheM462Securiflex windscreen
PorscheM462928 - special model 82 Weissach Exterior colour: Light Bronze Metallic Interior equipment: Leather Medium Brown
PorscheM463Clear windscreen
PorscheM463Side windows tinted
PorscheM4662nd rear fog lamp
PorscheM467Door mirror for driver's side, convex, electrically heatable and adjustable
PorscheM468Side windows green and windscreen green -upper part darker colored
PorscheM469Black roofliner
PorscheM470Fixed spoiler
PorscheM470Without front spoiler and rear spoiler
PorscheM471Equipment group 1, sporting 924 - USA, Canada, Japan
PorscheM471Equipment group 1, sporting 924: Turbo chassis (internally vented brake discs, anti-roll bars, shock absorbers (Koni), cast spoked wheels - 5 holes 5 1/2 J x 15) three-spoke-steering wheel (leather), rear spoiler Turbo: USA, Canada, Japan -80 internally vented brake discs, anti-roll bars, shock absorbers (Koni), forged wheels - 5 holes 6 J x 16
PorscheM471Fixed spoiler with additional wing
PorscheM471Integrated rear spoiler
PorscheM472Turbo: USA, Canada, Japan -80 with chassis of standard model
PorscheM472Winged rear embellisher
PorscheM473With front spoiler and rear spoiler
PorscheM474Shock absorber (sporting), front and rear
PorscheM475Brake pads without asbestos
PorscheM479Version for Australia
PorscheM482Tire Pressure Monitoring
PorscheM483Differing engine parts for right-hand drive
PorscheM484Symbols and lettering for switches and instruments
PorscheM484Version for USA
PorscheM485Forged wheels, lacquered - White Gold Metallic -
PorscheM487Control for front fog lights with side marker lights
PorscheM488Inscriptions in German language
PorscheM489Switches and insignias in German language
PorscheM490Sound package
PorscheM491Turbo Look Carrera 4S
PorscheM491Turbo Look
PorscheM492Headlamps for left-hand traffic
PorscheM493Narrow bodywork
PorscheM4942 loudspeakers on parcel shelf
PorscheM494Additional amplifier
PorscheM495CARRERA S
PorscheM496Prepararation for Philips telephone "C" network
PorscheM498Deletion of model designation on rear end
PorscheM499Sekuriflex windscreen
PorscheM499Version for Germany
PorscheM501Turbo logo on wing
PorscheM503Cabrio version (Speedster)
PorscheM505Special series-slant nose
PorscheM506Special series-slant nose
PorscheM513Lumbar support, right seat
PorscheM520Passenger compartment monitoring
PorscheM525Anti-theft device with continuous sound
PorscheM526Door panels (cloth)
PorscheM528Door mirror for passenger's side - convex - electrically heatable and adjustable
PorscheM529Anti-drive-off feature 315 MHz
PorscheM529Door mirror for passenger's side - convex - manual
PorscheM530Anti-drive-off feature -96 Anti-drive-off feature 433 MHz 97-
PorscheM534Theft security system
PorscheM537Seating position control for comfort seat, left
PorscheM538Seating position control for comfort seat, right
PorscheM544Tank of 75 litres
PorscheM545Tank of 92 litres
PorscheM553Version for USA, Canada
PorscheM560Detachable roof
PorscheM561Airbag, driver's side
PorscheM562Airbag, driver's side and front passenger's side
PorscheM563Airbag - passenger's side
PorscheM564without airbag
PorscheM565Safety steering wheel, leather
PorscheM566Front fog lights, white
PorscheM567Windscreen tinted, upper part darker coloured
PorscheM568Heat-insulating glass
PorscheM568Tinted side windows and tinted windscreen
PorscheM570Air conditioner with improved efficiency
PorscheM573Air conditioner with heavy duty blower
PorscheM576witout rear fog lamp
PorscheM579Version for Hong Kong
PorscheM586Lumbar support, left seat
PorscheM592ABS system (Bosch/Teves)
PorscheM592Brake fluid level indicator
PorscheM593Anti-lock brake system (Bosch)
PorscheM595Body-colored rear spoiler
PorscheM597Heavy duty battery 63 Ah and starter 1,1 kW
PorscheM599Roof cover molding
PorscheM601Litronic headlights
PorscheM602Center high-mounted stop light
PorscheM605headlight range control
PorscheM611Preparation for telephone installation Nokia (D-network)
PorscheM612Preparation for Philips telephone "C2" network
PorscheM614Preparation for telephone installation Motorola (D-network)
PorscheM615Facility for the installation of a Nokia mobile phone
PorscheM615Telephone system D-network
PorscheM631Child's seat detection
PorscheM637Club Sport "CS"
PorscheM639Version "GT"
PorscheM650Detachable roof, electrical
PorscheM650Electrical sliding roof
PorscheM651Electric window opener
PorscheM655Folding top control, electrical
PorscheM656Without power-assisted steering
PorscheM659Front fog lamps
PorscheM659on-board computer
PorscheM660Obd 2
PorscheM661Stricter emission-control concept
PorscheM680Hi-fi sound system with booster
PorscheM680-MY 01 digital sound package MY 02- sound system Bose analog
PorscheM684Rear seats, not split
PorscheM685Rear seats, split
PorscheM686Radio "Porsche CDR-21" ROW
PorscheM686Radio Blaupunkt Ludwigsburg SQM 26 ARI
PorscheM687Radio "Muenchen RD 104"
PorscheM688Radio "Porsche CDR-210" USA
PorscheM688Radio Blaupunkt Boston SQM 23
PorscheM690CD player "CD-10" radio + ARI
PorscheM691CD player "CD-2" with radio
PorscheM692CD autochanger "Porsche "
PorscheM693CD radio London RDM 42
PorscheM719Special conversions
PorscheM755Special model '88
PorscheM756Special model '88
PorscheM757Special model 944 S2 coupe
PorscheM757Special model 944
PorscheM758Special model 944 Turbo S '88
PorscheM900Tourist's cars
PorscheM930Seat covers, rear, leather
PorscheM931Seat covers, rear, leatherette
PorscheM932Seat covers,, rear cloth/leatherette/leatherette
PorscheM933Seat covers, rear cloth/leather/leather
PorscheM934Seat covers, rear, cloth/cloth/leatherette
PorscheM935Seat covers, rear, draped leather
PorscheM936Seat covers, rear, leather
PorscheM937Seat covers, rear, leatherette
PorscheM938Seat covers, rear, cloth
PorscheM939Seat covers, rear, draped leather
PorscheM945Seat covers, front cloth/leatherette/leatherette
PorscheM946Seat covers, front, leather/leather/leatherette
PorscheM947Seat covers front: cloth/leather/leatherette rear: cloth/leatherette/leatherette
PorscheM948Seat covers, front, cloth/leather/leather
PorscheM975Luggage compartment lining with velour carpet
PorscheM981Leather equipment without seat covers
PorscheM981Leather equipment
PorscheM982Seat covers, front, draped leather/leather/leather
PorscheM983Seat covers, front, leather
PorscheM985Parts having a luster of silver
PorscheM986Partial leather equipment
PorscheM989Sports seat, left and right all-cloth with Porsche logo
PorscheM990Seat covers, front, cloth/cloth/leatherette
PorscheP001Carrera Cup
PorscheP002911 Carrera RS road version
PorscheP002China Panamera, basic, long
PorscheP003911 Carrera RS Clubsport
PorscheP003Clubsport package
PorscheP003Racing safety devices
PorscheP004GT3 RS (street)
PorscheP004RS version
PorscheP006GT3 RS 4.0 l
PorscheP008986 S 3,2 litres displacement
PorscheP008Basic 981/991
PorscheP008Boxster S 3.2 litres displacement
PorscheP009S 981/991
PorscheP009986 2.5 litres displacement -- MY 1999 986 2.7 litres displacement MY 2000 --
PorscheP009Boxster 2.7 litres displacement
PorscheP010Classic package
PorscheP010Panamera II 4S SPORT EDITION
PorscheP011Trend package
PorscheP011Special model GTS (981/991)
PorscheP012Sport Design package
PorscheP012Special model China Style Edition
PorscheP013Sport Technik package
PorscheP013Special model Black Edition
PorscheP014Special model "50 years 911"
PorscheP014Sport package 996
PorscheP015Special model: Panamera 4 GTS
PorscheP016Standard package
PorscheP016Special model: Panamera Turbo S
PorscheP017basic outfit
PorscheP018Special model: 911 Turbo S Edition 918 Spyder
PorscheP019Special model 911 Carrera 4 GTS
PorscheP020Panamera G1 II Turbo S Exclusive Series
PorscheP020Speedometer with two scales mph-km/h
PorscheP021Instrument cluster dials in Black/Silver
PorscheP022Black-coloured instrument dials, instrument cluster
PorscheP023Silver -coloured instrument dials, instrument cluster
PorscheP024Version for Greece
PorscheP025Black-coloured instrument dials, stopwatch
PorscheP026Instrument cluster dials, Chalk
PorscheP026Silver-coloured instrument dials, stopwatch
PorscheP027Instrument cluster dials, Carmine Red
PorscheP027Instrument dials, stopwatch in Carrara White
PorscheP028Special model 911 Turbo S Exclusive Series
PorscheP029Standard chassis
PorscheP030sports suspension
PorscheP031Sports chassis with PASM and PDCC
PorscheP032Touring suspension
PorscheP033Panamera Edition
PorscheP034Version for Italy
PorscheP035Cayman GT4
PorscheP037911 T
PorscheP038911 R
PorscheP039Touring package
PorscheP04JOffroad line
PorscheP050Pirelli tyre brand
PorscheP058Impact absorbers, front and rear
PorscheP05ASpecial specifications
PorscheP05AWithout supplier definition
PorscheP05BSpecial specifications
PorscheP05BSupplier 1
PorscheP05CSpecial specifications
PorscheP05CSupplier 2
PorscheP05DSupplier 3
PorscheP060Turkey version
PorscheP061england version
PorscheP061Version for Great Britain
PorscheP062sweden version
PorscheP063Version Luxemburg
PorscheP064Version for Netherlands
PorscheP065Version for Denmark
PorscheP066Version for Norway
PorscheP067Version for Finland
PorscheP068PAP right-hand drive version
PorscheP068Version for Thailand
PorscheP069Other country version
PorscheP070Pedestrian protection
PorscheP071EU country version
PorscheP072Version for Mexico
PorscheP073Version for Russia
PorscheP074PAP left-hand drive version
PorscheP075china version
PorscheP076South/Central America version
PorscheP078India/Pakistan/Kenya version
PorscheP079Malta/Cyprus version
PorscheP080Fuel tank, 80-litre
PorscheP081Fuel tank, 100-litre
PorscheP082Fuel tank, 90-litre
PorscheP083Fuel tank, 70-litre
PorscheP084Fuel tank, 54-litre
PorscheP085Fuel tank, 64-litre
PorscheP086Korea version
PorscheP087Spyder Classic package
PorscheP089Exterior package, Black
PorscheP090Communications package for the interior
PorscheP091Special model '50 years Spyder'
PorscheP092Special model Turbo S
PorscheP092TURBO S
PorscheP094Lock version 2
PorscheP094Special model Millennium
PorscheP095Special model '911 Anniversary Edition'
PorscheP098Left-hand drive version
PorscheP099Right-hand drive version
PorscheP0ABAnti-roll bar, front and rear
PorscheP0ACAnti-roll bar, active body control (pdcc)
PorscheP0AGAnti-roll bar, front, disengageable
PorscheP0AWFront and rear anti-roll bars with active Body control -PDCC-
PorscheP0BJAnti-roll bar, rear, disengageable
PorscheP0E1Short wheelbase
PorscheP0E2Long wheelbase
PorscheP0F3Fuel system for diesel engine
PorscheP0F5Fuel system for diesel engine
PorscheP0F9Cooled fuel system for diesel engine
PorscheP0GDEmissions compliance EU 2, (CN)
PorscheP0GGEmissions compliance EU 4
PorscheP0GGEU4 exhaust concept
PorscheP0GMEmissions compliance LEV
PorscheP0GUEmissions compliance EU 2
PorscheP0GUEU4 emissions concept without EOBD
PorscheP0GZEU 3 diesel emissions concept with E-OBD
PorscheP0J2Load group 1 FA/1 RA
PorscheP0J3Load group 1 FA/2 RA
PorscheP0J5Load group 2 FA/2 RA
PorscheP0J8Load group 2 FA/1 RA
PorscheP0JAWeight class 1, front axle - 1170-1210 kg
PorscheP0JBWeight class 2, front axle - 1211-1226 kg
PorscheP0JCWeight class 3, front axle - 1227-1251 kg
PorscheP0JDWeight class 4, front axle - 1252-1276 kg
PorscheP0JEWeight class 5, front axle - 1277-1292 kg
PorscheP0JFWeight class 6, front axle - 1293-1328 kg
PorscheP0JGWeight class 7, front axle - 1329-1428 kg
PorscheP0JHWeight class 8, front axle
PorscheP0JJWeight class 9, front axle
PorscheP0JKWeight class 10, front axle
PorscheP0JLWeight class 11, front axle
PorscheP0JZWithout determination of weight category for front axle
PorscheP0K0Without alternative drive system
PorscheP0K1Hybrid propulsion system
PorscheP0K3Hybrid propulsion system PHEV
PorscheP0LAWithout special labels safety certificates
PorscheP0LDWith special labels safety certificates for AGCC
PorscheP0LLWith special labels safety certificates for England
PorscheP0LPWith special labels safety certificates for Taiwan
PorscheP0M0Fuel tank, 85 litre
PorscheP0M1Fuel tank, 100 litre
PorscheP0M2Fuel tank, 75 I
PorscheP0M2Fuel tank, 75 l
PorscheP0M4Fuel tank, 90 I
PorscheP0M5FUEL TANK 15
PorscheP0M5Fuel tank, 60 litre
PorscheP0M6Fuel tank, 65 litre
PorscheP0N1Standard rear axle
PorscheP0N1Without rear axle steering
PorscheP0N5Standard rear axle
PorscheP0NADeletion of model designation
PorscheP0NAWithout nameplate set (without model designation)
PorscheP0NBNameplate set in basic version
PorscheP0NCBlack nameplate set in base trim
PorscheP0P0Rear exhaust tailpipe (standard)
PorscheP0P0Standard tailpipe
PorscheP0P2Exhaust tailpipe with trim
PorscheP0P3Exhaust tailpipe, polished
PorscheP0P3Polished stainless steel sports tail pipe
PorscheP0P3Sport tailpipe covers, Silver
PorscheP0P3Sports tailpipe in precision-cast aluminium, 4-pipe look
PorscheP0P3Sports tailpipe of polished stainless steel, 4-pipe look
PorscheP0P5Rear tailpipe
PorscheP0P6Exhaust tailpipe, Black
PorscheP0P6Rear tailpipe
PorscheP0P6Sports tailpipe covers, Black
PorscheP0P7Rear tailpipe
PorscheP0P8Exhaust system (exhaust sound)
PorscheP0P8Sports exhaust system
PorscheP0P9Rear tailpipe
PorscheP0P9Sports exhaust system, Black tailpipe
PorscheP0PAWithout nameplate set
PorscheP0RCStarter switch locking system
PorscheP0RCWith electric steering column lock
PorscheP0RZWithout electric steering column lock
PorscheP0RZWithout ignition/starter switch locking system, without steering lock
PorscheP0SAWithout special stickers, plates
PorscheP0SBStickers, plates in German
PorscheP0SCLabels in English
PorscheP0SCStickers, plates in English
PorscheP0SDStickers, plates in Swedish
PorscheP0SEStickers, plates in Dutch
PorscheP0SFStickers, plates in Danish
PorscheP0SGStickers, plates in French
PorscheP0SHLabels in Portuguese
PorscheP0SHStickers, plates in Portuguese
PorscheP0SJLabels in Spanish
PorscheP0SJStickers, plates in Spanish
PorscheP0SKStickers, plates in Italian
PorscheP0SLLabels in Japanese
PorscheP0SLStickers, plates in Japanese
PorscheP0SMLabels in Chinese
PorscheP0SMStickers, plates in Chinese
PorscheP0SNLabels in Russian
PorscheP0SNStickers, plates in Russian
PorscheP0SPStickers, plates in Finnish
PorscheP0SQStickers, plates in Norwegian
PorscheP0SSLabels in English and French
PorscheP0SSStickers, plates in English/French
PorscheP0SVStickers, plates in Greek
PorscheP0SWLabels in Arabic
PorscheP0SWStickers, plates in Arabic
PorscheP0TAwithout floor mats
PorscheP0TCFront floor mats
PorscheP0TDFloor mats in front and rear
PorscheP0UAWithout special color trim
PorscheP0UBSpecial color trim
PorscheP0UDColor according to customer's desire
PorscheP0VAWithout information kit
PorscheP0VCInformation kit in German
PorscheP0Y1Standard climatic zone
PorscheP0Y1Standard climatic zones
PorscheP0Y2Tropical climatic zone
PorscheP0Y2Tropical zones
PorscheP0Y3Cold climatic zone
PorscheP0Y3Cold zones
PorscheP0Y5Cold and tropical climate zone
PorscheP0YAWeight class 1, rear axle - 1039-1074 kg
PorscheP0YBWeight class 2, rear axle - 1075-1128 kg
PorscheP0YCWeight class 3, rear axle - 1129-1159 kg
PorscheP0YDWeight class 4, rear axle - 1160-1215 kg
PorscheP0YEWeight class 5, rear axle - 1216-1244 kg
PorscheP0YFWeight class 6, rear axle - 1245-1299 kg
PorscheP0YGWeight class 7, rear axle - 1300-1331 kg
PorscheP0YHWeight class 8, rear axle
PorscheP0YJWeight class 9, RA
PorscheP0YZWithout determination of weight category for rear axle
PorscheP1 DOwithout trailer towing
PorscheP1 KBRear disc brakes, disc diameter 19 inches, Black brake callipers, (NAR)
PorscheP1 KG20" rear disc brakes, Red, Long Wheel Base USA
PorscheP1 LPFront disc brakes, disc diameter 19 inches, brake calliper painted Black
PorscheP1 PCWheel bolts with anti-theft protection (unlockable)
PorscheP1 PCWheel bolts with theft protection
PorscheP101Engine parts 996 GT2
PorscheP101Special GT2 engine parts
PorscheP111Version for Austria
PorscheP113Version for Canada
PorscheP114Version for Taiwan
PorscheP115Mongolia version
PorscheP119Version for Spain
PorscheP121Sports-look pedals
PorscheP122Footrest, sports look
PorscheP124Version for France
PorscheP126Control and indications in French lettering
PorscheP127Control and indications in Swedish lettering
PorscheP127Control and indications in Swedish
PorscheP130Control and indications in English lettering
PorscheP138Sports tailpipes, 991 Turbo
PorscheP139Seat heating system, left seat
PorscheP140Dynamic engine mounts (PADM)
PorscheP143V6T 3.0 litre, low compression ratio
PorscheP144V6T 3.0 litre, high compression ratio
PorscheP145Compression variant
PorscheP147Carrera power kit
PorscheP148Power kit +10 hp
PorscheP150Operation with leaded gas
PorscheP153Middle radiator
PorscheP155Sound symposer
PorscheP158Emissions concept EU3, diesel with EOBD
PorscheP159Curbed engine, 155 kW/211 bhp
PorscheP160Emissions concept EU 4 w/o OBD
PorscheP160EU4 emissions concept without EOBD
PorscheP161Emissions concept EU 4 with OBD
PorscheP164Emissions concept ULEV 2
PorscheP165Emission standard EU5
PorscheP165Emissions concept EU 5
PorscheP165EU5 exhaust concept
PorscheP166EU5 exhaust concept
PorscheP167Emissions concept EU4, ethanol
PorscheP168Emissions concept EU5, Japan (hybrid)
PorscheP170Acoustic package RoW
PorscheP171Acoustic package USA
PorscheP172Acoustic package PAP, China, Korea
PorscheP176Sports exhaust system
PorscheP178Twin tailpipes, Black
PorscheP181Standard climatic zones
PorscheP182Hot country
PorscheP183Very hot country
PorscheP186Tailpipes, sports exhaust system Turbo S
PorscheP187Single-mass flywheel, 911 R
PorscheP191Lightweight battery
PorscheP191Wheel spokes in Seal Grey Metallic
PorscheP192Lightweight battery 40 AH
PorscheP193japan version
PorscheP194Battery, 60 Ah
PorscheP195Battery, 70 Ah
PorscheP196Battery, 80 Ah
PorscheP197Stronger battery
PorscheP198Enhanced starter motor (1.7 kW)
PorscheP198Starter 1.7 kW
PorscheP1A2Engine variant without reduced compression
PorscheP1A2Fuel system for SI engine with direct injection (FSI)
PorscheP1A2Petrol direct fuel injection (DFI)
PorscheP1A5Engine variant with reduced compression
PorscheP1ATElectronic stability control (ESC)
PorscheP1BAFederung/Daempfung, standard
PorscheP1BASuspension/dampers, standard
PorscheP1BHSuspension/dampers, standard 2 PASM
PorscheP1BHSuspension/shock absorption, standard 2
PorscheP1BK4-corner air suspension with electronic shock absorption control
PorscheP1BKAir suspension with levelling system and height adjustment (PASM)
PorscheP1BS4-corner air suspension
PorscheP1BVSports suspension/shock absorption
PorscheP1BWComfort suspension/damping (steel springs)
PorscheP1BZComfort shock absorption
PorscheP1BZComfort suspension/damping, PASM
PorscheP1D0without trailer towing
PorscheP1D1Trailer hitch, removable, lockable, ECE R55
PorscheP1D2Detachable trailer coupling
PorscheP1D3Trailer hitch, electrically retractable, ECE R55
PorscheP1D6Trailer coupling without tow ball
PorscheP1D7Preparation for detachable trailer coupling
PorscheP1D7Trailer hitch preparation
PorscheP1D8Preparation for detachable trailer coupling "usa"
PorscheP1D8Trailer hitch preparation
PorscheP1D9Electric folding trailer coupling
PorscheP1DTNameplate set "SI"
PorscheP1E0Without activated charcoal canister
PorscheP1E2Aktivkohlebehalter / Ottopartikelfilter
PorscheP1E2Gasoline particulate filter (GPF)
PorscheP1E9without activated carbon canister with SCR
PorscheP1EBOhne Typschild
PorscheP1ENSpecial identification label (Russia)
PorscheP1ERSpecial identification label (China)
PorscheP1ERSpecial identification plate for China
PorscheP1EXSpecial identification label for EC for M1 passenger vehicles
PorscheP1EXSpecial identification plate for EU
PorscheP1EYSpecial identif. plate without type approval (RoW)
PorscheP1EYSpecial identification label with weight data, but without general operating permit (ROW)
PorscheP1FCSpecial ident (Korea)ification label
PorscheP1FCSpecial identification label (Korea)
PorscheP1FLSpecial identification label (Australia)
PorscheP1G0without spare wheel
PorscheP1G118-inch collapsible spare wheel
PorscheP1G1Space-saving spare wheel
PorscheP1G3High-pressure alloy spare wheel with tyre
PorscheP1G419" collapsible spare wheel
PorscheP1G4Space-saving spare wheel
PorscheP1G6Space-saving spare wheel
PorscheP1G6Spare wheel, space saving - 17-inch, radial tyre, compressor, in vehicle
PorscheP1G6Spare wheel, space-saving - 20 inch
PorscheP1G8Breakdown kit
PorscheP1G8Tire Fit, tyre repair set
PorscheP1KARear disc brakes, disc diameter 19 inches, brake calliper painted Green
PorscheP1KC20" rear disc brakes, Red, NAR (Short Wheel Base)
PorscheP1KDDisc brakes in rear
PorscheP1KDRear disc brakes, 17-inch disc diameter, brake calliper painted Black
PorscheP1KEDisc brakes in rear
PorscheP1KERear disc brakes, 17-inch disc diameter, brake calliper painted Silver
PorscheP1KFRear brake discs, disc diameter 18 inches, Black brake callipers, (NAR)
PorscheP1KIRear brake discs, disc diameter 20 inches, brake callioer oainted Green (PCCB)
PorscheP1KJRear disc brakes, disc diameter 19 inches, brake calliper painted Green
PorscheP1KKRear brake discs, disc diameter 20 inches, brake calliper painted Yellow (PCCB)
PorscheP1KNDrum brakes in rear
PorscheP1KPRear disc brakes - disc diameter 18"plus Brake calliper painted red
PorscheP1KQ20" rear disc brakes, Yellow (PCCB)
PorscheP1KRRear disc brakes - disc diameter 18 inches, Brake calliper painted Green
PorscheP1KSRear disc brakes, 18", green
PorscheP1KTRear disc brakes, 18", green (USA)
PorscheP1KURear brake discs, Disc diameter 19", Black brake callipers,
PorscheP1KURear disc brakes - disc diameter 18 inches, brake calliper painted red
PorscheP1KVRear disc brakes - disc diameter 18 inches, brake calliper painted Black
PorscheP1KWDisc brakes in rear
PorscheP1KWRear disc brakes - disc diameter 17 inches, brake calliper painted Black
PorscheP1KXRear disc brakes - disc diameter 18 inches, Brake calliper painted Silver
PorscheP1KYDisc brakes in rear
PorscheP1KYDisc brakes, rear, 17", Red
PorscheP1KYRear brake discs, Disc diameter 18", Silver brake calliper
PorscheP1KYRear disc brakes - disc diameter 17 inches, Brake calliper painted Silver
PorscheP1KZRear disc brakes - disc diameter 17 inches, brake calliper painted red
PorscheP1KZRear disc brakes, 18-inch disc diameter, brake calliper painted Black
PorscheP1L0Standard air cleaner
PorscheP1L1Air cleaner for dustv reaions
PorscheP1L1Air cleaner for dusty regions
PorscheP1L2Equipment for countries with dust-laden air
PorscheP1LADisc brakes in front
PorscheP1LAFront disc brakes, 17-inch disc diameter, brake calliper painted Black
PorscheP1LBDisc brakes in front
PorscheP1LBFront disc brakes, 18-inch disc diameter, brake calliper painted Silver
PorscheP1LCFront disc brake, disc diameter 19 inches, brake calliper painted Silver
PorscheP1LDFront disc brake, 18-inch disc diameter, brake calliper painted silver, North America
PorscheP1LEFront disc brakes, 17-inch disc diameter, brake calliper painted Black
PorscheP1LFDisc brakes in front
PorscheP1LFFront disc brakes, 18-inch disc diameter, brake calliper painted Silver
PorscheP1LGDisc brakes in front
PorscheP1LGFront disc brakes, 18-inch disc diameter, brake calliper painted Red
PorscheP1LHDisc brakes in front
PorscheP1LHRear disc brake - disc diameter 19 inches, brake calliper painted red
PorscheP1LIFront disc brake, disc diameter 19 inches, brake calliper painted Silver
PorscheP1LJ20" front disc brakes, RED, RoW
PorscheP1LKFront disc brake, disc diameter 19 inches, brake calliper painted Green
PorscheP1LKFront disc brakes, 17-inch disc diameter, brake calliper painted Black
PorscheP1LLFront disc brake, disc diameter 19 inches, brake calliper painted Green
PorscheP1LMFront disc brake, disc diameter 19 inches, brake calliper painted Black
PorscheP1LNDisc brakes in front
PorscheP1LNFront disc brake - 18-inch disc diameter, brake calliper painted Black
PorscheP1LPFront disc brakes, disc diameter 18 inches, brake calliper painted Red
PorscheP1LPFront disc brakes, disc diameter 19 inches, brake calliper painted Black
PorscheP1LQDisc brakes in front, with integrated backing plate
PorscheP1LRDisc brakes in front, with integrated backing plate
PorscheP1LSDisc brakes in front, with integrated backing plate
PorscheP1LTFront disc brake, 20", yellow/PCCB
PorscheP1LUFront disc brake - 18-inch disc diameter, brake calliper in anodised silver
PorscheP1LVFront disc brake - 20-inch disc diameter plus brake calliper painted Yellow (PCCB)
PorscheP1LW20" front disc brakes, Red (USA)
PorscheP1LXDisc brakes in front
PorscheP1LXFront disc brake - disc diameter 20 inch, brake calliper painted yellow (PCCB)
PorscheP1LYDisc brakes in front
PorscheP1LYFront disc brake - 19-inch disc diameter, brake calliper painted Yellow (PCCB)
PorscheP1LZDisc brakes in front
PorscheP1MDLeather steering wheel for airbag system - 3 spokes, heatable, TWO-COLOUR
PorscheP1MLSports steering wheel with paddle
PorscheP1MVLederlenkrad fuer Airbagsystem - 3 Speichen, aufgepolstert
PorscheP1MWLeather steering wheel for airbag system - 3 spokes, padded
PorscheP1N3Speed-dependent power-assisted steering (servotronic
PorscheP1N3Speed-related variable steering assist (Servotronic)
PorscheP1NEWheel centres STANDARD
PorscheP1NPWheel centres with full-colour Porsche Crest (concave)
PorscheP1NQFull wheel covers
PorscheP1NUFull wheel covers
PorscheP1NVFull wheel covers
PorscheP1NWFull wheel covers
PorscheP1NXFull wheel covers
PorscheP1NYFull wheel covers
PorscheP1P0Standard suspension
PorscheP1P7Suspension for roll stabilization
PorscheP1PAStandard wheel bolts
PorscheP1PCWheel bolts with theft protection
PorscheP1PDWheel bolts with anti-theft protection (unlockable)
PorscheP1PDWheel bolts with theft protection
PorscheP1QCSpecial labels safety certificates for China
PorscheP1QGSpez.Schilder/Aufkleber Sicherheitszertifikat fur Thailand
PorscheP1QLSigns/certificate sticker Mexico
PorscheP1QNSigns/certificate sticker Brazil
PorscheP1RXNameplate set in basic version
PorscheP1S1vehicle tools and jack
PorscheP1S2vehicle tools
PorscheP1SAWithout protective plate for engine
PorscheP1SBProtective plate for engine in steel
PorscheP1SFProtective plate for engine in steel
PorscheP1T0Without first-aid material, without warning triangle
PorscheP1T0without warning triangle and first aid kit
PorscheP1T1first aid material
PorscheP1T3First aid kit with warning triangle
PorscheP1T3First aid kit, warning triangle
PorscheP1T3warning triangle and first aid material
PorscheP1T4First-aid cushion and warning triangle version 2
PorscheP1T4First-aid material without cross, warning triangle
PorscheP1T72 warning triangles
PorscheP1T7First aid kit, 2 warning triangles
PorscheP1U0Without folding table
PorscheP1U1Rear retractable folding table
PorscheP1VGInstallation parts for 4-cylinder engine
PorscheP1VHInstallation parts for 6-cylinder engine
PorscheP1VJInstallation parts for 8-cylinder engine
PorscheP1X1All-wheel drive
PorscheP1X1Four-wheel drive
PorscheP1X2Rear-wheel drive
PorscheP1XAMulti-function steering wheel, Anthracite Birch, heated
PorscheP1XAMulti-function steering wheel
PorscheP1XDMulti-function steering wheel (leather + wood)
PorscheP1XDMulti-function steering wheel, Exclusive decoration, heated
PorscheP1XE3-spoke multi-function steering wheel, wood, Anthracite Birch with radio controls
PorscheP1XGMulti-function steering wheel, American Walnut, Brown, heated
PorscheP1XGWooden steering wheel
PorscheP1XJ3-spoke multi-function steering wheel in dark Burr maple wood with radio control element
PorscheP1XK3-spoke multi-function steering wheel in Light Olive wood with radio control element
PorscheP1XRMulti-function steering wheel
PorscheP1Y0Ohne Vorder- /Hinterachssperre
PorscheP1Y0Without differential lock
PorscheP1Y1Differential lock, rear, centre differential lock
PorscheP1Y1Differenzialsperre am Hinterachsgetriebe
PorscheP1Z0Initial standard fuel filling
PorscheP1Z5Increase in initial standard fuel filling
PorscheP1Z6Increase in initial standard fuel filling
PorscheP1Z7Increase in initial standard fuel filling
PorscheP1ZAFront disc brake, 18" disc brake, brake calliper painted Green
PorscheP1ZBFront disc brake, 18" disc brake, brake calliper painted Green, North America
PorscheP1ZGFront disc brake, disc diameter 18 inches, brake calliper painted Black
PorscheP1ZHFront disc brake, disc diameter 18 inches, brake calliper painted Green
PorscheP1ZIFront disc brake, Brake calliper, white (PSCB), disc diameter 20"
PorscheP1ZJFront disc brake, disc diameter 18 inches, brake calliper painted Green
PorscheP1ZKDisc brakes in front
PorscheP1ZKFront disc brakes, 18-inch disc diameter, brake calliper painted Red
PorscheP1ZLFront disc brake, 19-inch disc diameter, brake calliper painted red, North America
PorscheP1ZMFront disc brake, disc diameter 18 inches, brake calliper painted Black (NAR)
PorscheP1ZNFront disc brake, disc diameter 19-inches, brake calliper painted Red (RoW)
PorscheP1ZPDisc brakes in front (Geomet D)
PorscheP1ZQFront disc brake, disc diameter 20 inches, brake calliper painted Acid Green, PCCB
PorscheP1ZRFront disc brake, disc diameter 18 inches, brake calliper painted Black (RoW)
PorscheP1ZSFront disc brake, disc diameter 18 inches, brake calliper painted Black (NAR)
PorscheP1ZTDisc brakes in front
PorscheP1ZTFront disc brake, 18-inch disc diameter, brake calliper painted black, North America
PorscheP1ZUFront disc brake, disc diameter 20 inches, brake calliper painted Green (PSCB)
PorscheP1ZVFront disc brake, disc diameter 21 -inches, brake calliper painted Yellow (PCCB)
PorscheP1ZWFront disc brake, disc diameter 21 -inches, brake calliper painted Green (PCCB)
PorscheP1ZZFront drum brake
PorscheP20095 Ah battery
PorscheP201105 Ah battery
PorscheP206Electrically extendable trailer hitch
PorscheP209Licence plate holder version 1
PorscheP210Licence plate holder version 2
PorscheP211Licence plate holder version 3
PorscheP213Ski bag
PorscheP214Licence plate holder version V
PorscheP215Version for Saudi Arabia
PorscheP218Licence plate holder version 4
PorscheP220limited splip differential
PorscheP220Locking differential 40 %
PorscheP221PTV Plus, el. controlled rear-diff. lock
PorscheP222Anti-slip regulation (ASR)
PorscheP224Automatic limited slip differential
PorscheP225Version for Belgium
PorscheP230Tyres ZR 18" (245/50, 275/45)
PorscheP231Tyres ZR 19" (255/45, 285/40)
PorscheP232Tyres ZR 20" (255/40, 295/35)
PorscheP234All-season ZR 20 Rolling resistance optimised
PorscheP235All Season tyres, ZR 19" (255/45, 285/40)
PorscheP236All-season tyres R19 (255/45, 285/40)
PorscheP237All-season tyres ZR 19"
PorscheP249Tiptronic transmission
PorscheP250PDK transmission (dual clutch)
PorscheP254Manually retractable exterior mirrors
PorscheP255Manually retractable exterior mirrors with memory
PorscheP256Manually retractable exterior mirrors, with automatic dimming
PorscheP257Manually retractable exterior mirrors, with automatic dimming and memory
PorscheP258Electrically retractable exterior mirrors
PorscheP259Electrically retractable ext. mirrors with memory
PorscheP260Electrically retractable exterior mirrors with automatic dimming
PorscheP261Electrically retractable exterior mirrors with automatic dimming and memory
PorscheP263Left exterior mirror glass, flat
PorscheP264Left exterior mirror glass, convex
PorscheP265Automatic anti-dazzle interior mirror with rain sensor
PorscheP265Left exterior mirror glass, aspherical
PorscheP266Automatic anti-dazzle door mirror
PorscheP267Automatically dimmable interior and door mirrors
PorscheP270Door mirror -flat- driver's side, electrically adjustable and heatable
PorscheP270Door mirrors -flat - driver's side, electrically adjustable and heatable
PorscheP271Door mirror -aspherical- driver's side, electrically adjustable and heatable
PorscheP271Door mirrors -aspherical- driver's side, electrically adjustable and heatable
PorscheP272Door mirrors, manually adjustable
PorscheP273Door mirrors, electrically adjustable and heatable
PorscheP274Vanity mirror illuminated
PorscheP274Vanity mirror, illuminated
PorscheP275Manual anti-dazzle interior mirror
PorscheP276Automatic anti-dazzle interior mirror
PorscheP277switzerland version
PorscheP284Right exterior mirror glass, convex
PorscheP285Right exterior mirror glass, aspherical
PorscheP288Headlamp washer
PorscheP2B0without additional exterior noise insulation
PorscheP2B1additional noise dampener
PorscheP2C4Axially and vertically adjustable steering column with memory system
PorscheP2C4Steering column, reach + height adjustable with memory
PorscheP2C5Steering column, adjusted axially and vertically
PorscheP2C5Steering column, reach + height adjustable, mechanical
PorscheP2C6Steering column with steering lock
PorscheP2C7Safety steering column with electric axial and tilt adjustment
PorscheP2C7Steering column adjustable axially and vertically + memory
PorscheP2C8Steering column, adjusted axially and vertically with modified sliding path
PorscheP2CAVehicle class differentiation -992-
PorscheP2CBVehicle class differentiation -99C-
PorscheP2CJVehicle class differentiation -47F-
PorscheP2CKVehicle class differentiation -99E-
PorscheP2D0Without Aerokit
PorscheP2D0Without cd enhancing underbody panel
PorscheP2D0Without Sport Design package
PorscheP2D1Aerokit, with sill cover
PorscheP2D1Complete cd enhancing underbody panel
PorscheP2D1SportDesign package
PorscheP2D2Aerokit, without sill cover
PorscheP2D2Reduced Cd enhancing underbody panel
PorscheP2D3Sill cover
PorscheP2D4Cayenne GTS aerokit standard spoiler
PorscheP2D4Cd enhancing paneling
PorscheP2D4Sport Design package, exterior colour
PorscheP2D5Cd enhancing paneling
PorscheP2D5Sport Design package, Black
PorscheP2D6Cd enhancing paneling
PorscheP2D6Sport Design package without door sill, Black
PorscheP2D7Cd enhancing paneling
PorscheP2D7Rear end painted in body colour
PorscheP2D8Cd enhancing paneling
PorscheP2D8Rear end painted High-Gloss Black
PorscheP2D9Sport Design package (Carbon) without door sill
PorscheP2E1Rear brake discs, disc diameter 18 inches, brake calliper painted Black
PorscheP2EA19" rear disc brakes, Silver
PorscheP2EBDisc brakes in rear
PorscheP2ECDisc brakes in rear
PorscheP2EDRear brake discs, disc diameter 20 inches, brake calliper painted Acid Green
PorscheP2EERear disc brakes - 18-inch disc diameter, brake calliper in anodised silver
PorscheP2EFRear disc brakes, disc diameter 19 inches, Silver brake callipers, (NAR)
PorscheP2EG20" rear disc brakes, Red, Short Wheel Base
PorscheP2EHDisc brakes in rear
PorscheP2EHRear disc brakes - disc diameter 19 inch Brake calliper painted yellow (PCCB)
PorscheP2EIRear brake discs, disc diameter 18 inches, brake calliper painted Black
PorscheP2EJRear disc brakes, disc diameter 18 inches, Silver brake callipers (NAR)
PorscheP2EKDisc brakes in rear
PorscheP2EKRear disc brakes, 18-inch disc diameter, brake calliper painted Red
PorscheP2ELRear brake discs, disc diameter 18 inches, brake callipers, Red (NAR)
PorscheP2EM20" rear disc brakes, Red, Long Wheel Base
PorscheP2ENRear brake discs, disc diameter 19-inches, Brake callipers, Red
PorscheP2EPDisc brakes in rear
PorscheP2EQRear brake discs, disc diameter 20 inches, brake calliper painted White (PSCB)
PorscheP2ESRear brake discs, disc diameter 20 inches, brake calliper painted Green (PSCB)
PorscheP2ETDisc brakes in rear
PorscheP2EUDisc brakes in rear
PorscheP2EVDisc brakes in rear
PorscheP2FFMulti-function steering wheel, Red Gum, heated
PorscheP2FGMulti-function steering wheel, Paldao, heated
PorscheP2FSLeather-wrapped multi-function sports steering wheel
PorscheP2FV3-spoke multi-function steering wheel in light Olive wood , matt, with radio control element
PorscheP2FX3-spoke multi-function steering wheel, carbon, heated
PorscheP2FX3-spoke multi-function steering wheel, wood, Carbon with radio controls
PorscheP2FXMulti-function steering wheel (carbon)
PorscheP2G0Without insert for filling with diesel
PorscheP2G0Without insert for the filling up of fuel
PorscheP2G1Insert for fuelling with unleaded petrol
PorscheP2G1Insert for the filling up of unleaded fuel
PorscheP2G3Without insert for unleaded filling
PorscheP2G4Insert for fuelling with unleaded petrol (CARB Diagnosis)
PorscheP2G4Insert for the filling up of unleaded fuel
PorscheP2G5Diesel filler neck with misfuelling prevention
PorscheP2G6Without fuel tank adapter; ethanol fuel
PorscheP2G7Filler neck module 1 with insert
PorscheP2G7Insert for unleaded fuelling in bad fuel region
PorscheP2G8Insert for unleaded fuelling - MAPPS
PorscheP2HAmuffler - exhaust
PorscheP2HBInterior sound measures (shaker)
PorscheP2HBmuffler - exhaust
PorscheP2JBBumper, standard
PorscheP2JBStandard bumpers
PorscheP2JCComfort bumper, stainless-steel attachment, front apron bottom section
PorscheP2JCComfort bumpers
PorscheP2JLComfort bumper (stainless steel trim at rear)
PorscheP2JUBumper with on-road front end
PorscheP2JUStandard bumpers
PorscheP2JVbumper in color of vehicle
PorscheP2JXComfort bumper (stainless steel trim at front + rear)
PorscheP2JXComfort bumpers
PorscheP2KNLabels in Turkish and English
PorscheP2KZLabels in Ukrainian
PorscheP2MB4-corner air suspension with electronic shock absorption control
PorscheP2P1Loading sill guard in plastic
PorscheP2P2Stainless steel loading edge protection
PorscheP2P3Carbon loading edge protection
PorscheP2PFLeather-wrapped multi-function sports steering wheel
PorscheP2PHLeather steering wheel for airbag system - 3 spokes, heated
PorscheP2PJGT multi-funct. sports st. wheel, leather, heated
PorscheP2PJLeather-wrapped sports steering wheel
PorscheP2PMLeather steering wheel for airbag system - 3-spoke steering wheel
PorscheP2PRAlcantara steering wheel, 3-spoke, heated, padded
PorscheP2PWAlcantara steering wheel, 3-spoke, padded
PorscheP2PXLeather-wrapped sports steering wheel
PorscheP2PXMulti-function steering wheel, Alcantara, 3-spoke
PorscheP2PXSports steering wheel, Alcantara with paddles
PorscheP2QQNameplate set "GS"
PorscheP2RANameplate set
PorscheP2RBNameplate set
PorscheP2RQNameplate set for special color trim
PorscheP2TAAlu-Dekor an Ruckwand Vordersitze
PorscheP2TBDecorative wooden material on front seat backrests
PorscheP2TCCarbon-Dekor an Ruckwand Vordersitze
PorscheP2TFOhne Dekor an Ruckwand Vordersitze
PorscheP2TGDecorative leather material on rear pane l of front seat backrests
PorscheP2THDecorative material in exterior color on rear panel of front seat backrests
PorscheP2UAStandard design
PorscheP2UHControlled suspension system
PorscheP2V1dust-pollen filter
PorscheP2V1Without ioniser
PorscheP2V3Air ionisation system with fine dust sensor
PorscheP2V3Fresh air intake and air ionizer
PorscheP2V4Fresh air intake and air ionizer
PorscheP2V5Fresh air intake with activated charcoal filter
PorscheP2W0filler cap for fuel tank
PorscheP2W0Tank cap, standard
PorscheP2W2Fuel filler cap, attached (NAR)
PorscheP2W2Tank cap in Green (NAR diesel)
PorscheP2W6filler cap for fuel tank
PorscheP2W6Fuel tank cap in Aluminium Look
PorscheP2WAwithout spare tyre
PorscheP2X0Without tiptronic control
PorscheP2X0Without Tiptronic operation
PorscheP2X2tiptronic control on steering wheel
PorscheP2XNAdditional snow tires
PorscheP2XUAdditional winter tyres
PorscheP2XVAdditional winter tyres
PorscheP2Y0Without protection frame
PorscheP2Y1Protection frame (rollover bar)
PorscheP2Y2Protection frame (rollover bar)
PorscheP2ZCLeather-wrapped multi-function sports steering wheel
PorscheP2ZF3-sp. multi-funct steering wheel, Alcantara, heated
PorscheP2ZFLeather-wrapped sports steering wheel
PorscheP2ZH3-spoke multi-function steering wheel, heated
PorscheP2ZHLeather-wrapped multi-function steering wheel
PorscheP2ZM3-spoke multi-function steering wheel
PorscheP2ZMLeather-wrapped multi-function steering wheel
PorscheP2ZUMulti-function steering wheel, Yachting Mahogany, heated
PorscheP301Transmission ratio long
PorscheP303Front-axle final drive with higher setting torque
PorscheP305Gear lever in Alcantara, Black
PorscheP306GTX shift lever, leather
PorscheP308Selector lever in Alcantara, Black
PorscheP309PDK gear selector GTX, leather
PorscheP310PDK gear selector EXC
PorscheP313Sports seat, left, manual, 2-way
PorscheP314Sports seat, right, manual, 2-way
PorscheP315Sports seat, left, partially electrical, 4-way
PorscheP316Sports seat, right, partially electrical, 4-way
PorscheP317Sports seat Plus, left, manual, 2-way
PorscheP318Sports seat Plus, right, manual, 2-way
PorscheP319Sports seat Plus, left, partially electrical, 4-way
PorscheP320Radio "Porsche CR-11" ROW
PorscheP320Sports seat Plus, right, partially electrical, 4-way
PorscheP321Radio "Porsche CR 22"
PorscheP321Sports seat, left, electrical, 14-way
PorscheP321Sports seat, left, electrical, l4-way
PorscheP322Radio "Porsche CR 220"
PorscheP322Sports seat, right, electrical, 14-way
PorscheP322Sports seat, right, electrical, l4-way
PorscheP323Sports seat Plus, left, electrical, 18-way
PorscheP324Sports seat Plus, right, electrical, 18-way
PorscheP325Version for South Africa/New Zealand
PorscheP326Radio "Porsche CR-21" ROW
PorscheP327Radio "Porsche CR 2200"
PorscheP329Radio "Porsche CR-210" USA
PorscheP330Radio "Porsche CR-31" ROW
PorscheP335Automatic seat belt, 3-point, rear
PorscheP338Rear-wheel drive
PorscheP339All-wheel drive
PorscheP340Seat heating system, right seat
PorscheP340Wheel rims painted in basic colour
PorscheP341Rims, painted white
PorscheP342Seat heating system, left/right seat
PorscheP342Seat heating, left/right seat
PorscheP343Adjustable heated seats, front and rear
PorscheP344Rim painted in silky-gloss Black
PorscheP345Steering wheel heating
PorscheP346Rims, painted Silver
PorscheP347Rims, painted GT Silver
PorscheP348Rim, painted silver
PorscheP349Rims, painted Black
PorscheP350air suspension
PorscheP351Air suspension with PDCC
PorscheP352Electronic damper control for PASM and PDCC
PorscheP354Air suspension and PASM Comfort
PorscheP355Air suspension and PASM, PDCC Comfort
PorscheP357Steering with additional stroke limitation
PorscheP367Standard seat, left, 8-way
PorscheP368Standard seat, right, 8-way
PorscheP369Standard seat, left
PorscheP370Standard seat, right
PorscheP371Bucket seat, 918 Spyder, left (harder)
PorscheP372Bucket seat, 918 Spyder, right (harder)
PorscheP373Bucket seat, 918 Spyder, left
PorscheP374Bucket seat, 918 Spyder, right
PorscheP375Sports seat, backrest shell, left
PorscheP376Sports seat, backrest shell, right
PorscheP377Sports seat, backrest shell, left, electrically adjustable
PorscheP378Sports seat, backrest shell, right, electrically adjustable
PorscheP379Power seat, left, 14-way
PorscheP380Power seat, right, 14-way
PorscheP381Seat upholstery, standard
PorscheP382Soft seat upholstery, front and rear
PorscheP382Vertical seat adjustment, left
PorscheP383Soft seat cushion pad in front
PorscheP383Vertical seat adjustment, right
PorscheP384Carrera GT bucket seat, left
PorscheP385Carrera GT bucket seat, right
PorscheP386Carrera GT bucket seat XT, left
PorscheP387Carrera GT bucket seat XT, right
PorscheP388Sports bucket seat, left
PorscheP389Sports bucket seat, right
PorscheP390Sports seat, left, 18-way
PorscheP391Sports seat, right, 18-way
PorscheP39217-inch Carrera wheel
PorscheP39317-inch Boxster II wheel (987)
PorscheP394Boxster III 17" wheel
PorscheP394Boxster wheel 17-inch
PorscheP395BOXSTER IIII 18" wheel
PorscheP395Cast wheel, 16-inch
PorscheP39618" Cayman (III) wheel
PorscheP396Cast wheel, 17-inch
PorscheP39718-inch Boxster II wheel (987)
PorscheP39718-inch Boxster S wheel (987)
PorscheP39719-inch Boxster S wheel
PorscheP39819" Cayman S wheel
PorscheP39917-inch Carrera-4 wheel
PorscheP399CAYMAN II 17" wheel
PorscheP3B0Without additional child seat anchors
PorscheP3B1Child seat anchors, USA/Canada requirement
PorscheP3B3Child seat anchors
PorscheP3B4Child seat anchors for child seat system ISOFIX
PorscheP3B4Child seat anchors for ISOFIX child seat system, RoW
PorscheP3B5Child seat anchors for child seat system ISOFIX
PorscheP3B6Without child seat anchors
PorscheP3B9Child seat anchors f. child seat system ISOFIX in front and rear
PorscheP3B9Isofix child seat anchor system, front and rear
PorscheP3CAwithout partition
PorscheP3CUPreparation for net partition
PorscheP3CUpreparation for partition
PorscheP3D1Centre console STANDARD (PVC)
PorscheP3D2Centre console for leather package
PorscheP3D3Centre console MEDIUM, grained leather
PorscheP3D3Centre console, leather package/Alcantara
PorscheP3D4Centre console in natural leather
PorscheP3D5Centre console Alcantara
PorscheP3D6Centre console in two-colour leather
PorscheP3D7Centre console in two-colour natural leather
PorscheP3D8Centre console Leather, smooth
PorscheP3D9Centre console, standard, two-colour
PorscheP3F4Spare wheel with tyre, internal
PorscheP3FAroof without cut out
PorscheP3FAWithout roof insert
PorscheP3FDTilting and sliding sunroof, powered
PorscheP3FEElectric glass slide/tilt sunroof
PorscheP3FETilting and sliding glass sunroof with sunbshade
PorscheP3FGglass roof
PorscheP3FNSynthetic convertible roof, electrical
PorscheP3FUBig roof system
PorscheP3FUPorsche large roof system
PorscheP3GAOhne Ladeboden
PorscheP3GAwithout cargo management
PorscheP3GDPlane rear cargo area
PorscheP3GERaised loadspace floor
PorscheP3GNCargo management
PorscheP3GNVariable cargo area concept
PorscheP3HAWithout leather parts scope
PorscheP3HBLeather parts
PorscheP3HELeather parts scope with alcantara
PorscheP3HFSporty Alcantara scope
PorscheP3I0Centre console for leather package, two-colour
PorscheP3I1Centre console in club leather
PorscheP3J4Front headrests, standard
PorscheP3J4Headrests for front seats
PorscheP3J7Headrests for front seats, with embossed crest
PorscheP3J7Tilt- and height-adjustable head restraints for front seats
PorscheP3J9Headrest for front seat
PorscheP3KDRear seat bench/backrest, split folding
PorscheP3KGStandard rear seats (40/60), Comfort
PorscheP3KHStandard rear seats (40/60), Sport
PorscheP3KIPremium rear seats (40/20/40). Comfort
PorscheP3KJPremium rear seats (40/20/40), Sport
PorscheP3KKPremium rear seats (40/20/40), Comfort, electric
PorscheP3KLPremium rear seats (40/20/40), Sport, electric
PorscheP3KNRear seat lumbar area (40/40) Comfort, electric
PorscheP3KRRear seat lumbar area (40/20/40), standard, electric
PorscheP3KSRear seats, version 1
PorscheP3KTRear seats, version 2
PorscheP3KURear seats, version 3
PorscheP3KVRear seats, version 4
PorscheP3KWRear seats, version 5
PorscheP3KXRear seats, version 6
PorscheP3KYWithout rear seats
PorscheP3L0Without special seat adjustment
PorscheP3L3Manual height adjustment for both 8-way adjustable front seats
PorscheP3L4Driver memory package
PorscheP3L4Front seat adjustment, electric, Driver's seat, memory (left)
PorscheP3L4Power seats in front, driver seat with memory feature
PorscheP3L5Both front seats power-adjustable
PorscheP3L5Electrical adjustment for both 12-way adjustable front seats
PorscheP3L5Front seat adjustment, electric
PorscheP3L6Front seat adjustment, electric, Driver's seat, memory (right)
PorscheP3L6Front seat adjustment, electrical with memory, right
PorscheP3L6Power seats in front, driver seat with memory feature
PorscheP3LDDoor & side trim panel - standard - PAG
PorscheP3LDdoor and side trim panels
PorscheP3LEDoor & side trim panel - MEDIUM - PAG
PorscheP3LEdoor and side trim panels
PorscheP3LHdoor and side trim panels
PorscheP3LHDoor trim and side wall - all leather -- pillars/ rooflining in Alcantara - PAG
PorscheP3LHDoor trim and side wall - all leather - pillars/ rooflining in Alcantara - PAG
PorscheP3LMdoor and side trim panels
PorscheP3LMDoor panel/side trim panel in natural leather
PorscheP3LSDoor & side trim panel - Alcantara
PorscheP3LSDoor and side trim panel in Alcantara
PorscheP3LTdoor and side trim panels
PorscheP3LTDoor, side trim panel in two-colour natural leather
PorscheP3LXdoor and side trim panels
PorscheP3LXDoor/side trim panel in two-colour natural leather
PorscheP3M0Without special measures
PorscheP3M1for vehicles registered for commercial use
PorscheP3M1Special approval measures
PorscheP3METufted velour carpeting with protective pad
PorscheP3METufted velour floor covering
PorscheP3MTPearl velour carpeting with protective pad
PorscheP3NERear seats (40/20/40) Sport
PorscheP3NSRear seats (40/20/40) Comfort
PorscheP3NWRear seat bench/backrest, split folding with center armrest
PorscheP3NWRear seats, split backrest can be folded down
PorscheP3PBFront seat adjustment, left electrical, right manual
PorscheP3PBPower seat on the left, right seat with manual height adjustment
PorscheP3PEElectric seat adjustment for right seat manual height adjustment for left seat
PorscheP3PEFront seat adjustment, right electrical, left manual
PorscheP3PHFront seat adjustment, right electrical and memory, left manual
PorscheP3PHPower seat adjustment with memory feature for left seat, right seat manually height-adjustable
PorscheP3PJFront seat adjustment, right electrical, left manual
PorscheP3PJPower seat adjustment with memory feature for right seat, left seat manually height-adjustable
PorscheP3PN12-way electrical adjustment for both front seats + memory
PorscheP3PNFront seat adjustment, electric, both with memory
PorscheP3PNPower seat adjustment for both front seats with memory feature
PorscheP3QR3-point seat belts in front without height adjustment, with US label (NAR)
PorscheP3QT3-point automatic seat belts at front with seat-belt pre-tensioners + height adjustment
PorscheP3QT3-point seat belts in front, with tensioner and height adjustment
PorscheP3S0Without roof bars for roof-bar system
PorscheP3S0without roof rail
PorscheP3S0Without roof rails/roof load rack
PorscheP3S1Bright roof rails
PorscheP3S2Black roof rails without drip mouldings
PorscheP3S4Preparation for roof load rack
PorscheP3S4Preparation for roof rack, black
PorscheP3S5Black roof rails with drip mouldings
PorscheP3S5Black roof rails
PorscheP3U4Roll-up blind for luggage compartment cover
PorscheP3U7Rear shelf (fixed luggage cover)
PorscheP3V1ACC High with Innodrive
PorscheP3V1Adaptive cruise control High End with Inno Drive
PorscheP3V2ACC Innodrive with speed limiter
PorscheP3W4Acoustic package, standard
PorscheP3W4Acoustics package "Standard"
PorscheP3W7Acoustics package "Extra"
PorscheP3W7Extra audio package
PorscheP3W8Acoustic package, diesel
PorscheP3W8Acoustics package for diesel
PorscheP3X0without load through system
PorscheP3X0Without load-through hatch
PorscheP3X1Load-through hatch with ski bag
PorscheP3X1Ski bag
PorscheP3Y0without roller blind
PorscheP3Y2Roll-up sunblind for rear window, electric
PorscheP3Y3Manual sun blind, rear side window
PorscheP3Y4Roller blind for rear side windows
PorscheP3Y4Roll-up sun screen for rear side windows
PorscheP3Y7Roll-up sun blind, side windows, rear, electric
PorscheP3Y8Electric roll-up sunblind for rear side window
PorscheP3Z6Without business package
PorscheP3Z7Business package
PorscheP3ZD3-point automatic seat belt (rear), "NAR"
PorscheP3ZD3-point seat belts, outer rear with US label
PorscheP3ZU3-point automatic seat belt (rear), "RoW"
PorscheP3ZU3-point automatic seat belt (rear), "RoW'
PorscheP3ZU3-point seat belts, outer rear with ECE label
PorscheP400Boxster S III 19" wheel
PorscheP400Boxster-S wheel 17-inch
PorscheP40118-in. Cayman S wheel
PorscheP402Carrera 3 wheel 18-inch
PorscheP403Carrera S wheel 19-inch
PorscheP40419" Turbo-1 wheel
PorscheP405Carrera Classic wheel 19-inch
PorscheP406Carrera GT wheel 19-inch/20-inch
PorscheP407SportDesign wheel 19-inch
PorscheP40818-inch Techno wheel
PorscheP408BOXSTER S II 18" wheel
PorscheP409CAYMAN S II 18" wheel
PorscheP40UAlloy wheels 9.5J x 20 in front, with 12J x 21 in rear
PorscheP41018" Turbo-2/Panamera wheel
PorscheP41018-inch Turbo 2 wheel
PorscheP41118-inch Carrera wheel -->2005 19-inch Carrera wheel 2012-->
PorscheP41118-inch Carrera wheel ->2005 19-inch Carrera wheel 2012->
PorscheP41118-inch Carrera wheel
PorscheP41318-inch Turbo-Look wheel
PorscheP413Panamera S wheel, 18"
PorscheP41418-inch Turbo-Look wheel, high gloss finish
PorscheP414Carrera S Facelift 18" wheel
PorscheP41518-inch monobloc wheel Top
PorscheP41518-inch Turbo-Look II wheel
PorscheP415Panamera Turbo wheel, 19"
PorscheP41618-inch GT3 wheel
PorscheP416Panamera Design wheel, 19"
PorscheP416Wheel, GT3 18-inch
PorscheP41718-inch Carrera wheel, polished
PorscheP417RS Spyder Design wheel, 20"
PorscheP41818-inch Turbo 2 wheel, GT Silver Metallic
PorscheP41818-inch Turbo II wheel in GT Silver
PorscheP418911 Turbo 2 wheel, 20"
PorscheP419Carrera S Facelift 19" wheel
PorscheP41AAlloy wheels 8J x 19 in front, with 9J x 19 in rear
PorscheP41LAlloy wheels 9J x 20 in front, with 10J x 20 in rear
PorscheP41LRS Spyder Design 20" wheel in Black
PorscheP41MAlloy wheels 8J x 19 in front, with 9J x 19 in rear
PorscheP420GT3 wheel 19"
PorscheP421Front cassette compartment
PorscheP421Turbo 2 wheel, 19"
PorscheP422Rear cassette compartment
PorscheP422Turbo wheel, 19", central lock
PorscheP42320-inch Carrera S wheel (III)
PorscheP42420 inch wheel 982 Spyder/GT4
PorscheP424CD storage unit
PorscheP426Without rear window wiper
PorscheP42720-inch Carrera Classic wheel (II)
PorscheP42820-inch Sport Design wheel (II)
PorscheP42920" 911 Turbo III wheel
PorscheP42KCayenne Turbo E3 Platinum 21-inch wheel
PorscheP430GT3 wheel, 19", central lock
PorscheP4314-spoke steering wheel (leather), diameter 363 mm
PorscheP431Central wheel lock, GT3, 20" wheel
PorscheP431Multi-function steering wheel, touch + feel
PorscheP43219" Carrera wheel (6)
PorscheP432Steering wheel with Tiptronic control
PorscheP432Steering wheel with Tiptronic operation
PorscheP43320" Carrera S wheel (4)
PorscheP434Work instructions for overseas vehicles
PorscheP435911 Turbo S wheel, 20" central lock
PorscheP4363-spoke Airbag steering wheel
PorscheP436Panamera Sport Design wheel, 19"
PorscheP437Comfort seat, left, electrically adjustable
PorscheP438Comfort seat, right, electrically adjustable
PorscheP43920" 911 Turbo 4 wheel
PorscheP439Electrical hood operation
PorscheP43BCayenne E3 19-inch (8.5/9.5 X 19) wheel
PorscheP43CCayenne S E3 19-inch (8.5/9.5 X 19) wheel
PorscheP43DCayenne Sport 20-inch (9/10.5 X 20) wheel
PorscheP43ECayenne Design 20-inch (9/10.5 X 20) wheel
PorscheP43FRS Spyder Design 21 -inch (9.5/11X21) wheel
PorscheP43GCayenne Turbo E3 21 -inch (9.5/11X21) wheel
PorscheP43HExclusive wheel, 21 inch (9.5/11X21)
PorscheP43IExclusive wheel, 21 inch, black
PorscheP43JExclusive wheel, 21 inch, vehicle colour
PorscheP43QExclusive wheel, 21 inch, platinum
PorscheP43RExclusive wheel, 21 inch, jet black
PorscheP43S21" Sport Design wheel (9.5/11.5X21) High-Gloss Black
PorscheP43T21" Sport Design wheel (9.5/11.5X21) Gloss Platinum Silver
PorscheP43U21" Sport Design wheel (9.5/11.5X21) Jet Black Metallic
PorscheP43VSport Design 21" wheel in exterior colour (9.5/11.5X21)
PorscheP43WPanamera G2 21" wheel in exterior colour (9.5/11.5X21)
PorscheP43X20" Panamera Design wheel (9.5/11.5X20)
PorscheP43YRS Spyder Design wheel 22" (10/11.5 X 22)
PorscheP440Antenna diversity
PorscheP440Manual antenna, 4 loudspeakers --- MY 2002 MY 2003 --- antenna diversity
PorscheP441Basic sound package
PorscheP44220/21" 918 Spyder wheel, central lock
PorscheP44320/21" 918 Spyder wheel Performance, central lock
PorscheP444Anti-theft lock, wheel bolts "THATCHAM"
PorscheP445Boxster Spyder wheel, 19"
PorscheP446Concave wheel centers with full-colour Porsche Crest
PorscheP446Wheel hub cover, coloured Porsche emblem
PorscheP447Emergency wheel
PorscheP448Brake pad; sport version
PorscheP449911 Turbo Sport 3 20" wheel
PorscheP449Cast iron brake GT2
PorscheP44A21" Panamera Exclusive wheel (9.5/11.5X21) High-Gloss Black
PorscheP44B21" Panamera Exclusive wheel (9.5/11.5X21) Jet Black
PorscheP44C21" Panamera Exclusive wheel (9.5/11.5X21) Platinum
PorscheP44D21" Panamera Sport Design wheel (9.5/11,5X 21)
PorscheP44E21" Panamera 911 Turbo wheel (9.5/11.5)
PorscheP44F21" Panamera Exclusive wheel (9.5/11.5X21) Platinum Silver
PorscheP44G20" Panamera Turbo wheel (9.5/11.5X20)
PorscheP44H20" Panamera Design wheel (9.5/11.5X20)
PorscheP44JSports package
PorscheP450Ceramic brake (PCCB)
PorscheP451991-II GTX-RS wheel 20/21" Central locking Aluminium
PorscheP451Multi-function steering wheel, Makassar Ebony, touch + feel
PorscheP452991-II GTX-RS wheel 20/21" Central locking Magnesium
PorscheP452Multi-function steering wheel, Sycamore, touch + feel
PorscheP453Multi-function steering wheel, Carbon, touch + feel
PorscheP453Wheel cover in black, coloured emblem
PorscheP454Automatic speed control
PorscheP456Automatic distance control (ACC)
PorscheP458Lane departure warning
PorscheP4593-spoke airbag steering wheel, touch + feel
PorscheP46020" RS Spyder Design wheel
PorscheP461External antenna
PorscheP462Comfort air pressure, 270 km/h
PorscheP463Comfort air pressure, 100 mph
PorscheP464Low-speed comfort air pressure, USA
PorscheP465Rear fog light, left
PorscheP465Rear foglamp, left
PorscheP466Rear fog light, right
PorscheP466Rear foglamp, right
PorscheP468911 Turbo CFK wheel, 20" central lock
PorscheP46HAlloy wheels 8.5J x 19 in front, with 11.5J x 20 in rear
PorscheP46IAlloy wheels 8.5J x 20 in front, with 11.5J x 21 in rear
PorscheP46JAlloy wheels 8.5J x 20 in front, with 11.5J x 21 in rear
PorscheP46KAlloy wheels 8.5J x 20 in front, with 11.5J x 21 in rear
PorscheP46LAlloy wheels 8.5J x 20 in front, with 11.5J x 21 in rear
PorscheP46MAlloy wheels 9J x 20 in front, with 12J x 21 in rear
PorscheP46NAlloy wheels 9J x 20 front, with 11.5J x 21 rear
PorscheP46PAlloy wheels 9J x 20 front, with 11.5J x 21 rear
PorscheP46QAlloy wheels 8.5J x 21
PorscheP46S911 Turbo IV Design wheel 22" (10/11.5x22)
PorscheP46UAlloy wheels 9.5J x 20
PorscheP46X21" 911 Turbo Design wheel, Black
PorscheP46XAlloy wheels 9J x 21 in front, with 10J x 21 in rear
PorscheP470Rear-axle steering
PorscheP47119" Panamera Turbo II wheel
PorscheP47219" Panamera Design II wheel
PorscheP47320" Cayman GT4 wheel
PorscheP474Front-axle lift function
PorscheP475PASM electronic damper control
PorscheP476Porsche Stability Management (PSM)
PorscheP477PASM w/o lowering
PorscheP478Central wheel lock
PorscheP479Version for Australia
PorscheP47MAlloy wheels 9J x 20 in front, with 10J x 20 in rear
PorscheP47NAlloy wheels 9J x 20 in front, with 10J x 20 in rear
PorscheP47PAlloy wheels 9.5J x 21 in front, with 10J x 21 in rear
PorscheP47QAlloy wheels 9.5J x 21 in front, with 10J x 21 in rear
PorscheP4815th-speed MANUAL TRANSMISSION
PorscheP482Tire Pressure Monitoring TPM, 433 MHz
PorscheP483315-MHz TPM, Tire Pressure Monitoring
PorscheP484Symbols and lettering for switches and instruments
PorscheP484Version for USA
PorscheP4866-speed GT sports manual transmission
PorscheP488Inscriptions in German language
PorscheP489Multi-function operation + steering wheel heating
PorscheP48LRS Spyder Design 21 -inch (9.5/11X21) wheel
PorscheP48MCayenne PHEV wheel 21 inch (9.5/11 X21)
PorscheP48SAlloy wheels 8.5J x 19 in front, with 9J x 19 in rear
PorscheP48TAlloy wheels 9.5J x 21 in front, with 10J x 21 in rear
PorscheP48UAlloy wheels 9.5J x 21 in front, with 10J x 21 in rear
PorscheP48VAlloy wheels 9.5J x 21 in front, with 10J x 21 in rear
PorscheP48WAlloy wheels 9.5J x 21 in front, with 10J x 21 in rear
PorscheP48XExclusive wheel, 22 inch (10/11, 5x22)
PorscheP48YExclusive wheel, 22 inch, black
PorscheP48ZExclusive Rad 22 Zoll Wagenfarbe
PorscheP490-MY 01 sound system MY 02 sound system Harmann analog
PorscheP490Sound system "ASK"
PorscheP492Headlamps for left-hand traffic
PorscheP492Headlights for left-hand traffic
PorscheP493Balance weights, Black
PorscheP496Model designation painted Black
PorscheP497Deletion of model designation and Porsche logo
PorscheP497Elimination of lettering for the Custom Tailoring (CT) preparation
PorscheP498Deletion of model designation on rear end
PorscheP499Version for Germany
PorscheP49AExclusive wheel, 22 inch, platinum
PorscheP49BExclusive wheel, 22 inch, jet black
PorscheP49YAlloy wheels 9J x 20 in front, with 10J x 20 in rear
PorscheP4A0Without seat heater
PorscheP4A3Heated seats, front
PorscheP4A3Seat heater for front seats separately controlled
PorscheP4A4Heated seats, front/rear
PorscheP4A4Seat heater for front and rear seats separately controlled
PorscheP4AADoor panel/side trim panel in club leather
PorscheP4AHdoor and side trim panels
PorscheP4AHDoor/side trim panel, leather package/Alcantara
PorscheP4AKdoor and side trim panels
PorscheP4AKDoor/side trim panel, leather package, two-colour
PorscheP4APdoor and side trim panels
PorscheP4APDoor/side trim panel, standard two-colour
PorscheP4AVDoor trim and side wall - smooth-leather insert
PorscheP4BDEmission standard C6b without Real Driving Emissions (RDE) (PN11)
PorscheP4BFEmission standard EU6 DG
PorscheP4BIEmission standard EU6 AP
PorscheP4D0Without seat ventilation/massage seat
PorscheP4D0without seat ventilation
PorscheP4D1Seat ventilation for A/C seat front and rear
PorscheP4D2Seat ventilation/massage seats, front and rear
PorscheP4D3Seat ventilation (front), a/c seat
PorscheP4D3Seat ventilation, front
PorscheP4D4Front and rear massage seat
PorscheP4D5Seat ventilation/massage seats, front
PorscheP4D7Massage seat, front
PorscheP4D9Seat ventilation/massage seat, front and seat ventilation, rear
PorscheP4E0Tailgate release from outside
PorscheP4E2Interior tailgate release, electrical
PorscheP4E6Powerlift tailgate with virtual pedal (Powerliftgate)
PorscheP4E7Tailgate/trunk lid power closing
PorscheP4F2Central locking system "Keyless Entry"
PorscheP4F2Central locking, Keyless Entry, RoW
PorscheP4F2Porsche entry + drive
PorscheP4F5Central locking, Keyless Entry, NAR
PorscheP4F6Central locking system "Keyless Entry" without SAFELOCK (NAR)
PorscheP4F6Central locking, Keyless Entry, NAR
PorscheP4F6Porsche entry + drive (usa/can)
PorscheP4GCWindscreen in heat-insulating glass, with top tint
PorscheP4GCWindshield in heat-insulating glass with colourstripe
PorscheP4GFWindscreen of tinted glass
PorscheP4GFWindshield in heat-insulating glass
PorscheP4GGLaminated windshield with sunshield, heated
PorscheP4GGWindscreen, insulating glass with top tint, heated
PorscheP4GHWindscreen, heat-insulating glass with top tint, heated
PorscheP4GKLaminated windshield, with sunshield
PorscheP4GKWindscreen, insulating glass with top tint
PorscheP4GLWindscreen (shatterproof glass)
PorscheP4GPWindshield in heat-insulating glass with sunshield and viewing window for vehicle identification number
PorscheP4GRLaminated windshield, heated
PorscheP4GRWindscreen, heated insulating glass
PorscheP4GSWindshield in heat-insulating glass
PorscheP4GYWindscreen of heat-insulating glass
PorscheP4I3Central locking '"Keyless Entry'" without safe lock (RoW)
PorscheP4I6Central locking system Keyless-Go
PorscheP4I6Central locking, Keyless Go, RoW
PorscheP4I7Central locking system Keyless Go without SAFELOCK
PorscheP4I8Central locking system "Keyless-Go" without SAFELOCK (NAR)
PorscheP4I8Central locking, Keyless Go, without Safe NAR
PorscheP4K0Central locking w/ radio remote control and interior controls
PorscheP4K0Central-locking system with key remote and interior operation
PorscheP4K3Central locking w/ radio remote control, interior controls and SAFELOCK
PorscheP4K3Central locking with remote control, inner release and safe lock system
PorscheP4KCGreen heat-insulating glass in rear
PorscheP4KCSide and rear windows in heat-insulating glass
PorscheP4KFDark tinted glass in rear
PorscheP4KFSide windows in heat-insulating glass, from B-pillar and rear window dark tinted
PorscheP4KTFront side and rear windows tinted green rear side windows sheet metal
PorscheP4L2Breakaway interior rearview mirror, dimming
PorscheP4L2Safety interior mirror, manual dimming function
PorscheP4L6Breakaway interior rearview mirror, auto-dimming
PorscheP4L6Safety interior mirror, automatic dimming function
PorscheP4LAno controls on steering wheel
PorscheP4LB3-spoke multi-function steering wheel in leather with radio control element
PorscheP4LC3-spoke multi-function steering wheel in leather with radio and telephone control element
PorscheP4M0Without beverage holder
PorscheP4M0Without cupholder
PorscheP4M1Cupholder closed
PorscheP4M3Beverage holders
PorscheP4N0Dashboard for leather package, two-colour
PorscheP4N0Standard dashboard
PorscheP4N1Padded dashboard
PorscheP4N2Dashboard for leather package
PorscheP4N2Standard dashboard
PorscheP4N3Comfort dashboard
PorscheP4N3Switch panel in two-tone leather w. decor, stitching
PorscheP4N3Switch panel in two-tone leather w. decor. stitching
PorscheP4N4Dashboard in two-colour natural leather
PorscheP4N4Padded dashboard
PorscheP4N5Dashboard in natural leather
PorscheP4N5Leather dashboard
PorscheP4N6Dashboard in club leather
PorscheP4N8Dashboard in leather
PorscheP4N8Dashboard with genuine leather
PorscheP4N9Upholstered dashboard, two-colour
PorscheP4QE3-point seat belts in front, with manual height adjustment
PorscheP4QEFront three-point belt. Seat-belt pretensioner, height-adjustable with reversible seat-belt pretensioner. RoW.
PorscheP4QF3-point automatic belts at front with electrical height adjustment and memory
PorscheP4QQ3-point seat belts in front with pretensioner and height adjustment, US label
PorscheP4QQFront three-point belt. Seat-belt pretensioner, height-adjustable with reversible seat-belt pretensioner. NAR.
PorscheP4QR3-point automatic seat belt (front), "NAR"
PorscheP4QR3-point seat belts in front, with pretensioner and height adjustment, US label
PorscheP4SVVanity mirror in rear left
PorscheP4TVVanity mirror in rear right
PorscheP4UBAirbag for NAR
PorscheP4UBAirbag with kneebar
PorscheP4UDAirbag, can not be deactivated on passenger's side
PorscheP4UDdriver and front passanger airbags
PorscheP4UEAirbags for driver and front-seat passenger; front-seat passenger side can be deactivated
PorscheP4UEdriver and front passanger airbags
PorscheP4UEDriver/passenger airbag
PorscheP4UFAirbag for driver and front passenger with front passenger airbag deactivation
PorscheP4UFDriver/passenger airbag (passenger deactivatable)
PorscheP4UJAirbag, driver's side and front passenger's side
PorscheP4UPAirbag for driver, passenger, with knee airbag, passenger's side, deactivatable
PorscheP4UQAdvanced airbag
PorscheP4UQdriver and front passanger airbags
PorscheP4X3Front side airbag with head airbag
PorscheP4X3Side airbag in front, with curtain airbag
PorscheP4X4seitenairbag vorn und hinten mit kopfairbag
PorscheP4X4Side airbag in front and rear with curtain airbag
PorscheP501CAR COVER
PorscheP506Reflection-optimised interior
PorscheP508Decorative trims in Carbon Look
PorscheP509fire extinguisher
PorscheP510Contrasting colour: Red (GTX RS)
PorscheP511Contrasting colour: Gold (GTX RS)
PorscheP512Contrasting colour: GT Silver
PorscheP513Lumbar support, right seat
PorscheP514GTS logo with model designation in Silver
PorscheP515GTS logo with model designation in Black
PorscheP516Rear spoiler in Black
PorscheP517Glove box and centre console compartment
PorscheP519Porsche logo in Black
PorscheP519Rear spoiler in Silver
PorscheP521Tilt sensor
PorscheP523Immobiliser, 434 MHz
PorscheP524Anti-drive-off feature, 433 MHz
PorscheP524Immobilizer, central locking, 433 MHz
PorscheP525Anti-drive-off feature, 315 MHz
PorscheP525Immobilizer, central locking, 315 MHz
PorscheP528Door mirror, standard
PorscheP529SportDesign exterior mirror
PorscheP531Anti-drive-off feature, central locking system
PorscheP531Immobiliser, central locking
PorscheP532Alarm system remote control omitted
PorscheP533Radio convertible-top operation omitted
PorscheP534Anti-theft protection with interior monitoring
PorscheP534Theft security system, 433 MHz
PorscheP534Theft security system
PorscheP535Anti-theft lock 315 MHz
PorscheP535Theft security system, 315 MHz
PorscheP536-07 Alarm siren and tilt sensor 08- Alarm siren
PorscheP536Alarm siren and tilt sensor
PorscheP537Memory, left
PorscheP537Seat position control for comfort seat, left
PorscheP537Seating position control for comfort seat, left
PorscheP538Memory, right
PorscheP538Seat position control for comfort seat, right
PorscheP538Seating position control for comfort seat, right
PorscheP539Mechanical seat height adjustment, left
PorscheP539Mechanical seat-height adjustment, left
PorscheP53SAlloy wheels 9J x 20 in front, with 10J x 20 in rear
PorscheP53UAlloy wheels 9J x 20 in front, with 10J x 20 in rear
PorscheP540Mechanical seat height adjustment, right
PorscheP540Mechanical seat-height adjustment, right
PorscheP541Active seat ventilation (incl. heated seats)
PorscheP542Active seat ventilation, front and rear (incl. heated seats)
PorscheP543Electric seat height adjustment Passenger's side
PorscheP544Anti-theft protection without infrared monitoring, 433 MHz
PorscheP545Anti-theft protection without infrared monitoring, 315 MHz
PorscheP546Roll-over bar in exterior colour
PorscheP547Roll-over bar in Aluminium Look
PorscheP551Wind deflector, manual
PorscheP552Electric wind deflector
PorscheP553Version for USA, Canada
PorscheP554Front spoiler lip included
PorscheP555Black seat belts
PorscheP556Seat belts in basic colours
PorscheP557Seat belts in contrasting colours
PorscheP559High-gloss mouldings
PorscheP55PAlloy wheels 8.5J x 19 in front, with 9J x 19 in rear
PorscheP55QAlloy wheels 9J x 20 in front, with 10J x 20 in rear
PorscheP55RAlloy wheels 9J x 20 in front, with 10J x 20 in rear
PorscheP55SAlloy wheels 9J x 20 in front, with 10J x 20 in rear
PorscheP55TAlloy wheels 9J x 20 in front, with 10J x 20 in rear
PorscheP55UAlloy wheels 9.5J x 21 in front, with 10J x 21 in rear
PorscheP55VAlloy wheels 9.5J x 21 in front, with 10J x 21 in rear
PorscheP55WAlloy wheels 9.5J x 21 in front, with 10J x 21 in rear
PorscheP55XAlloy wheels 9.5J x 21 in front, with 10J x 21 in rear
PorscheP55YAlloy wheels 9.5J x 21 in front, with 10J x 21 in rear
PorscheP55ZAlloy wheels 9.5J x 21 in front, with 10J x 21 in rear
PorscheP560Advanced airbag
PorscheP561three-point seat belt
PorscheP562Airbag, driver's side and front passenger's side
PorscheP563Side Airbag
PorscheP565Thorax airbag in rear seat backrest
PorscheP566Front fog lights, white
PorscheP567Windscreen tinted, upper part darker coloured
PorscheP567Windscreen with belt filter
PorscheP568Windscreen without green top-tint
PorscheP568Windscreen without shade band
PorscheP569Standard sill covers, painted
PorscheP56AAlloy wheels 9.5J x 21 in front, with 10J x 21 in rear
PorscheP56BAlloy wheels 9.5J x 21 in front, with 10J x 21 in rear
PorscheP56CAlloy wheels 9.5J x 21 in front, with 10J x 21 in rear
PorscheP56GAlloy wheels 9.5J x 21 in front, with 10J x 21 in rear
PorscheP570Without interior air conditioning
PorscheP571Activated charcoal filter
PorscheP572Manual air-conditioning system
PorscheP573Electronic air-conditioning system (high)
PorscheP574no air conditioning
PorscheP574Without air conditioner
PorscheP575Luggage compartment cooling system
PorscheP5764-zone air conditioning system
PorscheP5786-point seat belt, driver
PorscheP578Carrera GT luggage set, Terracotta
PorscheP5796-point seat belt, passenger
PorscheP579Carrera GT luggage set, Dark Grey
PorscheP580Luggage bulkhead/luggage guard
PorscheP580Non-smoker's package
PorscheP581Center console, front
PorscheP581Centre console, front
PorscheP582Safety cage in Lava Orange
PorscheP582Storage poket (motor cover)
PorscheP584Storage box on engine cover
PorscheP586Lumbar support, left seat
PorscheP587Safety cage in White
PorscheP589Front wing in Carbon
PorscheP589Safety cage in Titanium
PorscheP590Power lid locking
PorscheP590Steel doors
PorscheP590Targa bar painted Silver
PorscheP591Black Targa bar
PorscheP592Standard rooflining, fabric
PorscheP594Alcantara rooflining
PorscheP595Safety cage in Black
PorscheP596Safety cage, white
PorscheP597Door sill trims, brushed aluminium
PorscheP597Logo and wheel spokes in Red
PorscheP598Door entry guards, brushed aluminium
PorscheP598Logo and wheel spokes in Blue
PorscheP599Aluminium doors
PorscheP5C0Without additional body measures
PorscheP5C0Without special body measures
PorscheP5C1Body measure, FSO
PorscheP5C1Body measures for increased safety requirements
PorscheP5C6Additional body measures
PorscheP5C6Rear end reinforcement
PorscheP5D1Carrier frequency 433.92 MHz
PorscheP5D1Carrier frequency 433.92 to 434.42 Mhz
PorscheP5D2Carrier frequency 315 MHz
PorscheP5D3Carrier frequency 315 MHz with reduced transmission power for Japan
PorscheP5D3Carrier frequency 315 MHz with reduced transmitting power
PorscheP5D4Carrier frequency 315 MHz without panic button
PorscheP5D8Carrier frequency 433.92 MHz
PorscheP5D8Carrier frequency 434 MHz
PorscheP5D9Carrier frequency 433.92 MHz with changed transmission duration
PorscheP5HAWithout pickup bodywork/ load compartment floor
PorscheP5HBPickup platform frame with load compartment floor
PorscheP5HCPickup platform frame for low-loader pickup
PorscheP5HDPickup platform frame with load compartment floor
PorscheP5HGPreparation for three-way dump truck
PorscheP5J1Rear spoiler, unpainted
PorscheP5J2Body-colored rear spoiler
PorscheP5J2Rear spoiler (type 2)
PorscheP5J8Rear spoiler in Platinum Silver Metallic
PorscheP5K0Without surface protection, with additional transit coating
PorscheP5K2Full body cover (shrinking system) with additional transport protection measures
PorscheP5K6With additional transport protection measures
PorscheP5K7Transport protection film (minimum protection) with additional transport protection measures
PorscheP5KARear seats, Comfort (40/20/40)
PorscheP5KAThree rear seats
PorscheP5KHRear seats, Sport (40/20/40)
PorscheP5KHThree sports seats
PorscheP5KSWithout rear seats
PorscheP5MADecorative inlays - paint, painted plastic
PorscheP5MADecorative inserts
PorscheP5MBDecorative inlay in Swedish Birch Anthracite
PorscheP5MGBurr maple wood package, dark high gloss
PorscheP5MHCarbon decorative inlays
PorscheP5MHDecorative inserts, carbon
PorscheP5MIDecorative inserts
PorscheP5MLDecorative inlays in Mahogany Yachting
PorscheP5MPDecorative burr walnut inserts
PorscheP5MPDecorative inlays in American Walnut, Brown
PorscheP5MVDecorative inserts
PorscheP5RKDoor mirror, right, flat
PorscheP5RPRight exterior mirror, convex (Japan), and camera
PorscheP5RPRight exterior mirror, convex with camera
PorscheP5RQRight exterior mirror, convex
PorscheP5RQRight exterior mirror: convex
PorscheP5RRDoor mirror, right, convex (US)
PorscheP5RRRight exterior mirror, convex (US)
PorscheP5RTAuGenspiegel rechts, konvex (AGCC)
PorscheP5RTAul3>enspiegel rechts, konvex (AGCC)
PorscheP5RTDoor mirror, right, convex (AGCC)
PorscheP5RVDoor mirror, right, aspherical
PorscheP5RVRight exterior mirror, aspherical
PorscheP5SGDoor mirror, left, flat
PorscheP5SGLeft exterior mirror, flat
PorscheP5SJDoor mirror, left, convex
PorscheP5SJLeft exterior mirror, convex
PorscheP5SLDoor mirror, left, aspherical
PorscheP5SLLeft exterior mirror, aspherical
PorscheP5SULeft exterior mirror, convex (Japan), and camera
PorscheP5SULeft exterior mirror, convex with camera
PorscheP5TDDecorative inlays, aluminium (cross-brushed)
PorscheP5TEAluminium "sport" package
PorscheP5TEAluminium decorative inlays (satin finish)
PorscheP5TEDecorative aluminum inserts
PorscheP5TFOlive wood package, light high gloss
PorscheP5THAluminium decorative inlays, anodised Black
PorscheP5THDecorative aluminum inserts
PorscheP5TKDecorative inlays, grained olive wood
PorscheP5TLDecorative inlay in Piano Look
PorscheP5TLDecorative inserts in piano lacquer
PorscheP5TMRoof rail in Silver + cross members
PorscheP5TTDecorative inserts
PorscheP5TTExclusive decorative inlays, wood
PorscheP5TXDecorative inserts for special edition
PorscheP5W0Roof rail, Titanium-Metallic
PorscheP5W1Bright roof rack
PorscheP5W1Silver roof rails plus bars
PorscheP5W2Preparation for roof rack, bright, silver
PorscheP5W3Roof rack black, guide rails bright
PorscheP5W4Black roof rails plus bars
PorscheP5W4Roof carrier, black
PorscheP5XCSun visors, mirror (RoW)
PorscheP5XCSun visors, with vanity mirror illuminated on driver's and front passenger side
PorscheP5XESun visors with mirror (South Korea)
PorscheP5XHSun visor, illuminated mirror with dual function
PorscheP5XHSun visors with mirror, illuminated
PorscheP5XKSun visors on driver's and passenger side
PorscheP5XXSun visors with mirror, illuminated (NAR)
PorscheP5XXSun visors, mirror (USA)
PorscheP5XZSun visors with mirror ( NAR )
PorscheP5ZDFront head restraints
PorscheP5ZDHeadrests, front and rear, with logo
PorscheP5ZFFront head restraints
PorscheP5ZFFront/rear headrests with embossed crest
PorscheP5ZFHeadrests for front seats, with embossed crest
PorscheP5ZJFront/rear headrests with embossed logo
PorscheP5ZPFront head restraint with stamped emblem
PorscheP5ZUHead restraints
PorscheP600Lightweight halogen headlights
PorscheP601Litronic headlights
PorscheP601Xenon lighting system
PorscheP602Center high-mounted stop light
PorscheP602LED headlights with dynamic cornering light Plus (PDLS Plus)
PorscheP602LED headlights, dynamic Cornering light
PorscheP603Bi-Xenon and dynamic cornering light
PorscheP603Xenon plus dynamic cornering light
PorscheP604Bi-Xenon top and dynamic cornering light
PorscheP605headlight range control
PorscheP605LED daytime driving lights
PorscheP606Daytime driving lights
PorscheP607Garage door opener "Homelink", 315 MHz
PorscheP608Garage door opener "Homelink" 433 MHz
PorscheP609without radio
PorscheP610DVD navigation, "Europe package"
PorscheP611DVD navigation South Africa
PorscheP612DVD navigation middle east
PorscheP613DVD navigation australia
PorscheP614DVD navigation asia-pacific
PorscheP614Preparation for telephone installation Motorola 2200
PorscheP615DVD navigation system, North America
PorscheP616DVD, Navigation Russia
PorscheP617DVD Navigation China
PorscheP618phone preparation
PorscheP619Mobile phone preparation (BLUETOOTH) without console
PorscheP620Bi-Xenon plus dynamic cornering light, Black
PorscheP620Electronic accelerator
PorscheP62112-V socket, passenger's side, footwell
PorscheP625KESSY Porsche Entry and Drive
PorscheP626Charging tray in rear
PorscheP627Bi-Xenon/static AHBA
PorscheP628LED headlights with integrated daytime driving light
PorscheP630Interior light package
PorscheP631Speed limit display (traffic sign recognition)
PorscheP631Traffic sign recognition
PorscheP632PDLS+ dynamic high beam
PorscheP633ParkAssist (front and rear) plus real Topview
PorscheP634ParkAssist (front and rear) with camera (LOW)
PorscheP635Park distance control
PorscheP635Rear ParkAssist
PorscheP636Park distance control in front and rear
PorscheP637Rear ParkAssist and reversing camera
PorscheP637Rear parking assistant and camera
PorscheP638ParkAssist, front, rear and reversing camera
PorscheP639Sport Chrono package
PorscheP640Sport Chrono Plus package
PorscheP641electronic trip recorder
PorscheP642Start/Stop function
PorscheP643Track app
PorscheP644Central locking button in rear
PorscheP645Master control button in rear (seat adjustment)
PorscheP647Steering column, mechanically reach/height-adjustable, without ELV
PorscheP648Steering column, electrically reach/height-adjustable, without ELV
PorscheP649Electric water heater
PorscheP650Electrical sliding roof
PorscheP651Electric window opener
PorscheP651External sliding roof
PorscheP652without electric sunroof
PorscheP652Without sliding/tilting roof
PorscheP653External-sliding glass sunroof
PorscheP655Mechanically adjustable steering column with ELV
PorscheP655Steering column with mech. reach/height adjustment
PorscheP656Electrically adjustable steering column with ELV
PorscheP656Steering column with electric reach/ height adjustment and memory
PorscheP659on-board computer
PorscheP660Obd 2
PorscheP661DC charging
PorscheP661Stricter emission-control concept
PorscheP662Info/navigation system
PorscheP663Fuel pump activation
PorscheP663Passive handset
PorscheP665-2008 PCM 2, 2009- PCM 3 basic module incl. radio
PorscheP665PCM 3 Basic module incl. radio
PorscheP665PCM2 basic module including radio
PorscheP666-2008 PCM 2, 2009- PCM 3 telephone (GSM)
PorscheP666PCM 3 telephone (GSM)
PorscheP666PCM2 telephone (GSM)
PorscheP667Active charcoal filter for EU6 BG, AJ
PorscheP668PCM2 telephone handset
PorscheP669PCM 3 - Telephone handset (BLUETOOTH)
PorscheP670PCM2 navigation
PorscheP671Voice control system
PorscheP672-2008 PCM 2, 2009- PCM 3 Offroad navigation
PorscheP673Navigation system preparation, China
PorscheP674Vehicle Tracking System preparation
PorscheP675Without radio preparation (Japan navigation system)
PorscheP676tv tuner
PorscheP677Driver card antenna
PorscheP678Alarm system connection
PorscheP679Restart inhibitor
PorscheP680BOSE sound package
PorscheP680-MY 01 digital sound package MY 02- sound system Bose analog
PorscheP681Carrera GT sound system
PorscheP682Top Premium sound system
PorscheP685Rear seat assembly
PorscheP685Rear seats, split
PorscheP686Radio "Porsche CDR-21" ROW
PorscheP686SAT radio reception XM (SDARS)
PorscheP688HD radio reception
PorscheP688Radio "Porsche CDR-210" USA
PorscheP689Preperation for CD autochanger
PorscheP689Preperation of cd autochanger
PorscheP690CD player "CD-10" radio + ARI
PorscheP690CD radio "Porsche Online Pro"
PorscheP690SDARS + HD radio reception
PorscheP691Digital radio reception DAB
PorscheP692CD autochanger "Porsche "
PorscheP692CD autochanger "Porsche"
PorscheP693Integrated CD/DVD autochanger
PorscheP694CD radio "Porsche CDR 24"
PorscheP695CD radio "Porsche CDR 22"
PorscheP695CD radio, Porsche CDR 30
PorscheP696CD radio "Porsche CDR 220"
PorscheP696CD radio, Porsche CDR 31
PorscheP697CD radio "Porsche CDR-23"
PorscheP698CD radio "Porsche CDR 32"
PorscheP699MD radio "Porsche MDR32"
PorscheP6A0without fire extinguisher
PorscheP6A4Preparation for fire extinguisher
PorscheP6A5fire extinguisher
PorscheP6A7With fire extinguisher
PorscheP6BAWithout inlaid work
PorscheP6BBInlaid work design 1
PorscheP6BCInlaid work design 2
PorscheP6BDInlaid work design 3
PorscheP6DKSun visors with mirror, illuminated (NAR)
PorscheP6DLSun visors with mirror, illuminated (South Korea)
PorscheP6DLSun visors, mirror (Korea)
PorscheP6DMSun visors with mirror (South Korea)
PorscheP6DQSun visors with mirror, illuminated (China)
PorscheP6DQSun visors, mirror (China)
PorscheP6E1Center armrest in front
PorscheP6E1Centre armrest, standard
PorscheP6E2Center armrest in front
PorscheP6E2Centre armrest with Porsche Crest
PorscheP6E2Front centre armrest in natural leather
PorscheP6E3Center armrest in front
PorscheP6E3Centre armrest, front - PVC foam film
PorscheP6E4Center armrest in front
PorscheP6E4GTS front centre armrest in natural leather
PorscheP6E5Center armrest in front with locking mechanism
PorscheP6E6Center armrest in front
PorscheP6E6Centre armrest, front - smooth leather
PorscheP6E7Centre armrest, front - grained leather
PorscheP6E8Center armrest in front with locking mechanism
PorscheP6EAWithout additional body covers, side stone guards
PorscheP6EAWithout additional side body covers (stone guard)
PorscheP6EBAdditional body covers, stone guards and partial cover
PorscheP6ECAdditional stone guard body covers
PorscheP6ECUnderbody protection, rear axle
PorscheP6EEAdditional body cover on wheel arch and side sill
PorscheP6EFAdditional body cover on wheel arch and side sill
PorscheP6EPAdditional body covers, stone guards, type 1
PorscheP6EQAdditional body covers, stone guards, type 2
PorscheP6ESAdditional body covers, stone guards, type 3
PorscheP6ETAdditional body covers, stone guards, type 4
PorscheP6ETAdditional stone guard body covers (type 4)
PorscheP6ETStone guard film, poor road package
PorscheP6F0Without decorative films/emblems
PorscheP6F0Without imprint on armrest
PorscheP6F4Side decorative films
PorscheP6F6Porsche Crest on front armrest
PorscheP6F8Model logo on front armrest
PorscheP6FAwithout contrasting colour
PorscheP6FBBody-colored exterior mirror housings
PorscheP6FBDoor-mirror housing painted in exterior colour
PorscheP6FGDoor mirror housing, standard
PorscheP6FGDoor mirror, standard
PorscheP6FGExterior mirror housing painted
PorscheP6FHExterior mirror housing painted
PorscheP6FIContrasting colour: Orange
PorscheP6FJBlack exterior mirror housings
PorscheP6FJMirror lower shell/base, Black
PorscheP6FMContrasting colour: Crystal Silver Metallic
PorscheP6FPContrasting colour: Meteor Grey Metallic
PorscheP6FQComponents with special surface
PorscheP6FUBody-colored exterior mirror housings
PorscheP6FUMirror lower shell/base, vehicle colour
PorscheP6FWExterior mirror housing painted
PorscheP6G2CD/DVD changer (external)
PorscheP6G2DVD player and DVD changer
PorscheP6GAwithout exterior body styling kit
PorscheP6GBComponent set - wider wheel arch cover, off-road
PorscheP6GEComponent set - wheel arch extensions, extra wide for Australia
PorscheP6GFAdd-on kit wider wheel arch cover
PorscheP6GFComponent set - wider wheel arch covers
PorscheP6GGComponent set for wider wheel arch trim (USA/CAN)
PorscheP6GHComponent set for wider wheel arch trim in exterior colour (USA) - 2010, 2011 - worldwide
PorscheP6GJComponent set for wider wheel arch trim in exterior colour (RoW) - 2010, 2011 - worldwide
PorscheP6GKComponent set for wider wheel arch trim in exterior colour (AUS)
PorscheP6H0Door design trims, Black (grained)
PorscheP6H1Door design trims, vehicle colour
PorscheP6H3Carbon Sideblade
PorscheP6H3Door design trims, carbon
PorscheP6H5Door design trims in High-Gloss Black
PorscheP6H6Door design trims, black matt
PorscheP6I0Without lane keeping system
PorscheP6I1Lane keeping system
PorscheP6I2Lane Keep Assist and Traffic Jam Assist (ALDW + ACA)
PorscheP6I2Lane keeping system plus traffic jam assist
PorscheP6I3Lane departure warning (ALDW)
PorscheP6I3Lane departure warning
PorscheP6I4Emergency Assist (EA)
PorscheP6I5Emergency + Lane Keep Assist (EA + ALDW)
PorscheP6I6Emergency + Lane Keep Assist + Traffic Jam Assist (EA + ALDW + ACA)
PorscheP6JABlack door handles
PorscheP6JDBody-colored door handles
PorscheP6K0Without forward collision warning/ autonomous emergency braking
PorscheP6K8Pre sense city without "pre care"
PorscheP6KAAir grille, standard
PorscheP6KCAir grille, High-Gloss Black
PorscheP6N0without mud flaps
PorscheP6N1Mudguards, rear
PorscheP6NAOne-oiece rooflinina in Alcantara. USA
PorscheP6NAOne-piece rooflining in Alcantara, USA
PorscheP6NARoof lining, Alcantra (NAR)
PorscheP6NAUnsplit molding roof liner
PorscheP6NCMolded headliner
PorscheP6NFOne-piece rooflining in Alcantara, Canada
PorscheP6NGStandard roof lining, fabric (Japan)
PorscheP6NGUnsplit molded headliner roof cutout rear (radio antenna)
PorscheP6NHStandard roof lining, Alcantara (Japan)
PorscheP6NHUnsplit molded headliner, Comfort roof cutout rear (radio antenna)
PorscheP6NJRoof lining, standard fabric (RoW)
PorscheP6NJStandard molded headlining
PorscheP6NJStandard rooflining, fabric
PorscheP6NLStandard rooflining in fabric, Canada
PorscheP6NNAlcantara molded headlining
PorscheP6NNAlcantara rooflining
PorscheP6NNRoof lining, Alcantra (RoW)
PorscheP6NQRoof lining, standard, fabric, USA
PorscheP6NQStandard molded headlining
PorscheP6NSRoof lining, Alcantara (NAR)
PorscheP6NTMolded headliner
PorscheP6NZWithout molded headlining
PorscheP6P1Number-plate holder, rear (ECE)
PorscheP6P1Rear license plate carrier (ECE)
PorscheP6P2License plate bracket, rear (NAR)
PorscheP6P2Number-plate holder, rear (USA)
PorscheP6P4Rear license plate carrier (Japan)
PorscheP6P4Rear number plate bracket (Japan)
PorscheP6P5Rear licence plate bracket (China)
PorscheP6P5Rear number plate bracket (China)
PorscheP6Q2Gear selector knob + grip in leather, gear lever in leather/aluminium
PorscheP6Q2Gearshift knob/handle in leather
PorscheP6Q3Selector lever in Swedish Birch, Anthracite
PorscheP6Q4Selector lever in Carbon
PorscheP6Q5Gearshift knob "Sports"
PorscheP6Q5Selector lever, Alcantara
PorscheP6Q7EXC selector lever
PorscheP6Q7Gearshift knob in leather in aluminum look
PorscheP6Q8Gear lever, wood, dark
PorscheP6RCWithout deviating seams/leather
PorscheP6RDDeviating seams in interior
PorscheP6REDeviating leather for insert
PorscheP6RFDeviating leather for inserts and deviating seams in interior
PorscheP6RGDeviating Alcantara for insert
PorscheP6RHDeviating Alcantara for inserts and deviating seams in interior
PorscheP6W1Front license plate carrier (large)
PorscheP6W1Number-plate holder, front, large (ECE)
PorscheP6W2Front license plate carrier (small)
PorscheP6W2Number-plate holder, front, small (RoW)
PorscheP6W3License plate bracket front (small, NAR)
PorscheP6W3Number-plate holder, front (NAR)
PorscheP6W4Front number plate bracket, Japan
PorscheP6W4License plate bracket fr (small, Japan)
PorscheP6W5Front license plate bracket
PorscheP6W7License plate bracket front (China)
PorscheP6W7Number plate bracket, front, China
PorscheP6XAExterior mirrors, adjustable from outside
PorscheP6XPDoor mirrors, electrically retractable, electrically adjustable, separately heated
PorscheP6XPExterior mirrors, power-folding/ adjustable, separately heated
PorscheP6XQExterior mirror with memory function, electr. retractable/adjustable, separately heated
PorscheP6XQExterior mirrors with memory feature, power-folding/adjustable, separately heated
PorscheP6XTDoor mirrors, automatically dimmable, electrically rectractable/adjustable, separately heated + memory
PorscheP6XTExterior mirrors with memory feature, auto-dimming, power-folding/adjustable, separately heated
PorscheP6XVExterior mirrors, power-folding/ adjustable
PorscheP6XWDoor mirrors, automatically dimmable, electrically retractable/adjustable, separately heated
PorscheP6XWExterior mirrors, auto-dimming, power-folding/adjustable, separately heated
PorscheP6Y2Comfort air pressure, 270 km/h
PorscheP6Y2High-speed comfort air pressure
PorscheP6Y2Speed limiter
PorscheP6Y3Electronic speed control
PorscheP6Y4Comfort air pressure, 100 mph
PorscheP6Y4Low-speed comfort air pressure
PorscheP6Y4Speed limiter
PorscheP6Y7Comfort air pressure, 100 mph USA
PorscheP6Y7Low-speed comfort air pressure, USA
PorscheP6Y7Speed limiter
PorscheP701Springs of the next lowest weight group
PorscheP703Trunk entrapment
PorscheP703without Clubsport package
PorscheP70AWeight group 1, front axle ( -950 kg)
PorscheP70AWeight group 1, front axle (-950 kg)
PorscheP70BWeight group 2, front axle (951-965 kg)
PorscheP70CWeight group 3, front axle (966-980 kg)
PorscheP70DWeight group 4, front axle (981-995 kg)
PorscheP70EWeight group 5, front axle (996-1025 kg)
PorscheP70FWeight group 6, front axle (1026-1055 kg)
PorscheP70GWeight group 7, front axle (1056-1070 kg)
PorscheP70HHousehold charging cable, type N Brazil
PorscheP70ICharging cable HH type E/F (DT/FR) (8 A)
PorscheP70IHousehold charging cable, type E/F (D/F)
PorscheP70LHousehold charging cable, type N ZA South Africa
PorscheP70QHousehold charging cable, type N, Brazil
PorscheP70RHousehold charging cable, type N, South Africa
PorscheP70SHousehold charging cable, type L, Italy
PorscheP70THousehold charging cable, type E/F (D/F)
PorscheP70UHousehold charging cable, type B (JP)
PorscheP70VHousehold charging cable, type J (CH)
PorscheP70WHousehold charging cable, type G (GB)
PorscheP70XHousehold charging cable, type B (USA)
PorscheP70YHousehold charging cable, type K, Denmark
PorscheP70ZHousehold charging cable, type I, Australia
PorscheP711Omission underbody protection
PorscheP712Deletion of GTS logo
PorscheP713Omission of rear seat assembly
PorscheP71ACharging cable HH type M (IN)
PorscheP71AWeight group 1, rear axle ( -880 kg)
PorscheP71AWeight group 1, rear axle (-880 kg)
PorscheP71BCharging cable HH type I (CN)
PorscheP71BWeight group 2, rear axle (881-905 kg)
PorscheP71CCharging cable HH type B (MX) Porsche E2
PorscheP71CWeight group 3, rear axle (906-930 kg)
PorscheP71DCharging cable HH type I (CN)
PorscheP71DWeight group 4, rear axle (931-960 kg)
PorscheP71EWeight group 5, rear axle (961-990 kg)
PorscheP71FWeight group 6, rear axle (991-1020 kg)
PorscheP71GWeight group 7, rear axle (1021-1050 kg)
PorscheP71XHousehold charging cable, type B, Mexico
PorscheP71YHousehold charging cable, type I, China
PorscheP71ZWithout weight group specification Rear axle
PorscheP73BIndustrial charging cable, NEMA 6-30
PorscheP73CIndustrial charging cable, NEMA 6-50
PorscheP73DIndustrial charging cable, type NEMA 14-30
PorscheP73EIndustrial charging cable, NEMA 14-50
PorscheP73FIndustrial charging cable, Japan 200V
PorscheP73GIndustrial charging cable, CEE 16A/230V/6H
PorscheP73HIndustrial charging cable, CEE 32A/230V/6H
PorscheP73JIndustrial charging cable, CEE 16A/400V/6H
PorscheP73KIndustrial charging cable, CEE 32A/400V/6H
PorscheP73LInfrastructure charging cable, fixed (USA)
PorscheP73SIndustrial charging cable Japan YP-43
PorscheP73UIndustrial charging cable, GB1003
PorscheP749Different stitching colour
PorscheP750Model year A -(2010) vehicle with technical design status Electric Model year B (2011)-
PorscheP751PCCB, front axle and rear axle 3K
PorscheP752PCCB, front axle MFF / rear axle 3K
PorscheP753Special model "orange Spyder"
PorscheP754Special model "RS 60 Spyder"
PorscheP755Special model "Porsche Design Edition 1"
PorscheP756Special model "911 Sport Classic"
PorscheP757Special model "Porsche Design Edition 2"
PorscheP758Special model "CAYMAN S SPORT"
PorscheP760Without VTS (Vehicle Tracking System) preparation
PorscheP76CCharging cable mode 3, type 2/3, 16 A
PorscheP76FCharging cable mode 3, type GB/T 3 16 A
PorscheP778Boxster Spyder
PorscheP779Cayman R 330 PS
PorscheP77JIntegrated data storage device for Argentina
PorscheP77JNavigation software Argentina
PorscheP77KIntegrated Data storage device for Chile
PorscheP77KNavigation software Chile
PorscheP782Different to the series offer
PorscheP788Painted plastic components, door panel
PorscheP789Colour to sample
PorscheP796Full leather trim natural leather
PorscheP798Full leather trim special leather
PorscheP799Full leather trim by choice
PorscheP7A0Without CD autochanger/player
PorscheP7A0Without CD changer/CD player
PorscheP7A1Preparation for CD autochanger
PorscheP7A2CD autochanger (6-disc)
PorscheP7AAElectronic immobilizer
PorscheP7ABElectronic immobilizer with anti-theft alarm system (for ROW)
PorscheP7ABEngine immobiliser, alarm system, alarm horn
PorscheP7ACAlarm system, interior surveillance, alarm horn
PorscheP7ACElectronic immobilizer, with anti-theft alarm system and interior monitoring
PorscheP7AHAlarm system, interior surveillance can be deactivated Backup horn
PorscheP7AHElectronic immobilizer, with anti-theft alarm system, interior monitoring and backup horn
PorscheP7AKAlarm system, interior surveillance system, anti-towing protection
PorscheP7AKAlarm system, interior surveillance, Alarm horn, tilt sensor
PorscheP7AKAnti-theft alarm system, interior monitoring and towing protection
PorscheP7ALAlarm system, interior surveillance system, backup horn, anti-towing protection
PorscheP7ALAlarm system, interior surveillance, Backup horn, tilt sensor
PorscheP7ALAnti-theft alarm system, interior monitoring, backup horn and towing protection
PorscheP7ATAlarm system, interior surveillance, with VTS (Vehicle Tracking System)
PorscheP7AUAlarm system, backup horn, with VTS (Vehicle Tracking System)
PorscheP7B2Five 12-volt plug sockets (USA)
PorscheP7B312-volt outlet(s)
PorscheP7B3Four 12-volt plug sockets (ROW)
PorscheP7B6Six 12-V sockets
PorscheP7B7Five 12-V sockets
PorscheP7B8Seven 12-V sockets
PorscheP7CAEmission standard LEV 3/Tier 3 160
PorscheP7CAEmissions concept LEV3/ TIER3 160
PorscheP7CEEmission standard LEV 3/Tier 3 70
PorscheP7CEEmissions concept LEV3/ TIER3 70
PorscheP7CFEmission standard, EU6 Korea
PorscheP7CFEmissions concept EU 6 Korea
PorscheP7CMC6B emissions concept without RDE
PorscheP7CMEmission standard C6b without Real Driving Emissions (RDE)
PorscheP7CNEmission standard EU6 AD/E/F
PorscheP7CPEmission standard EU6 AG/H/I
PorscheP7CPEmissions concept EU 6 AG/H/I
PorscheP7CQEmission standard EU6 AJ/K/L
PorscheP7CQEmissions concept EU6 AJ/K/L
PorscheP7CRAbgaskonzept, C6b mit RDE
PorscheP7CREmissions concept C6B with RDE
PorscheP7CSEmission standard EU6 BG/H/I
PorscheP7CSEmission standard EU6 BG
PorscheP7CTEmission standard EU6 BA/B/C
PorscheP7CWEmission standard J18 Japan with Green Tax, WLTP without "extra high"
PorscheP7D7CD changer and DVD player
PorscheP7D7Integrated CD/DVD autochanger
PorscheP7E0W/o heat accumulator/auxiliary heating
PorscheP7E0Without heat accumulator
PorscheP7E6Auxiliary heater
PorscheP7E6electric air additional heater
PorscheP7F2Selector lever in Mahogany Yachting
PorscheP7F3Selector lever, American Walnut, Brown
PorscheP7F4Gearshift knob "Sports"
PorscheP7F4PDK selector lever, aluminium, Exclusive design
PorscheP7F6Gear lever, wood, light, matt
PorscheP7F7Gear lever, wood, light, high gloss
PorscheP7G0Without preparation for VTS (Vehicle Tracing System)
PorscheP7G0Without preparation for VTS (vehicle tracking system)
PorscheP7G0Without VTS (Vehicle Tracking System) preparation
PorscheP7G1VTS (Vehicle Tracking System) preparation, without driver card
PorscheP7G2VTS (Vehicle Tracking System) preparation, with driver card
PorscheP7G5Preparation for VTS with driver card, alarm system connection and restart prevention (vehicle tracking system)
PorscheP7G5Preparation, VTS (Vehicle Tracking System), with driver card, connection to alarm system, re-start inhibitor
PorscheP7G9Interface for vehicle positioning system
PorscheP7G9VTS preparation and Porsche Car Connect (pcc)
PorscheP7GAEmission standard LEV 2
PorscheP7GBEmission standard ULEV 2
PorscheP7GBEmissions concept ULEV 2
PorscheP7GGEU 4 emissions concept with particle filter
PorscheP7GHEmission standard EU4 without EOBD without hardware modification
PorscheP7GHEU4 emissions concept without EOBD
PorscheP7GREmission standard C5 stage 2
PorscheP7HAWithout leather trim
PorscheP7HBLeather variant 1
PorscheP7HCLeather variant 2
PorscheP7HDLeather variant 3
PorscheP7HELeather variant 4
PorscheP7HFLeather variant 5
PorscheP7HIEmission standard EU5J-SK
PorscheP7HIEmissions concept EU5 Russia
PorscheP7HJLeather variant 8
PorscheP7HKLeather variant 9
PorscheP7HLLeather variant 10
PorscheP7HMLeather variant 11
PorscheP7I0Vehicle tracking system
PorscheP7I0VTS security package (incl. PCC) and keypad
PorscheP7I1Vehicle tracking system with restart prevention
PorscheP7I2Vehicle tracking system
PorscheP7I2VTS security package (with PCC)
PorscheP7IHVehicle class differentiation -9Y0/9Y3-
PorscheP7IPVehicle class differentiation -971-
PorscheP7K0Ohne Reifendruckkontrolle
PorscheP7K0Without Tire Pressure Monitoring (TPM)
PorscheP7K3Tire pressure monitoring system 433 MHz High
PorscheP7K3Tyre pressure monitoring (TPM) 433 MHz
PorscheP7K4Tire pressure monitoring system 315 MHz High
PorscheP7K4Tyre pressure monitoring system 315 MHz
PorscheP7K5315-MHz Tire Pressure Monitoring with reduced transmission power
PorscheP7L4Start/Stop "last mode" with recuperation
PorscheP7L4Start-stop system
PorscheP7L6Start/Stop "default off' mit Rekuperation
PorscheP7L6Start/Stop "default off" mit Rekuperation
PorscheP7L7Regenerative braking with 12.5 V
PorscheP7L7StopRecuperation without Start/Stop
PorscheP7L8Start/Stop "default on" mit Rekuperation
PorscheP7L8Start/stop system with brake energy recovery
PorscheP7M0Door entry guards of plastic from MY 04
PorscheP7M0Plastic scuff plates in door apertures
PorscheP7M1Door entry guards of stainless steel from MY 04
PorscheP7M3Door entry guards in carbon
PorscheP7M3Scuff plates in door apertures
PorscheP7M4Preparation for CT door entry guards, illuminated
PorscheP7M4Scuff plates in door apertures
PorscheP7M7Door entry guards, stainless steel, illuminated
PorscheP7M7Scuff plates in door apertures
PorscheP7M8Door entry guards in Carbon, illuminated
PorscheP7M8Scuff plates in door apertures
PorscheP7M9Door entry guards in aluminium
PorscheP7M9Scuff plates in door apertures
PorscheP7MGEmission standard EU5
PorscheP7MGEmissions concept EU 5
PorscheP7MJEmission standard EU5 plus
PorscheP7MJEmissions concept EU 5J
PorscheP7MMEmission standard EU6 plus
PorscheP7MMEU6 plus exhaust concept
PorscheP7MNEU5 emissions concept for Japan (hybrid)
PorscheP7MREmissions concept PL6 for Brazil
PorscheP7MUEmission standard LEV 3/Tier 3 125
PorscheP7MUEmissions concept LEV 3/ TIER 3 125
PorscheP7MVEmission standard EU6 ZD/E/F
PorscheP7MVEmissions concept EU 6 ZD/E/F
PorscheP7MVEmissions concept EU 6, Japan (Greentax)
PorscheP7MWEmissions concept EU 6, Japan (Greentax)
PorscheP7P0Lumbar support, non-adjustable
PorscheP7P1Lumbar support, electrically adjustable
PorscheP7Q0without navigation system
PorscheP7Q2PCM navigation module
PorscheP7Q4Navigation system preparation, Japan
PorscheP7Q4Preparation for navigation system
PorscheP7Q7navigation system with colour screen
PorscheP7Q7PCM incl. navigation & compass display in instrument cluster
PorscheP7QAWithout CD/DVD for navigation
PorscheP7QTNavigation "Europe package"
PorscheP7QVNavigation south africa
PorscheP7QXNavigation North America
PorscheP7QZNavigation middle east
PorscheP7RANavigation, Australia
PorscheP7RBNavigation, Hong Kong
PorscheP7RCNavigation, Singapore
PorscheP7RDNavigation Taiwan
PorscheP7RGDVD (China)
PorscheP7RGNavigation China
PorscheP7RHNavigation middle east
PorscheP7RJDVD (Australia)
PorscheP7RJNavigation Australia
PorscheP7RMDVD (Hongkong)
PorscheP7RMNavigation Hong Kong
PorscheP7RNNavigation Taiwan
PorscheP7RSDVD (NAR)
PorscheP7RSNavigation North America
PorscheP7RTDVD (Europe)
PorscheP7RTNavigation package Europe
PorscheP7RVDVD (Russia)
PorscheP7RVNavigation Russia
PorscheP7RXDVD (South Africa)
PorscheP7RXNavigation south africa
PorscheP7RYNavigation Singapore
PorscheP7T0Compass display in instrument cluster
PorscheP7T1Off-road navigat. w/ course calculator degree of longitude a. latitude indicat.
PorscheP7T1Offroad navigation, with course calculator showing latitude and longitude
PorscheP7T3Offroad navigation, with course calculator showing latitude and longitude + COMPASS
PorscheP7T4Navigation module China
PorscheP7T4Navigation system for China
PorscheP7T7Navigation system preparation, China
PorscheP7TCExclusive decorative inlays, Paldao wood type
PorscheP7TDDecorative inlays, Red Gum wood type
PorscheP7TKDecorative inlays, White Oak
PorscheP7TKDecorative inserts
PorscheP7TLDecorative inserts
PorscheP7TLExclusive decorative inlays, painted
PorscheP7TMDecorative inserts
PorscheP7TMExclusive decorative inlays, leather
PorscheP7UGNavigation device, High
PorscheP7UGNavigation system - High
PorscheP7V0Instrument dials in Black
PorscheP7V0Standard dashboard illumination
PorscheP7V1Instrument cluster dials, Chalk
PorscheP7V1Instrument dials in Guards Red
PorscheP7V1Standard dashboard illumination
PorscheP7V2Instrument dials, Bordeaux Red
PorscheP7V3Instrument dials in White
PorscheP7V3Standard dashboard illumination (white)
PorscheP7V4Instrument dials in Luxor Beige
PorscheP7V4Standard dashboard illumination
PorscheP7V5Instrument dials in Silver
PorscheP7V5Standard dashboard illumination
PorscheP7V6Instrument cluster dials in Black/Silver
PorscheP7V6Instrument dials in Black/Silver
PorscheP7V6Standard dashboard illumination
PorscheP7V7Instrument dials, Garnet Red
PorscheP7V7Standard dashboard illumination
PorscheP7V8Instrument dials in Carmine Red
PorscheP7V8Standard dashboard illumination
PorscheP7V9Standard dashboard illumination
PorscheP7VEAuxiliary heater with integrated timer.
PorscheP7VLAuxiliary heater with integrated timer and remote control
PorscheP7X0Without park distance control
PorscheP7X1Park distance control
PorscheP7X1Ultrasound ParkAssist and reversing camera
PorscheP7X2Park distance control in front and rear
PorscheP7X2ParkAssist, front/rear
PorscheP7X2Ultrasound parking aid, front and rear
PorscheP7X3Rear view camera system
PorscheP7X5park assist
PorscheP7X5ParkAssist (IPA)
PorscheP7X7Ultrasound parking aid with camera (LOW)
PorscheP7X8Park distance control in front and rear plus rear view camera system
PorscheP7X8Ultrasound parking aid and reversing camera
PorscheP7X9Rear view camera system
PorscheP7Y0no lane change assistant
PorscheP7Y2Lane keeping system
PorscheP7Y3Lane Change Assist and Lane Keep Assist
PorscheP7Y3Lane change system plus lane keeping system
PorscheP7Y6Lane departure warning (LDW)
PorscheP7Y6Lane departure warning
PorscheP7Y7Lane Change Assist and Lane departure warning
PorscheP7Y7Lane change system plus lane departure warning
PorscheP7ZKVehicle class differentiation -95B-
PorscheP800Bi-Xenon dynamic AHBA (Black)
PorscheP801Makassar Ebony wood package, dark (matt satin finish)
PorscheP802Sycamore package, light (matt satin finish)
PorscheP804GT2 Carbon exterior package
PorscheP805Lifestyle package
PorscheP806Aluminium package, Black (Blackline)
PorscheP808Racetrack package
PorscheP809Centre console trim, brushed aluminium, Black
PorscheP811without door panel trim
PorscheP812Door panel trim, galvanised
PorscheP814Door panel trims in brushed aluminium Anthracite
PorscheP815Door panel trim, brushed aluminium, Black
PorscheP816Centre console trim, brushed aluminium, Anthracite
PorscheP817Decorative inlays in Piano Black
PorscheP818Aluminium decorative inlays
PorscheP819Carbon decorative inlays
PorscheP81DTires 265/40 R21 101Y in front tires 295/35 R21 103Y in rear
PorscheP820Dashboard trim, brushed aluminium, Anthracite
PorscheP821Decorative inlays in Dark Walnut
PorscheP822Tineo decorative inlays
PorscheP823Decorative inlays in Anthracite Birch
PorscheP824Decorative inlays in Olive
PorscheP825Decorative dashboard trim, Black
PorscheP826Decorative inlays in American Walnut
PorscheP827Decorative inlays in American Walnut/Piano Black
PorscheP828Air outlet vent surround, Black
PorscheP829Transmission speed sensor
PorscheP830Basic rear seats (40/60), Comfort
PorscheP831Basic rear seats (40/60), Sport
PorscheP832Premium rear seats (40/20/40), Comfort
PorscheP833Premium rear seats (40/20/40), Sport
PorscheP834Premium rear seats (40/20/40), Comfort electric
PorscheP835Premium rear seats (40/20/40), Sport electric
PorscheP836Premium rear seats (40/40), Business
PorscheP837Multi-function steering wheel in Walnut
PorscheP838Business package
PorscheP839GT3 Alcantara steering wheel
PorscheP840Sports steering wheel (for PDK with paddle)
PorscheP841Basic steering wheel Smooth leather
PorscheP842Multi-function steering wheel, Dark Walnut
PorscheP843Sports steering wheel in Alcantara
PorscheP844Multi-function steering wheel Smooth leather
PorscheP845Multi-function steering wheel Carbon
PorscheP846Sports steering wheel 918 Spyder, leather
PorscheP847Multi-function steering wheel Makassar
PorscheP848Multi-function steering wheel, Anthracite Birch
PorscheP849Multi-function steering wheel, Tineo
PorscheP850Auxiliary/additional heater w/o remote control
PorscheP851Auxiliary/additional heater with remote control
PorscheP852PDLS+ High beam assist
PorscheP855Sports steering wheel in leather, basic
PorscheP8565-mm wheel spacers, rear
PorscheP858Sports steering wheel GT, leather
PorscheP859Additional engine cooling measure
PorscheP861Electric roll-up blind, rear side windows
PorscheP862Electric roll-up blind on rear window
PorscheP863Tinted heat-insulating glass
PorscheP864Privacy heat-insulating glass
PorscheP865Clear heat-insulating glass
PorscheP866Privacy heat-insulating glass
PorscheP867Tailgate/trunk lid power closing
PorscheP868Roll-up blind for luggage compartment cover
PorscheP869Rear shelf (fixed luggage cover)
PorscheP870Universal multimedia interface
PorscheP874Horns for extreme driving situations
PorscheP8756-point seat belts, 918 in Red
PorscheP8766-point seat belts, 918 in Acid Green
PorscheP877Sports steering wheel, Alcantara
PorscheP878Sports steering wheel, leather
PorscheP880Sports steering wheel, 918 Spyder, Alcantara
PorscheP881Mirror in Carbon Look
PorscheP882Roof in Carbon Look
PorscheP883Rear wing in Carbon Look
PorscheP88412-hour marking, green
PorscheP885Softclose (closing aid for doors)
PorscheP88612 o'clock marking, red
PorscheP88712 o'clock marking Yellow
PorscheP88812 o'clock marking Lava Orange
PorscheP890Folding table, left
PorscheP891Folding table, right
PorscheP892Film in Black-Grey
PorscheP893Decorative dashboard trim, brushed aluminium, Black
PorscheP894Neutralisation package
PorscheP896Decorative dashboard trim, Black
PorscheP897Trim panel on door panel, painted black
PorscheP899Isofix child-seat restraint on front passenger side
PorscheP8A2Intelligent park assist IPA
PorscheP8A4Park distance control in front and rear with area view
PorscheP8A4Ultrasound parking aid with Real Topview
PorscheP8AAwithout radio
PorscheP8AJPorsche CDR 31 radio WW
PorscheP8BBHalogen headlamps for driving on the right
PorscheP8BBHalogen main headlights, right-hand traffic
PorscheP8BCHeadlamp with gas discharge lamp and turn signal for driving on the right
PorscheP8BCMain headlights with gas-discharge lamps + direction indicators, XENON, right-hand traffic
PorscheP8BEHeadlight with gas discharge lamp for driving on the left
PorscheP8BEMain headlight with gas-discharge lamp & direction indicator light, XENON, left-hand traffic
PorscheP8BFHalogen headlamp for driving on the left
PorscheP8BFHalogen main headlight, left-hand traffic
PorscheP8BRHalogen headlamps for driving on the right, US design with turn signal and front position lamps
PorscheP8BRHalogen main headlights, U.S. version with direction indicator and running lights, right-hand traffic
PorscheP8BTMain headlight with gas discharge lamp USA, XENON right-hand traffic, with black interior lining
PorscheP8BZHeadlamps with gas discharge lamp and turn signal for driving on the left
PorscheP8BZMain headlights with gas-discharge lamps + direction indicators, XENON, left-hand traffic
PorscheP8DQBasic radio/PCM terminal, USA, double-DIN colour display
PorscheP8DQRadio "PCM "(NAR)
PorscheP8DRPorsche CDR 30 radio WW
PorscheP8DUPorsche CDR 23 radio WW
PorscheP8DVBasic radio/PCM terminal, RoW, double-DIN colour display
PorscheP8DVRadio "PCM "
PorscheP8EAHeadlight with gas discharge lamp for driving on the right (US design)
PorscheP8EAXenon USA, right-hand traffic
PorscheP8ECXenon ECE RHD with daytime running lights
PorscheP8EDXenon ECE LHD with daytime running lights
PorscheP8EEHeadlight with double gas discharge lamp for driving on the left
PorscheP8EEXenon, ECE, left-hand traffic (Black)
PorscheP8EFHeadlight with double gas discharge lamp for driving on the right
PorscheP8EFXenon, ECE, right-hand traffic (Black)
PorscheP8EGHeadlight with double gas discharge lamp for driving on the right (US design)
PorscheP8EGXenon, USA, right-hand traffic (Black)
PorscheP8EHXenon USA, right-hand traffic with daytime running lights.
PorscheP8EXLED headlamps
PorscheP8EXLED headlights, r-h traffic + dyn. cornering light
PorscheP8EYLED headlights, US design
PorscheP8EYLED headlights, USA with dynamic cornering light
PorscheP8F2side-mounted turn signals
PorscheP8F5Side-marker lamps and turn signals
PorscheP8FEPreparation for second battery
PorscheP8FSside-mounted turn signals
PorscheP8G0Without high-beam assistant
PorscheP8G0Without Light Assist
PorscheP8G1High-beam assistant
PorscheP8G1PDLS+ High beam assist
PorscheP8G2Adaptive headlight range control
PorscheP8G2Dynamic high beam PDLS+
PorscheP8G4Matrix beam
PorscheP8G4PDLS+ incl. Matrix Beam
PorscheP8GHAlternator 190 A
PorscheP8GRAlternator 150 A
PorscheP8GVAlternator 180 A
PorscheP8GZWithout generator
PorscheP8I6Lumbar support, pneumatically adjustable
PorscheP8ISLED headlamps with cornering light
PorscheP8ISLED headlights, l-h traffic + dyn. cornering light
PorscheP8ITLED headlamps
PorscheP8ITLED headlights (standard LED)
PorscheP8IULED headlamps with variable light distribution
PorscheP8IULED headlights, PDLS+
PorscheP8IXLED headlamps with cornering light (separate daytime running lights with special class-A surface)
PorscheP8IZLED headlamps with variable light distribution and additional laser high beam
PorscheP8JDHeadlight with gas discharge lamp for driving on the right (US design)
PorscheP8JDMain headlights with gas-discharge lamps U.S. version, XENON RHD
PorscheP8JEHeadlight with gas discharge lamp for driving on the right
PorscheP8JEMain headlight with gas-discharge lamp ECE, XENON, right-hand traffic.
PorscheP8JGMain headlight with gas discharge lamp ECE, XENON, right-hand traffic with black interior lining
PorscheP8JJMain headlight with gas-discharge lamp ECE, XENON, left-hand traffic, with black interior lining
PorscheP8JTLED headlamps with variable light distribution, shaded
PorscheP8JTPDLS LED main headlights, smoked (Porsche Dynamic Light System)
PorscheP8JULED headlamps with variable light distribution, shaded
PorscheP8JULED headlight PDLS+ black
PorscheP8JUPDLS+ LED main headlights, smoked (Porsche Dynamic Light System)
PorscheP8K0no special driving light activation
PorscheP8K1Daytime driving light setting, Scandinavia
PorscheP8K3Daytime driving lights, auxiliary driving lights, RoW, with COMING/LEAVING HOME function
PorscheP8K3Separate daytime running light with automatic headlight control and manual Coming and Leaving Home feature
PorscheP8K4Daytime driving light setting, Canada
PorscheP8K5Auxiliary driving lights, USA (NAR)
PorscheP8K5Low beam assistant with "Coming Home" function NAR
PorscheP8K8Auxiliary driving lights (RoW)
PorscheP8K8Low beam assistant with "Coming Home" function
PorscheP8K9Daytime driving lights, auxiliary driving lights, Canada (NAR), with COMING/LEAVING HOME function
PorscheP8K9Daytime headlights with automatic headlight control and coming home function
PorscheP8L6diversity window antenna
PorscheP8L6Diversity antenna
PorscheP8LAWithout additional instruments/switches
PorscheP8LAWithout compass, Sport Chrono, analogue clock
PorscheP8LCCompass with Sport Chrono Package Plus
PorscheP8LECompass on dashboard
PorscheP8LFAnalog clock on dashboard
PorscheP8LHSport Chrono Package Plus
PorscheP8LHSport Chrono Plus package
PorscheP8LUMAN M-Number
PorscheP8M0Without rear window wiper and washer system
PorscheP8M0Without rear wiper
PorscheP8M1Rear window wiper and washer system with intermittent control
PorscheP8M1Rear wiper
PorscheP8N3Wipers - variable interval setting with rain sensor
PorscheP8N7Windscreen washer interval Light and rain sensor
PorscheP8N7Windshield wiper intermittent control with light/rain sensor
PorscheP8N8Windscreen washer interval Light sensor
PorscheP8N8Windshield wiper intermittent control with light sensor
PorscheP8PAStandard dashboard illumination
PorscheP8PAStandard dashboardillumination
PorscheP8PBStandard dashboard illumination
PorscheP8PBStandard dashboardillumination
PorscheP8PCStandard dashboard illumination
PorscheP8PCStandard dashboardillumination
PorscheP8PEStandard dashboard illumination
PorscheP8PEStandard dashboardillumination
PorscheP8PFStandard dashboard illumination
PorscheP8PFStandard dashboardillumination
PorscheP8Q0Without headlight range control
PorscheP8Q1Headlight levelling, manual
PorscheP8Q2Automatic-static headlight range control
PorscheP8Q2Static headlight beam adjustment
PorscheP8Q3Dynamic headlight range control (self-adjusting while driving)
PorscheP8Q3Headlight levelling - dynamic
PorscheP8QDKey for locking system
PorscheP8QESchlussel fur SchlieGsystem mit Fernbedienung
PorscheP8QKKey for locking system
PorscheP8QLKey for locking system with remote control
PorscheP8RV10 loudspeakers, passive
PorscheP8SARear combination lamp, standard design
PorscheP8SAside tail light standard design
PorscheP8SBside tail light standard design, Black
PorscheP8SBTaillight assembly w/ dark colored lens
PorscheP8SIRear combination lamps with darkened lens (NAR)
PorscheP8SIside tail light (USA, Canada), Black
PorscheP8SJside tail light (USA, Canada)
PorscheP8SJTail light cluster, normal design (NAR)
PorscheP8SKLED rear combination lamp
PorscheP8SKTail lights in LED technology
PorscheP8SLLED taillamp assembly (NAR)
PorscheP8SLTail lights in LED technology (NAR)
PorscheP8SPLED rear combination lamp
PorscheP8SSLED taillamp assembly (NAR)
PorscheP8T0Without cruise control system (CCS)
PorscheP8T0Without cruise control
PorscheP8T1Cruise control system (CCS)
PorscheP8T1Cruise control
PorscheP8T3Automatic distance control (ADC)
PorscheP8T3Automatic distance control + cruise control ACC from MY 04
PorscheP8T3Automatische Distanzregelung
PorscheP8T6Cruise control system and speed limiter
PorscheP8T6Cruise control with speed limiter
PorscheP8T8ACC with speed limiter
PorscheP8TCRear fog light, right-hand traffic
PorscheP8TDRear fog light, left-hand traffic
PorscheP8TFRear fog lights, left and right
PorscheP8VGLED tail lamp assembly
PorscheP8VHRear combination lamp with special styling
PorscheP8WBFront fog lamps
PorscheP8WHFront fog lamp and cornering lamp
PorscheP8WHStreet junction light and fog lights
PorscheP8WURoof-mounted lights
PorscheP8X0Without headlamp washer system
PorscheP8X1Headlamp washer system
PorscheP8Y1Standard horns
PorscheP8Y1Two-tone horn
PorscheP8Y2Horns for extreme driving situations
PorscheP8Y2Signal horn for extreme use
PorscheP8Y3Horns for extreme driving situations
PorscheP8YZWithout radio but with preparation for 10 loudspeeakers
PorscheP8YZWithout radio, but with preparation for
PorscheP8Z5Nicht Heissland
PorscheP8Z6Hot country
PorscheP8ZMAntenna in rear spoiler
PorscheP901Martini Racing Design film
PorscheP902Salzburg Racing Design film
PorscheP903Film strip, Red
PorscheP904Film strip, Green
PorscheP911Model designation 911
PorscheP912without identification plate
PorscheP920Additional cold protection measures
PorscheP931Rear seat covers in Alcantara/leatherette
PorscheP932Rear seat covers in Alcantara/leather
PorscheP933Rear seat covers in fabric/leather
PorscheP936Seat covers, rear, leather
PorscheP937Seat covers, rear, leatherette
PorscheP938Seat covers rear, leather/leather/leatherette Partially embossed
PorscheP939Seat covers, rear, draped leather
PorscheP940Seat covers rear, ruff, leather/leather/leatherette Soft ruffled leather, embossed
PorscheP940Seat covers rear, ruff.leather/leather/leatherette Soft ruffled leather, embossed
PorscheP941Seat covers rear, ruffled leather/leather/leather Soft ruffled leather, smooth finish
PorscheP943Seat covers rear, leather/leather/leather Full-leather, smooth finish
PorscheP945Seat covers, front cloth/leatherette/leatherette
PorscheP946Seat covers, front, leather/leather/leatherette
PorscheP947Seat covers fr., ruff, leather/leather/leatherette Soft ruffled leather, embossed
PorscheP947Seat covers fr., ruff.leather/leather/leatherette Soft ruffled leather, embossed
PorscheP948Front seat covers in fabric/leather/leather
PorscheP950Alcantara seat covers, front
PorscheP951Seat covers front, Alcantara/leather/leather
PorscheP970Two-tone interior
PorscheP971TORO embossed leather
PorscheP971Natural leather, Toro-embossed
PorscheP975Alcantara interior
PorscheP981Leather equipment without seat covers
PorscheP981Leather equipment, without seat covers
PorscheP981leather trim
PorscheP982Seat covers, front, draped leather/leather/leather
PorscheP983Seat covers, front, leather
PorscheP984Leather interior, authentic
PorscheP985Cover "lorica", without seat covers
PorscheP985Seat covers, leather/leather/leatherette, 2
PorscheP990Seat covers, front, cloth/cloth/leatherette
PorscheP991Steering wheel airbag module in leather
PorscheP998Leather, natural
PorscheP999Passenger compartment monitoring sensor for leather colour of choice
PorscheP9ABManually controlled air conditioning system
PorscheP9ADClimatronic, free of cfc
PorscheP9ADClimatronic, free of CFCs
PorscheP9AE4-zone Climatronic PHEV
PorscheP9AH4-zone air conditioning system
PorscheP9AH4-zone Climatronic, 2 evaporators
PorscheP9AQ3-zone Climatronic
PorscheP9AQ4-zone Climatronic, 2nd evaporator
PorscheP9AQAir conditioning plus
PorscheP9C7Tagesfahrlichtschaltung mit Assistenzfahrlicht
PorscheP9C8Without specific driving light circuit, USA
PorscheP9G1220 A generator
PorscheP9G1Alternator 220 A
PorscheP9G5210 A generator
PorscheP9G6250 A generator
PorscheP9G6Alternator 160-250 A
PorscheP9IHComfort telephony with WLAN and LTE and wireless charging
PorscheP9IHTel module with wireless charging box without E-SIM
PorscheP9JANon smoker version
PorscheP9JANon-smoker package
PorscheP9JBSmoker version; ashtrays at front and rear
PorscheP9JBSmoker's package, ashtrays in front and rear
PorscheP9JDSmoker's package, ashtray in front
PorscheP9L1engine compartment lighting
PorscheP9M0Without auxiliary heater/parking heater
PorscheP9M1Parking heater
PorscheP9M1Water heater with timer
PorscheP9M5Preheater for diesel
PorscheP9M5Preheaterfor diesel
PorscheP9M7High-voltage battery heating
PorscheP9M9Auxiliary water heater with timer and remote control
PorscheP9M9Parking heater with radio remote control
PorscheP9MAInterior lighting in basic equipment
PorscheP9MBComfort interior lighting, dimmable, with light strips on door panels
PorscheP9MBInterior lighting dim-capable
PorscheP9MOWithout auxiliary heater or engine-indep. heating
PorscheP9NXWithout electronic logbook
PorscheP9NYelectronic trip recorder
PorscheP9P1Belt check (India)
PorscheP9P1Seat belt reminder, electric contact in buckle
PorscheP9P2Belt check (India)
PorscheP9P2Seat belt reminder India
PorscheP9P3Belt control, visual and acoustic for driver and passenger
PorscheP9P3Seat belt reminder, electric contact in buckle
PorscheP9P6Belt control, visual and acoustic (front + rear)
PorscheP9P6Seat belt reminder, electric contact in buckle
PorscheP9P7Belt control, visual and acoustic only for driver
PorscheP9P7Visual and acoustic seat belt reminder, electric contact in buckle
PorscheP9P8Seatbelt control
PorscheP9P9Gurtkontrolle,E-Kontakt im Gurtschloss, erweiterte Sicherheitsausstattung
PorscheP9Q1Multi-function display, on-board computer
PorscheP9Q1Multi-function display/trip computer
PorscheP9Q1without road sign recognition
PorscheP9Q6Multi-function display/trip computer
PorscheP9Q6Traffic sign recognition
PorscheP9R0Without night vision
PorscheP9R1Night vision system
PorscheP9R1with night-vision system
PorscheP9T0Without heated washer nozzles
PorscheP9T1Heated washer nozzles in front
PorscheP9T1Heated washer nozzles, front
PorscheP9TFCourtesy entry and exit lights
PorscheP9TFEntry and exit comfort lighting
PorscheP9THAdditional warning lights (door area) in front, without in rear
PorscheP9THSafety lights on front and rear doors
PorscheP9VJBurmester High-End sound system
PorscheP9VJSound package
PorscheP9VJTop Premium sound systemTop Premium sound system
PorscheP9VKSound package "1"
PorscheP9VKSound package 1/sound package
PorscheP9VLBose Premium sound system
PorscheP9VLBose Surround Sound System
PorscheP9VLSound package "2"
PorscheP9VLSound package 2/High-end sound system
PorscheP9W0Without car phone preparation/ installation
PorscheP9W0Without preparation for installation of car phone
PorscheP9W1Car phone installation
PorscheP9W1Telephone module without passive handset
PorscheP9W5BLUETOOTH mobile phone preparation
PorscheP9W5phone preparation
PorscheP9WCWithout "Multimedia" in vehicle
PorscheP9WCWithout multimedia in the vehicle rear
PorscheP9WCWithout Rear Seat Entertainment and without MirrorLink
PorscheP9WFSmart Rear Seat Entertainment
PorscheP9WMMultimedia preparation
PorscheP9WMPreparation for "Rear Seat Entertainment"
PorscheP9WTMirror Link
PorscheP9WUMirror Link and RSE (preparation)
PorscheP9WYMirrorLink with Smart RSE
PorscheP9Z0Operating voltage 12 V without autochanger
PorscheP9Z2Plug socket, 115 V/60 HZ
PorscheP9Z3Plug socket, 230 V/50 HZ
PorscheP9Z4Plug socket, 100 V/50 HZ
PorscheP9ZCComfort telephony with exterior antenna and SiM access profile
PorscheP9ZCTelephone module with connection box
PorscheP9ZEComfort telephone calls
PorscheP9ZEMobile-phone preparation with connection box
PorscheP9ZFTelephone preparation for VDA mobile phone with hands-free facility
PorscheP9ZHInstallation of car phone with emergency-call system - PCM telematics
PorscheP9ZKTelephone module
PorscheP9ZKTelephony (SIM access profile)
PorscheP9ZPCar phone installation (permanent installation)
PorscheP9ZPTelephone module with passive handset
PorscheP9ZTTelephone preparation USA, JAPAN
PorscheP9ZXMobile phone preparation
PorscheP9ZXTelephone preparation for cellphone
PorschePA8Bbasic outfit
PorschePA8CStandard Equipment
PorschePA8CComfort equipment
PorschePA8FS equipment
PorschePA8FSports equipment
PorschePA8HTurbo equipment
PorschePA8HTop sports equipment
PorschePALCAlcantara interior
PorschePAV0left-hand traffic
PorschePAV1right-hand traffic
PorschePAV2Driving on the right (NAR)
PorschePAVOleft-hand traffic
PorschePAZ8Vehicle with production equipment
PorschePAZ9Vehicle with production equipment
PorschePAZOVehicle with production equipment
PorschePB00Country without type approval
PorschePB01Type approval country Germany
PorschePB02Type approval country Belgium
PorschePB03Type approval Czech Republic
PorschePB04Type approval country Denmark
PorschePB05Type approval country Finland
PorschePB06Type approval country Norway
PorschePB07Type approval country Sweden
PorschePB08Type approval country France
PorschePB09Type approval country GB/Northern Ireland
PorschePB0AComponent parts set without country-specific building regulation
PorschePB0AComponent set without country assignment
PorschePB0DComponent set for USA
PorschePB0EComponent parts set, complying with vehicle type for Canada, various parts
PorschePB0EComponent set for Canada
PorschePB0LComponent parts set, complying with vehicle type for Japan, various parts
PorschePB0LComponent set for Japan
PorschePB0MComponent parts set, complying with vehicle type for AGCC countries, various parts
PorschePB0MComponent set for AGCC countries
PorschePB0NComponent parts set, complying with vehicle type for Great Britain, various parts
PorschePB0NComponent set for Great Britain
PorschePB0RComponent parts set, complying with vehicle type for Australia, various parts
PorschePB0RComponent set for Australia
PorschePB0TComponent parts set, complying with vehicle type for USA and California various parts
PorschePB0WComponent set for California
PorschePB10Type approval country Ireland
PorschePB11Type approval country Iceland
PorschePB12Type approval country Austria
PorschePB13Type approval country Switzerland
PorschePB14Type approval country Italy (San Marino, State of Vatican City)
PorschePB15Type approval Spain (Andorra, Balearic Islands, Canaries)
PorschePB16Type approval country Portugal
PorschePB17Type approval country Poland
PorschePB18Type approval country Hungary
PorschePB19Type approval country Greece
PorschePB1CComponent parts set, complying with vehicle type for Mexico, various parts
PorschePB1CComponent set for Mexico
PorschePB1DComponent parts set, complying with vehicle type for Brazil, various parts
PorschePB1DComponent set for Brazil
PorschePB1PComponent parts set, complying with vehicle type for China, various parts
PorschePB1PComponent set for China
PorschePB1QComponent set for Argentina
PorschePB20Type approval country Turkey
PorschePB21Special requirements for Cyprus
PorschePB23Type approval country AGCC countries (Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates)
PorschePB24Type approval country New Zealand
PorschePB25Type approval country Singapore
PorschePB26Type approval country Taiwan
PorschePB27Type approval country South Korea
PorschePB28Type approval country Hong Kong
PorschePB29Type approval Japan
PorschePB2AComponent parts set, complying with vehicle type for Taiwan, various parts
PorschePB2AComponent set PAP LHD
PorschePB2EComponent parts set, complying with vehicle type for South Africa, various parts
PorschePB2GComponent parts set, complying with vehicle type for Thailand, various parts
PorschePB2GComponent set for Thailand
PorschePB2HComponent parts set, complying with vehicle type for South Korea, various parts
PorschePB2HComponent set for Korea
PorschePB30Type approval country Australia
PorschePB31Type approval country Netherlands
PorschePB32Type approval country Luxembourg
PorschePB34Legal requirements USA
PorschePB35Legal requirements Canada
PorschePB36Type approval China
PorschePB37Type approval country Russia
PorschePB39Type approval country Mexico
PorschePB3DComponent parts set, complying with vehicle type for Turkey, various parts
PorschePB3DComponent set for Turkey
PorschePB40Special requirements for South America without Argentina, Brazil, Chile
PorschePB41Type test country: Brazil
PorschePB42Special requirements for Bulgaria
PorschePB43Type approval country Romania
PorschePB44Type approval country Croatia
PorschePB45Type approval country Slovenia
PorschePB46Type approval country Chile
PorschePB50Special requirements for Thailand
PorschePB51Special requirements for Malta
PorschePB53Special requirements, South Africa
PorschePB53Type approval country South Africa
PorschePB56Special requirements for Malaysia
PorschePB56Special requirements, Malaysia
PorschePB57Special requirements for Mauritius
PorschePB59Type approval country Slovakia
PorschePB60Special requirements for Brunei
PorschePB64Type approval country Macedonia
PorschePB66Special requirements for Iran
PorschePB68Type approval country Argentina
PorschePB70Type approval Estonia
PorschePB71Type approval Latvia
PorschePB72Type approval country Lithuania
PorschePB74Special requirements for Philippines
PorschePB75Type approval country Ukraine
PorschePB76Type approval country Belarus
PorschePB79Type approval India
PorschePB82Type approval country Yemen
PorschePB83Type approval Bahrain
PorschePB84Type approval Kuwait
PorschePB85Type approval Oman
PorschePB86Type approval Qatar
PorschePB87Type approval country Saudi Arabia
PorschePB88Type approval Abu Dhabi
PorschePB89Type approval country Dubai
PorschePB91Type approval country Bosnia-Herzegovina
PorschePB93Component set with country-specific vehicle equipment, various parts: Puerto Rico
PorschePB94Special requirements for Ecuador
PorschePB95Special requirements for Vietnam
PorschePBA8Special requirements for Fiji
PorschePBA9Special requirements Asia Pacific
PorschePBB1Special requirements for Macao
PorschePBB9Special requirements for Costa Rica
PorschePBC1Special requirements for the Dominican Republic
PorschePBC2Special requirements for Colombia
PorschePBC3Special requirements for Venezuela
PorschePBC4Special requirements for Peru
PorschePBC5Special requirements for Uruguay
PorschePBC6Special requirements for Paraguay
PorschePBC7Special requirements for Lebanon
PorschePBC8Special requirements for Syria
PorschePBC9Special requirements for Morocco
PorschePBD1Special requirements for Algeria
PorschePBD3Special requirements for Tunisia
PorschePBD4Special requirements for Egypt
PorschePBD6Special requirements for Azerbaijan
PorschePBD7Special requirements for Kazakhstan
PorschePBD8Special requirements for Georgia
PorschePBE1Special requirements for Israel
PorschePBE3Special requirements for Pakistan
PorschePBF2Special requirements for Angola
PorschePBF3Special requirements for Armenia
PorschePBF9Special requirements for Bolivia
PorschePBG1Special requirements for Serbia
PorschePBG3Special requirements for El Salvador
PorschePBG5Special requirements for French Guyana
PorschePBG8Special requirements for Ghana
PorschePBG9Special requirements for Guatemala
PorschePBH2Special requirements for Haiti
PorschePBH3Special requirements for Honduras
PorschePBH4Special requirements for Indonesia
PorschePBH5Special requirements for Iraq
PorschePBH6Special requirements for Jamaica
PorschePBH7Special requirements for Jordan
PorschePBH8Special requirements for Cambodia
PorschePBJ1Special requirements for Kenya
PorschePBJ4Special requirements for Laos
PorschePBJ7Special requirements for Moldova
PorschePBJ8Special requirements for Mongolia
PorschePBJ9Special requirements for Montenegro
PorschePBK4Special requirements for New Caledonia
PorschePBK5Special requirements for Nicaragua
PorschePBK6Special requirements for Nigeria
PorschePBK8Special requirements for Panama
PorschePBL4Special requ Maldivesirements for Sri Lanka and
PorschePBL4Special requirements for Sri Lanka and Maldives
PorschePBL9Special requirements for Trinidad and Tobago
PorschePBM2Special requirements for Ukraine
PorschePBOAbuild parts set without county specific documentatio
PorschePBOAComponent parts set without country-specific building regulation
PorschePBOAComponent set without country assignment
PorschePBODAssembly kit, USA corresponding vehicle version (not California), various parts
PorschePBODComponent set for USA
PorschePBOEComponent parts set, complying with vehicle type for Canada, various parts
PorschePBOEComponent set for Canada
PorschePBOLComponent parts set, complying with vehicle type for Japan, various parts
PorschePBOLComponent set for Japan
PorschePBOMComponent parts set, complying with vehicle type for AGCC countries, various parts
PorschePBOMComponent set for AGCC countries
PorschePBONComponent parts set, complying with vehicle type for Great Britain, various parts
PorschePBONComponent set for Great Britain
PorschePBOOCountry without type approval
PorschePBORComponent parts set, complying with vehicle type for Australia, various parts
PorschePBORComponent set for Australia
PorschePBOTComponent set for USA
PorschePBOWComponent set for California
PorschePBS5Special requirements for Cayman Islands
PorschePBS6Special requirements for Saint Martin (French part)
PorschePBT1Special requirements for Guadeloupe
PorschePBT2Special requirements for Martinique
PorschePBT4Special requirements for Reunion
PorschePBT8Special requirements for Saint Lucia
PorschePBV1Type approval country Andorra (for Porsche/Bentley only)
PorschePBV2Type approval country Monaco (for Porsche/Bentley only)
PorschePBV3Typprufland Liechtenstein (Nur fur Porsche)
PorschePBV4Special requirements f. French Polynesia (for Porsche only)
PorschePBV5Special requirements for Barbados (for Porsche only)
PorschePBV6Special requirements for Curacao (for Porsche and Commercial Vehicles only)
PorschePBV7Special requirements for Sint-Maarten (for Porsche and Commercial Vehicles only)
PorschePC1JCayenne Rad 18" (8 x 18 ET 53)
PorschePC1Q18" Cayenne S wheel (8 x 18 RO 53)
PorschePC2R18-inch Cayenne S wheel-2 (8 x 18 RO 57)
PorschePC2Y911 Turbo Design wheel, 21", E2 II, Black
PorschePC4I21" Cayenne E2 SportClassic wheel Wheel centre painted in Platinum
PorschePC4I21-inch Cayenne Sportplus wheel Orange wheel spokes
PorschePC4P21" Cayenne E2 Sport Classic wheel, Black
PorschePC4P21-inch Cayenne Sportplus wheel Black wheel spokes
PorschePC5BRS Spyder Design wheel, 9.5" x 20"
PorschePC5D20" RS Spyder Design wheel, Platinum
PorschePC5E19" RS Sport Classic Tequipment wheel
PorschePC5F18" Macan S wheel (8/9X18)
PorschePC5FAlloy wheels 8J x 18 in front, with 9J x 18 in rear
PorschePC6P19" Macan Turbo wheel (8/9X19)
PorschePC6PAlloy wheels 8J x 19 in front, with 9J x 19 in rear
PorschePC6X19" Macan Design wheel (8/9X19)
PorschePC6XAlloy wheels 8J x 19 in front, with 9J x 19 in rear
PorschePC7F20-inch 911 Turbo Design wheel, Black
PorschePC7N18" Macan wheel (8/9X18)
PorschePC7NAlloy wheels 8J x 18 in front, with 9J x 18 in rear
PorschePC7T21" 911 Turbo Design wheel (9/10X21)
PorschePC7TAlloy wheels 9J x 21 in front, with 10J x 21 in rear
PorschePC8K19" Turbo wheel (8.5 x 19 RO 59)
PorschePC8LAlloy wheels 6J x 14 ET43 (5 holes) 6Q0 601 025K
PorschePC9K21" Sport Classic wheel (9/10X21)
PorschePC9KAlloy wheels 9J x 21 in front, with 10J x 21 in rear
PorschePC9N21" Sport Classic wheel in Black
PorschePC9N21-inch Cayenne Sportplus wheel (10 x 21)
PorschePC9QCast alloy wheels 7.5J x 16
PorschePC9S21" Sport Classic wheel in exterior colour
PorschePC9S21-inch Cayenne Sportplus wheel (10 x 21)
PorschePCD318-inch Turbo wheel-2 (8 X 18 RO 57)
PorschePCD6Alloy wheels 7.5J x 16
PorschePCJ1Cayene wheel 7.5x17, wheel offset 53
PorschePCJ2Cayenne S wheel 8x18, wheel offset 57
PorschePCJ319-inch (9 X 19) Cayenne Design wheel
PorschePCJ319-inch (9X19) Cayenne Design wheel
PorschePCJ618-inch (8 x 18) Cayenne Turbo wheel
PorschePCJ618-inch (8x18) Cayenne Turbo wheel
PorschePCK021" Cayenne Sport Edition wheel (10 x 21)
PorschePCKO21" Cayenne Sport Edition wheel (10x21)
PorschePCN521" Cayenne Sport Edition wheel (10 x 21) in vehicle colour
PorschePCN521" Cayenne Sport Edition wheel (10x21) in vehicle colour
PorschePCN720" Cayenne Sport Design wheel (10 x 20)
PorschePCOOOperating permit, initial registration
PorschePCP5Cayenne Sport Techno wheel 9"/10" x 20" Titanium metallic
PorschePCP5RS Spyder Design wheel, 9" x 20"
PorschePCP719-inch (9 x 19) Cayenne Design wheel painted in body colour
PorschePCP719-inch (9x19) Cayenne Design wheel painted in body colour
PorschePCQ1Cayenne Sport Edition 21" (10 x 21) in black
PorschePCQ1Cayenne Sport Edition 21" (10x21) in black
PorschePCR2Cast alloy wheels 6.5J x 16
PorschePCS520-inch (9X20) Cayenne Sport Design wheel
PorschePCS6Cayenne Sport Techno wheel 9x20, wheel offset 60
PorschePCT1Cayenne Sport Techno wheel 9x20, wheel offset 60, wheel spokes painted in exterior colour
PorschePCW3Cayenne Design wheel 19 " in titanium metallic
PorschePCY221 -inch Cayenne Sport wheel (10x21 RO 50)
PorschePCY221-inch Cayenne Sport wheel (10 x 21 RO 50)
PorschePCY3Alloy wheels 9J x 20 in front, with 10J x 20 in rear
PorschePCY3Cayenne Sport Techno wheel 9-inch/10-inch x 20-inch
PorschePCY3RS Spyder Design wheel, 20"
PorschePCY4Alloy wheels 9J x 20 in front, with 10J x 20 in rear
PorschePCY4Cayenne Sport Techno wheel 9"/10" x 20" in vehicle colour
PorschePCY4Cayenne Sport Techno wheel 9710" x 20" in vehicle colour
PorschePCY6RS SportDesign 20" wheel (GTS), Matt Black
PorschePCZ421" 911 Turbo Design wheel (10 X 21)
PorschePCZ421" 911 Turbo Design wheel (10X21)
PorschePD096-cylinder turbo engine, 3.0 I 235 kW
PorschePD116-cylinder petrol engine 3.0/245 kW
PorschePD116-cylinder turbo engine, 3.0 I 243 kW
PorschePD196-cyl. spark-ignition engine, 3.0 I/245 kW (HYBRID)
PorschePD196-cyl. spark-ignition engine, 3.0 l/245 kW (HYBRID)
PorschePD1C6-cylinder SI engine 2.9 I/280 kW biturbo, FSI, homogeneous base engine is TV8
PorschePD1V6-cyl. turbo diesel engine 3.0 1/155 kW (24V) V6, TDI common rail base engine is T41/TF1/TH1/TS8/T7V
PorschePD1V6-cylinder diesel engine 3.0/155 kW TDI
PorschePD1V6-cylinder diesel engine 3.0/155 kWTDI
PorschePD296-cylinder biturbo engine, 2.9 I 324 kW
PorschePD296-cylinder SI engine 2.9 I/324 kW biturbo, FSI, homogeneous base engine is TV8
PorschePD346-cyl. spark-ignition engine, 3.6 I/220 kW (E2)
PorschePD346-cyl. spark-ignition engine, 3.6 l/220 kW (E2)
PorschePD3Q4-cylinder SI engine 2.0 1/195 kW (16 V), turbo FSI, homogeneous base engine is TA2/TT6/T57/T2B/T3V/T4H
PorschePD436-cylinder diesel engine 3.0 1/180 kWTDI
PorschePD436-cylinder diesel engine 3.0 l/180 kW TDI
PorschePD436-cylinder turbo diesel engine 3.0 1/180 kW (24V) V6, TDI common rail base engine is TF1/TH1/T41
PorschePD4A6-cylinder SI engine 3.0 I/265 kW (24V) biturbo base engine is T8I
PorschePD4ATurbo engine, 6 cyl. 3.0 l/265 KW
PorschePD506-cyl. turbo dies. eng. 3.0 1/176 kW24V V6 TDI, common rail base engine is T41/TE1/TF1/TH1
PorschePD506-cylinder diesel engine, 3.0 1/176 kWTDI
PorschePD506-cylinder diesel engine, 3.0 l/176 kW TDI
PorschePD516-cyl. turbo diesel engine 3.0 1/184 kW (24V) V6, TDI common rail base engine is T41/TF1/TH1/T7V
PorschePD516-Zylinder-Dieselmotor 3,0 L/184 KW TDI
PorschePD516-Zylinder-Dieselmotor 3,0 L/184 KWTDI
PorschePD588-cyl. spark-ign. engine, 4.8 l/368 kW biturbo (E2)
PorschePD5S6-cylinder SI engine 3.0 l/283 kW FSI BIT base engine is T6J
PorschePD5V8-cylinder petrol engine 4.8 l/280 KW V8 FSI
PorschePD5X6-cyl. spark-ignition engine, 3.6 l/206 kW FSI
PorschePD5Z8-cylinder petrol engine 4.8 l/368 KW V8 biturbo
PorschePD6V8-cyl. spark-ignition engine, 4.8 I/294 kW DFI (E2)
PorschePD6V8-cyl. spark-ignition engine, 4.8 I/294 kWDFI (E2)
PorschePD6V8-cyl. spark-ignition engine, 4.8 l/294 kW DFI (E2)
PorschePD976-cylinder turbo 3.8 L 515 KW GT2-RS
PorschePD9J6-cylinder petrol engine, 3.2 l/177 kW (24 valves)
PorschePD9K8-cylinder petrol engine, 4.5 l/250 kW (V 8)
PorschePD9L8-cylinder petrol engine, 4.5 l/330 kW (V 8) biturbo
PorschePDC46-cylinder biturbo engine, 2.9 I 316 kW
PorschePDC56-cylinder SI engine 3.0 I/260 kW (24V) TFSI, homogeneous base engine is TC6/TM8T9I
PorschePDD76-cyl. turbo diesel engine 3.0 1/190 kW (24V) V6, TDI common rail base engine is TH1/TS8
PorschePDD76-cylinder diesel engine 3.0 1/190 kWTDI
PorschePDD76-cylinder diesel engine 3.0 l/190 kW TDI
PorschePDD88-cylinder diesel engine 4.2 l KW TDI
PorschePDE54-cyl. turbo dies. eng. 2.0 1/140 kW4V TDI common rail base engine is TD1/TR1/T5S/T6F
PorschePDE54-cylinder diesel engine 2.0 l/140 kW TDI
PorschePDJ48-cylinder diesel engine, 4.0 I 300 KW
PorschePDJ56-cyl. turbo diesel engine 3. 1/221 kW V6, TDI common rail base engine is TF1/T7V
PorschePDJ56-Zylinder-Dieselmotor 3,0 L/220 KW TDI
PorschePDJ56-Zylinder-Dieselmotor 3,0 L/220 KWTDI
PorschePDJ78-cylinder diesel engine, 4.0 I 310 KW
PorschePDK48-cylinder diesel engine, 4.0 I 320 KW
PorschePDM04-cylinder TFSI engine 2.0 l/174 kW
PorschePDM54-cylinder TFSI engine 2.0 1/185 kW
PorschePDMO4-cylinder SI engine 2.0 1/174 kW (16V) turbo FSI, homogeneous base engine is TW6
PorschePDOD6-cylinder biturbo engine, 2.9 I 243 kW
PorschePDQ44-cylinder SI engine 2.0 1/180 kW TFSI, homogeneous, base engine is T2 H/T2G/TX5/TX6/T01/T3Q/TX9/T3 J
PorschePDQ54-cylinder SI engine 2.0 1/185 kW TFSI, hybrid electric vehicle base engine is TW6/T2H/T2G/T0I/T8Y/T3T
PorschePDQ54-cylinder TFSI engine 2.0 l/185 kW
PorschePDT18-cylinder biturbo engine, 4.8 I 382 kW
PorschePDT18-cylinder biturbo engine, 4.8 l 382 kW
PorschePDT48-cylinder biturbo engine, 4.0 I 390 kW
PorschePDT54.8 litre turbo engine, 8-cylinder
PorschePDT68-cylinder biturbo engine, 4.0 I 427 kW
PorschePDT88-cylinder bi-turbo 4.0/338 kW
PorschePDT88-cylinder biturbo 4.0L/338KW (GTS)
PorschePDU06-cylinder turbo engine 3.0 l/250 kW
PorschePDU16-cyl. SI engine 3.6 I/294 KW (24V) biturbo base engine is TQ9
PorschePDU16-cylinder turbo engine 3.6 l/294 kW
PorschePDU26-cylinder turbo engine, 3.6 I 309 kW
PorschePDU26-cylinder turbo engine, 3.6 l 309 kW
PorschePDU33.6 litre turbo engine, 6-cylinder
PorschePDU36-cyl. SI engine 3.6 I/324 KW (24V) FSI biturbo base engine is TQ9/TI2
PorschePDU66-cylinder turbo engine, 3.0I, 250KW
PorschePDU66-cylinder turbo engine, 3.0l, 250KW
PorschePDUO6-cylinder SI engine 3.0 I/250 kW (24V) biturbo base engine is T8I
PorschePDV76-cylinder diesel engine 3.0 1/193 kWTDI
PorschePDV76-cylinder diesel engine 3.0 l/193 kW TDI
PorschePDW16-cylinder SI engine 3.0 l/331 kW FSI BIT base engine is T87/T6J
PorschePDW26-cylinder SI engine 3.0 l/272 kW FSI BIT base engine is T87
PorschePDW48-cylinder biturbo engine, 4.0 I 404 kW
PorschePE0ANo campaign version, basic equipment
PorschePE0ANo special edition
PorschePE0LCayenne special model Platinum edition
PorschePE0WGTS version
PorschePE0WSpecial edition
PorschePE16Special model 'Cayenne S Titanium'
PorschePE1TSondermodell CAYENNE. Porsche Design Edition 3
PorschePE1ZExclusive edition
PorschePE2DSpecial model Transsyberia
PorschePE81Enhanced performance engine
PorschePE8ATurbo S version
PorschePEA0Without subsequent warranty
PorschePEB12 years follow-on warranty, without mileage restriction
PorschePEH1Length of charging cable: standard
PorschePEH2Charging cable length: 7.5 metres
PorschePEI9Online service: with mobile device
PorschePEK0Without wireless charging
PorschePEK2Wireless charging, vehicle-floor plate
PorschePEL0Without online service
PorschePEL0Without online services
PorschePEL2Online service, with OCU, without head unit coding, without engine immobilizer interconnection
PorschePEL3Online service, without OCU, with head unit coding, without engine immobilizer interconnection
PorschePEL4Online service, with OCU, with head unit coding, with engine immobilizer interconnection
PorschePEL5Online service, with OCU, with head unit coding, without engine immobilizer interconnection
PorschePEL5Online services plus
PorschePELOWithout online service
PorschePEOANo campaign version, basic equipment
PorschePEOANo special edition
PorschePEOLCayenne special model Platinum edition
PorschePEOWGTS version
PorschePEOWSpecial edition
PorschePEP2Transmission software for noise-critical countries
PorschePEPONo noise cancellation
PorschePER1Regional code " ECE " for radio
PorschePER1Regional code "ECE" for radio
PorschePER2Regional code " ROW " for radio
PorschePER2Regional code " ROW" for radio
PorschePER2Regional code "RdW' for radio
PorschePER2Regional code "RdW" for radio
PorschePER3Region code "USA" for radio
PorschePER3Regional code " NAR " for radio
PorschePER4Region code "Mexico/NAR2" for radio
PorschePER4Regionscode "Mexico/NAR-Landergruppe 2" fur Radio
PorschePER5Region code Japan for radio
PorschePER5Regional code " Japan " for radio
PorschePER5Regional code "Japan" for radio
PorschePER6Regional code " China " for radio
PorschePER6Regional code "China" for radio
PorschePER7Regional code " Korea " for radio
PorschePER7Regional code "Korea" for radio
PorschePER8Regional code " Taiwan " for radio
PorschePER8Regional code "Taiwan" for radio
PorschePER9Regional code "Rest of Asia" for radio
PorschePES1Charging socket, AC type 1, mode 2-3 (NAR/Japan)
PorschePES3Charging socket, AC type 2, mode 2-3 (EU)
PorschePES4Charging socket AC (China)
PorschePES4Household charging socket, type L
PorschePET0Household charging cable, type L
PorschePEV1Household charging cable, type E/F
PorschePEV2Household charging cable, type Japan 100V
PorschePEV3Household charging cable, type J
PorschePEV4Household charging cable, type G
PorschePEV5Household charging cable, type B
PorschePEV6Household charging cable, type K
PorschePEV7Household charging cable, type I Australia
PorschePEV8Household charging cable, type M
PorschePEV9Household charging cable, type I CN China
PorschePEZ1Regional code ROW country group 2 for radio
PorschePF0919" Cayenne Design wheel (8.5 x 19)
PorschePF0919" Cayenne Design wheel (8.5x19)
PorschePF45Alloy wheels 9J x 18
PorschePFB4standard paint coating
PorschePFBOstandard paint coating
PorschePFCOWithout individual installation
PorschePFI0Seat belts in Agate Grey
PorschePFI1N.N.N., type 11
PorschePFI1Seat belts in Saddle Tan
PorschePFI2N.N.N., type 12
PorschePFI2Seat belts in Garnet Red
PorschePFI3N.N.N., type 13
PorschePFI3Seat belts in Espresso
PorschePFI4N.N.N., type 14
PorschePFI5N.N.N., type 15
PorschePFI5Seat belts in Rhodium Silver
PorschePFI6N.N.N., type 16
PorschePFI6Seat belts in Bordeaux Red
PorschePFI7Seat belts in Cohiba Brown
PorschePFI8N.N.N. Type 18
PorschePFI8Seat belts in Chalk
PorschePFI9N.N.N. Type 19
PorschePFI9Seat belts in Mojave
PorschePFION.N.N., type 10
PorschePFJ1Hood, type 1
PorschePFJ2Hood, type 2
PorschePFK2With additional tank for SCR (24 litres)
PorschePFOANo special purpose vehicle, standard equipment
PorschePFT0Without park assist with remote control/garage parking assist
PorschePFT1Park assist with remote control
PorschePFT1ParkAssist (incl. garage pilot)
PorschePFT3Intelligent park assist
PorschePFTOWithout sound absorption/gear shift
PorschePFW1Tuned mass damper
PorschePFW2Tuned mass damper
PorschePFWOWithout mass damper
PorschePFX0N.N.N. Type 20
PorschePFX4N.N.N. Type 24
PorschePFX5N.N.N. Type 25
PorschePFX6N.N.N. Type 26
PorschePFX7N.N.N. Type 27
PorschePFX9N.N.N. Type 29
PorschePFZ0Seat belts in Black
PorschePFZ0Standard N.N.N.
PorschePFZ1N.N.N., type 1
PorschePFZ1Seat belts in Guards Red
PorschePFZ2Seat belts in Silver Grey
PorschePFZ3N.N.N., type 3
PorschePFZ3Seat belts in Luxor Beige
PorschePFZ3Seat belts in Sand Beige
PorschePFZ4N.N.N., type 4
PorschePFZ4Seat belts in Orange
PorschePFZ5N.N.N., type 5
PorschePFZ5Seat belts in Cognac
PorschePFZ6N.N.N., type 6
PorschePFZ6Seat belts in Umber
PorschePFZ7Seat belts in Titanium Blue
PorschePFZ8N.N.N., type 8
PorschePFZ8Seat belts in Carmine Red
PorschePFZ9N.N.N., type 9
PorschePFZ9Seat belts in Peridot
PorschePFZOSeat belts in Black
PorschePFZOStandard N.N.N.
PorschePFZOStandard seat belts (G colour)
PorschePG0L6-speed manual transmission for all-wheel drive vehicle
PorschePG0RTiptronic s
PorschePG1C7-speed automatic transmission
PorschePG1D7-speed automatic transmission for all-wheel drive
PorschePG1F8-speed automatic transmission
PorschePG1G8-speed auto, transmission for all-wheel drive
PorschePG1G8-speed auto. transmission for all-wheel drive
PorschePG1G8-speed automatic transmission for four-wheel drive
PorschePG1L7-speed manual transmission for four-wheel drive vehicle
PorschePGB0Without antenna amplifier
PorschePGB1Antenna amplifier type 1
PorschePGB1Compensator, EU/ROW
PorschePGB2Antenna amplifier type 2
PorschePGB2Compensator, NAR
PorschePGB3Antenna amplifier type 3
PorschePGB3Compensator, China
PorschePGBOWithout antenna amplifier
PorschePGH1Basic rear axle differential
PorschePGH1Without rear differential lock
PorschePGH2Rear axle differential Torque Vectoring
PorschePGH3PTV Plus (controlled rear-diff. lock)
PorschePGH3Rear differential with differential lock (active/passive)
PorschePGJ0Without traffic jam assist/co-pilot in heavy traffic/highway pilot
PorschePGJ1Heading Control Assist
PorschePGJ1With Traffic Jam Assist
PorschePGJOWithout traffic jam assist/co-pilot in heavy traffic/highway pilot
PorschePGJOWithout Traffic Jam Assist
PorschePGM2Exterior sound (E sound) with deactivation
PorschePGM4Sound box without deactivation
PorschePGOL6-speed manual transmission for all-wheel drive vehicle
PorschePGORTiptronic s
PorschePGP0Vehicle without product enhancement
PorschePGP0Vehicles w/o special upgrade measures
PorschePGP1Product enhancement E2 II
PorschePGP1Vehicles with special upgrade measures
PorschePGP2Vehicles with special upgrade measures
PorschePGPOVehicle without product enhancement
PorschePGPOVehicles w/o special upgrade measures
PorschePGY0Without electric closing aid for tailgate
PorschePGY1Power closing mechanism for tailgate
PorschePGY1Power latching for tailgate
PorschePGYOWithout electric closing aid for tailgate
PorschePGYOWithout power latching for tailgate
PorschePGZ0Without closing aid for doors
PorschePGZ2Closing aid for doors
PorschePGZOWithout closing aid for doors
PorschePH06Tyres 285/35 R22, 315/30 R22
PorschePH3LTires 235/60 R18 103W in front tires 255/55 R18 105W in rear
PorschePH3LTyres 235/60 R18, 255/55 R18
PorschePH3QAll-season tyres 235/60 R18, 255/55 R18
PorschePH3QFront all-weather tires 235/60 R18 103V rear all-weather tires 255/55 R18 105V
PorschePH4NTires 235/40 ZR19 ???? in front tires 295/35 ZR20 ???? in rear
PorschePH5ZTires 245/35 ZR20 ??? in front tires 305/30 ZR21 ??? in rear
PorschePH6BTires 235/55 R19 101Y in front tires 255/50 R19 103Y in rear
PorschePH6BTyres 235/55 R19, 255/50 R19
PorschePH6FTires 255/35 ZR20 ??? in front tires 315/30 ZR21 ??? in rear
PorschePH6JAll-season tyres 235/55 R19, 255/50 R19
PorschePH6JFront all-weather tires 235/55 R19 101V rear all-weather tires 255/50 R19 103V
PorschePH6KTires 265/45 R20 104Y in front tires 295/40 R20 106Y in rear
PorschePH6KTyres 265/45 R20, 295/40 R20
PorschePH6NAll-season tires 265/45 R20 104V in front, all-season tires 295/40 R20 106V in rear
PorschePH6NAll-season tyres 265/45 R20, 295/40 R20
PorschePH6PTires 265/40 R21 101Y in front tires 295/35 R21 103Y in rear
PorschePH6PTyres 265/40 R21, 295/35 R21
PorschePH8BFront all-weather tires 265/40 R21 101V rear all-weather tires 295/35 R21 103V
PorschePH8ZTyres 235/65 R17 108 V
PorschePH9KTyres 255/55 R18 109 Y
PorschePH9LTyres 275/45 R19 108 Y
PorschePH9MAll-season tyre on 18-inch aluminium wheel
PorschePHA8Tyres 295/35 R21 107 Y
PorschePHD9Tyres 275/40 R20 106 Y
PorschePHP2All-season tyres 275/45 R19 108 V
PorschePHQ3All-season tyres 265/50 R19 110 V
PorschePHQ4All-season tyres 275/45 R20 110 V
PorschePHS9Tyres 265/50 R19 110 Y
PorschePHT0Tyres 275/45 R20 110 Y
PorschePHTOTyres 275/45 R20 110 Y
PorschePHV7All-season tyres 235/65 R17 108 V
PorschePI WOWithout eCall / bCall
PorschePI3LWith special labels safety certificates for Saudi Arabia
PorschePI4ASpecial labels safety certificate for South Africa
PorschePI4BWith special labels safety certificates for Chile
PorschePI4CWith special labels safety certificates for Turkey
PorschePI4LWith special labels safety certificates for Latvia
PorschePI67Tyres 255/55 R19, 275/50 R19
PorschePI68All-season tyres 255/55 R19, 275/50 R19
PorschePI69Tyres 275/45 R20, 305/40 R20
PorschePI70All-season tyres 275/45 R20, 305/40 R20
PorschePI71Tyres 285/40 R21, 315/35 R21
PorschePI72All-season tyres 285/40 R21, 315/35 R21
PorschePI88ZR21 tyres (275/35, 325/30)
PorschePI8ERadio Standard (Gen2)
PorschePI8LPremium radio (2nd gen.)
PorschePI8LPremium radio (Gen2)
PorschePI8ZTop infotainment system Premium (MIB3)
PorschePILEDisc brakes in front
PorschePIPEWheel bolts with theft protection (Thatcham)
PorschePIT2Deviating vehicle equipment
PorschePIT3Deviating vehicle equipment
PorschePIT4Deviating vehicle equipment
PorschePIU0Without Connect package
PorschePIU1With Connect package 1
PorschePIU2With Connect package 2
PorschePIU3With Connect package 3
PorschePIU4With Connect package 4
PorschePIU5With Connect package 5
PorschePIUOWithout Connect package
PorschePIV0Without Connect Plus
PorschePIV1Connect package Plus 1
PorschePIV2Connect package Plus 2
PorschePIV3Connect package Plus 3
PorschePIV4Connect package Plus 4
PorschePIV5Connect package Plus 5
PorschePIV6Connect package Plus 6
PorschePIV7Connect package Plus 7
PorschePIV8Connect package Plus 8
PorschePIV9Connect package Plus 9
PorschePIVOWithout Connect Plus package
PorschePIVOWithout Connect Plus
PorschePIW0Without eCall / bCall
PorschePIW2Roadside assistance call
PorschePIW3eCall & bCall
PorschePIW4Crash Notification +
PorschePIY0Model year period 0
PorschePIY0Model year period from week 01 to week 22
PorschePIY1Model year period 1
PorschePIY1Model year period from week 22 to week 45
PorschePIY2Model year period 2
PorschePIY2Model year period from week 45 to week 22
PorschePJ0BBattery (92 Ah)Battery (92 Ah)
PorschePJ0L340 A (70 Ah) battery
PorschePJ0PBattery (105 Ah)
PorschePJ0VBattery 420 A (70 Ah)
PorschePJ0Z520 A (110 Ah) battery
PorschePJ1NBattery (75 Ah)
PorschePJ1NBattery 420 A (75 Ah)
PorschePJ1U450 A (95 Ah) battery
PorschePJ2ALiFeP04 battery 580 A (60 Ah)
PorschePJ2ALiFePO4 battery 580 A (60 Ah)
PorschePJ2C480 A (85 Ah) and 520 A (110 Ah) batteries
PorschePJE0Connect package Plus 10
PorschePJE1Connect package Plus 11
PorschePJE2Connect package Plus 12
PorschePJE3Connect package Plus 13
PorschePJE4Connect package Plus 14
PorschePJE5Connect package Plus 15
PorschePJL1Idle speed 750 rpm (setting)
PorschePJL2Idle speed 800 rpm (setting)
PorschePJL3Idle speed 850 rpm (setting)
PorschePJOB520 A (92 Ah) battery
PorschePJOBBattery (92 Ah)Battery (92 Ah)
PorschePJOL340 A (70 Ah) battery
PorschePJOPBattery (105 Ah)
PorschePJOPBattery 580A( 105 Ah)
PorschePJOZ520 A (110 Ah) battery
PorschePJQ0Without dynamic engine mount
PorschePJQ3Dynamic engine mount
PorschePJX1Intersection Assist
PorschePJXOWithout City/Intersection Assist control unit
PorschePK5ABody design E3 Coupe
PorschePK8DSport Turismo
PorschePK8SSports sedan
PorschePKA0without camera systems/environment sensors
PorschePKA2With rear view camera system (type 2)
PorschePKA2with reverse camera system (version 2)
PorschePKA6Real Topview (4 camera system)
PorschePKA6With front and rear view camera system and two side cameras
PorschePKAOwithout camera systems/environment sensors
PorschePKB1Charger, 3.6 kW
PorschePKB2Charger, 7.2 kW
PorschePKD0Spare parts for After-Sales Service
PorschePKDOSpare parts for After-Sales Service
PorschePKE0Without theft protection for engine control unit
PorschePKE2Additional fuse
PorschePKE2Theft protection for engine control unit
PorschePKEOWithout fuse box
PorschePKEOWithout theft protection for engine control unit
PorschePKH4Climatronic, free of cfc
PorschePKH73-zone Climatronic
PorschePKH7Climatronic (3-zone) with air conditioning control panel in rear
PorschePKQ1Nameplates for sales name
PorschePKQ1Porsche logo in Silver
PorschePKQ2Nameplates for sales name
PorschePKQ2Porsche logo in High-Gloss Black
PorschePKQ3Nameplates for sales name
PorschePKS1head-up display
PorschePKSOWithout head-up display
PorschePL0LLeft-hand drive version
PorschePL0LLeft-hand drive
PorschePL0RRight-hand drive version
PorschePL0RRight-hand drive
PorschePLOLLeft-hand drive version
PorschePLOLLeft-hand drive
PorschePLORRight-hand drive version
PorschePLORRight-hand drive
PorschePLU2Reinforced transfer box
PorschePLU2Transmission ratio B
PorschePM5S6-cylinder Boxer 4.0 l 309 KW (Spyder/GT/4)
PorschePM7C6-cylinder SI engine 3.0 l/353 kW FSI BIT base engine is T6J
PorschePM7D6-cylinder SI engine 3.8 l/427 kW FSI BIT base engine is T9E
PorschePM7E6-cylinder SI engine 3.8 l/478 kW FSI BIT base engine is T9E
PorschePM9IFlat-six engine, 4.0l, 368KW
PorschePM9JGT3 RS 4.0 l
PorschePMDO6-cyl. turbo dies. eng. 3.0 1/215 kW V6, TDI common rail base engine is T7V
PorschePN0GFull-leather seat covers, smooth-finish for A/C seat
PorschePN0KSeat trim covers in leather
PorschePN0QSeat covers in leather, smooth-finish for A/C seats
PorschePN0QSeat trim covers in leather
PorschePN1ASeat covers in natural leather for A/C seats
PorschePN1ASeat trim covers in leather
PorschePN1BSeat covers in full leather, two-colour with air conditioning
PorschePN1BSeat trim covers in leather
PorschePN1DSeat covers in partial leather (emb.) two-colour
PorschePN1MSeat trim covers in part leather
PorschePN1MTwo-colour seat covers in partial leather, smooth-finish
PorschePN1PFull-leather seat coverings, natural leather
PorschePN1PSeat covers in partial leather (natural leather, smooth-finish)
PorschePN1PSeat trim covers in part leather
PorschePN1TFull-leather seat covering (perforated) for A/C seat
PorschePN1VFull-leather seat coverings, club leather for A/C seat
PorschePN1VSeat trim covers in leather
PorschePN1WFull-leather seat coverings, club leather
PorschePN1WSeat trim covers in leather
PorschePN1XPart-leather seat covers, grained
PorschePN1XSeat trim covers in part leather
PorschePN2SSeat covers in partial leather ALCANTARA
PorschePN2SSeat trim covers in Alcantara
PorschePN2ZTwo-tone seat covers in partial leather, embossed for Cayenne S special model
PorschePN4MSeat covers, partial leather, leather/leatherette
PorschePN4MSeat trim covers in part leather
PorschePN5LLeather/fabric seat trim covers
PorschePN5TFull-leather seat covering (perforated)
PorschePN5UFull-leather seat coverings, smooth-finish
PorschePN5UPart-leather seat covers, smooth leather
PorschePN5USeat trim covers in part leather
PorschePN5VSeat trim covers in leather
PorschePN5YSeat covers in partial leather (natural leather, soft ruffled leather)
PorschePN6DSeat covers, Alcantara/leatherette
PorschePN6DSeat trim covers in Alcantara
PorschePN6ESeat trim covers in Alcantara
PorschePN7DSoft ruffled leather seats in smooth leather
PorschePN7FSoft ruffled leather seats in embossed leather
PorschePN7WSeat covers, front, cloth/leather/leather
PorschePN7WSeat trim covers with fabric insert, bolsters in leather
PorschePNJ1Charging Dock (wall mount)
PorschePNJ2Charging Dock, flush-mounted (wall mount)
PorschePNJ2Wall mount, basic
PorschePNOBSeat trim covers in fabric
PorschePNOGFull-leather seat covers, smooth-finish for A/C seat
PorschePNOKPartial leather seat covering, embossed for A/C seat
PorschePNOQSeat covers in leather, smooth-finish for A/C seats
PorschePNOQSeat covers, full leather, smooth, for A/C seat
PorschePNOQSeat trim covers in leather
PorschePNZ0Ohne Ruffunktion
PorschePNZ0without emergency call control unit
PorschePNZ3ERA GLONASS (emergency call)
PorschePNZ3ERA/GLONASS (emergency call)
PorschePNZOOhne Ruffunktion
PorschePNZOwithout emergency call control unit
PorschePOABAnti-roll bar, front and rear
PorschePOACAnti-roll bar, active body control (pdcc)
PorschePOAGAnti-roll bar, front, disengageable
PorschePOAWFront and rear anti-roll bars with active Body control -PDCC-
PorschePOBJAnti-roll bar, rear, disengageable
PorschePOE1Short wheelbase
PorschePOGDEmissions compliance EU 2, (CN)
PorschePOGGEmission standard EU4
PorschePOGGEmissions compliance EU 4
PorschePOGMEmissions compliance LEV
PorschePOGUEmissions compliance EU 2
PorschePOGZEU 3 diesel emissions concept with E-OBD
PorschePOJAWeight category front axle weight range 1
PorschePOJAWeight class 1, front axle -1170-1210 kg
PorschePOJBWeight category front axle weight range 2
PorschePOJBWeight class 2, front axle - 1211-1226 kg
PorschePOJCWeight category front axle weight range 3
PorschePOJCWeight class 3, front axle - 1227-1251 kg
PorschePOJDWeight category front axle weight range 4
PorschePOJDWeight class 4, front axle - 1252-1276 kg
PorschePOJEWeight category front axle weight range 5
PorschePOJEWeight class 5, front axle - 1277-1292 kg
PorschePOJFWeight category front axle weight range 6
PorschePOJFWeight class 6, front axle - 1293-1328 kg
PorschePOJGWeight category front axle weight range 7
PorschePOJGWeight class 7, front axle - 1329-1428 kg
PorschePOJHWeight category front axle weight range 8
PorschePOJHWeight class 8, front axle
PorschePOJJWeight category front axle weight range 9
PorschePOJJWeight class 9, front axle
PorschePOJKWeight category front axle weight range 10
PorschePOJKWeight class 10, front axle
PorschePOJLWeight category front axle weight range 11
PorschePOJLWeight class 11, front axle
PorschePOJMWeight class 12, front axle
PorschePOJNWeight class 13, front axle
PorschePOJZWithout determination of weight category for front axle
PorschePOK3Hybrid propulsion system PHEV
PorschePOKAWithout decals and emblems
PorschePOKOWithout alternative drive system
PorschePOLAWithout special labels safety certificates
PorschePOLBWith special labels safety certificates for USA
PorschePOLCWith special labels safety certificates for Canada
PorschePOLDSpecial labels/stickers/ safety certificate for AGCC states
PorschePOLDWith special labels safety certificates for AGCC
PorschePOLGWith special labels safety certificates for Japan
PorschePOLHWith special labels safety certificates for Australia
PorschePOLLWith special labels safety certificates for England
PorschePOLPWith special labels safety certificates for Taiwan
PorschePOM1Fuel tank, 100 litre
PorschePOMOFuel tank, 85 litre
PorschePON1Without rear axle steering
PorschePONADeletion of model designation
PorschePONAWithout nameplate set (without model designation)
PorschePONBNameplate set in basic version
PorschePONCBlack model name
PorschePONCBlack nameplate set in base trim
PorschePONPElimination of acid green in lettering
PorschePONTBlack Porsche, elimination of model name
PorschePONTNameplate set, black, basic version
PorschePOPAElimination of lettering for the Custom Tailoring (CT) preparation
PorschePOPAWithout nameplate set
PorschePOPCNameplate set in basic version
PorschePOPCSilver Porsche, black model name
PorschePOPORear exhaust tailpipe (standard)
PorschePOPOStandard tailpipe
PorschePOPSBlack Porsche, Custom Tailoring (CT) preparation
PorschePOPSNameplate set in basic version
PorschePOPVNameplate set in Black Silk Gloss
PorschePOPVPorsche lettering, black, silky gloss
PorschePORCStarter switch locking system
PorschePORCWith electric steering column lock
PorschePORZWithout electric steering column lock
PorschePORZWithout ignition/starter switch locking system, without steering lock
PorschePOSAOhne spezielle Aufkleber/Schilder
PorschePOSAWithout special stickers, plates
PorschePOSBLabels in German
PorschePOSBStickers, plates in German
PorschePOSCLabels in English
PorschePOSCStickers, plates in English
PorschePOSDLabels in Swedish
PorschePOSDStickers, plates in Swedish
PorschePOSELabels in Dutch
PorschePOSEStickers, plates in Dutch
PorschePOSFLabels in Danish
PorschePOSFStickers, plates in Danish
PorschePOSGLabels in French
PorschePOSGStickers, plates in French
PorschePOSHLabels in Portuguese
PorschePOSHStickers, plates in Portuguese
PorschePOSJLabels in Spanish
PorschePOSJStickers, plates in Spanish
PorschePOSKLabels in Italian
PorschePOSKStickers, plates in Italian
PorschePOSLLabels in Japanese
PorschePOSLStickers, plates in Japanese
PorschePOSMLabels in Chinese
PorschePOSMStickers, plates in Chinese
PorschePOSNLabels in Russian
PorschePOSNStickers, plates in Russian
PorschePOSPLabels in Finnish
PorschePOSPStickers, plates in Finnish
PorschePOSQLabels in Norwegian
PorschePOSQStickers, plates in Norwegian
PorschePOSSLabels in English and French
PorschePOSSStickers, plates in English/French
PorschePOSVLabels in Greek
PorschePOSVStickers, plates in Greek
PorschePOSWLabels in Arabic
PorschePOSWStickers, plates in Arabic
PorschePOTAwithout floor mats
PorschePOTDFloor mats in front and rear
PorschePOUAWithout special color trim
PorschePOUBSpecial color trim
PorschePOUDColor according to customer's desire
PorschePOVAWithout information kit
PorschePOVCInformation kit in German for Germany
PorschePOVCInformation kit in German
PorschePOY1Standard climatic zone
PorschePOY1Standard climatic zones
PorschePOYAWeight class 1, rear axle - 1039-1074 kg
PorschePOYAWeight range 1 installation control only, no requirement forecast
PorschePOYBWeight class 2, rear axle - 1075-1128 kg
PorschePOYBWeight range 2 installation control only, no requirement forecast
PorschePOYCWeight class 3, rear axle - 1129-1159 kg
PorschePOYCWeight range 3 installation control only, no requirement forecast
PorschePOYDWeight class 4, rear axle -1160-1215 kg
PorschePOYDWeight range 4 installation control only, no requirement forecast
PorschePOYEWeight class 5, rear axle -1216-1244 kg
PorschePOYEWeight range 5 installation control only, no requirement forecast
PorschePOYFWeight class 6, rear axle - 1245-1299 kg
PorschePOYFWeight range 6 installation control only, no requirement forecast
PorschePOYGWeight class 7, rear axle - 1300-1331 kg
PorschePOYGWeight range 7 installation control only, no requirement forecast
PorschePOYHWeight class 8, rear axle
PorschePOYHWeight range 8 installation control only, no requirement forecast
PorschePOYJWeight class 9, RA
PorschePOYJWeight range 9 installation control only, no requirement forecast
PorschePOYKWeight class 10, rear axle
PorschePOYLWeight class 11, rear axle
PorschePOYMWeight class 12, rear axle
PorschePOYNWeight class 13, rear axle
PorschePOYPWeight class 14, rear axle
PorschePOYQWeight class 15, rear axle
PorschePOYRWeight class 16, rear axle
PorschePOYZWithout determination of weight category for rear axle
PorschePQ01ZR19 tyres (265/45, 295/40)
PorschePQ02All-weather tyres R21 (275/35, 315/30)
PorschePQ03ZR20 tyres (275/40, 315/35)
PorschePQ04All-weather tyres R20 (275/40, 315/35)
PorschePQ05All-weather tyres R20 (275/40, 315/35) SEAL
PorschePQ06ZR21 tyres (275/35, 325/30)
PorschePQ1AStandard front seat, 8-way
PorschePQ1DSports seats with expanded memory function in smooth leather
PorschePQ1GStandard front seats, 6/8-way
PorschePQ1GStandard front seats
PorschePQ1GStandard seats (front), 8-way
PorschePQ1JGTS sports seats front and rear
PorschePQ1JSports front seats
PorschePQ1JSports seats, front, 18-way
PorschePQ1KRacing shell seats in front
PorschePQ2Jconvenience seat
PorschePQ4PSports front seats
PorschePQ4PSports seat GTS 8-way
PorschePQ4QSports front seats
PorschePQ5AStandard seats in front with modified seat mounting
PorschePQA0without child seat
PorschePQAOwithout child seat
PorschePQD1Nameplates for sales name
PorschePQE0W/o storage comp. package / box
PorschePQE0Without tray areas package/box
PorschePQE1Storage compartment package 1
PorschePQE1Tray areas package
PorschePQE3Tray areas package
PorschePQEOW/o storage com p. package / box
PorschePQEOWithout tray areas package/box
PorschePQG1LongLife Service Regime
PorschePQGOOhne Wartungsintervallverlangerung
PorschePQH0without voice control
PorschePQH1voice control
PorschePQHOwithout voice control
PorschePQJ0Without aluminum/chrome package
PorschePQJ0without Chrome package
PorschePQJ2Aluminium package
PorschePQJ2Aluminum package
PorschePQJ3Alum, package, Platinum Silver Metallic
PorschePQJ3Alum. package, Platinum Silver Metallic
PorschePQJ4Aluminium package, Black
PorschePQJ4Aluminum package
PorschePQJ5Aluminium package, Matt Black (Blackline)
PorschePQJ5Aluminium package, Titanium-Metallic
PorschePQJ6Aluminium package, Black Matt
PorschePQJ6Aluminum package
PorschePQK1Multifunction camera
PorschePQL3Tinted glass, green at rear
PorschePQL5Dark tinted rear privacy glass
PorschePQL6Heat-insulating glass at rear, metallized
PorschePQQ0Without add. lights (interior lighting)
PorschePQQ1Interior lights, standard + ambient
PorschePQQ1With additional lights (interior lighting)
PorschePQQ2Interior lights, standard + ambient + rear orientation
PorschePQQ2With additional lights (interior lighting)
PorschePQQOInterior lights, standard
PorschePQR0without compass/Sport Chrono/analogue clock
PorschePQR0Without compass
PorschePQR1With compass
PorschePQR3Analog clock on dashboard
PorschePQR3With compass
PorschePQR4Sport Chrono package
PorschePQR4With display
PorschePQR5Sport Chrono Package Plus
PorschePQR5Sport Chrono Plus package
PorschePQR5With display
PorschePQR8without road sign recognition
PorschePQR9Traffic sign recognition
PorschePQR9with road sign recognition
PorschePQROWithout compass/road sign display/ dynamic road sign display
PorschePQROwithout compass/Sport Chrono/analogue clock
PorschePQROWithout compass
PorschePQU0Digital radio reception (DAB)
PorschePQU1Analog/digital TV reception and digital radio reception
PorschePQU1TV reception + digital radio reception (DAB) MIB
PorschePQU8SAT radio reception, USA
PorschePQU8Satellite radio reception USA
PorschePQUODigital radio reception (DAB)
PorschePQUOSAT radio reception
PorschePQV0Without TV and digital radio reception
PorschePQV0without TV/digital radio reception
PorschePQV0Without TV/SAT/DAB reception
PorschePQV1TV reception
PorschePQV1With TV reception/TV tuner
PorschePQV1With TV reception
PorschePQV3Digital radio reception (DAB)
PorschePQV3digital radio reception
PorschePQV3HD radio reception (high-definition)
PorschePQV4Satellite radio reception USA
PorschePQV4XM satellite radio receiver
PorschePQV5TV reception and digital radio reception (DAB)
PorschePQV5tv reception and digital radio reception
PorschePQV6Preparation for digital radio reception
PorschePQV8HD radio reception and SAT radio XM (SDARS)
PorschePQV8Satellite radio reception NAR
PorschePQVOWithout TV and digital radio reception
PorschePQVOwithout TV/digital radio reception
PorschePQVOWithout TV/SAT/DAB reception
PorschePS0CIntroductory volume
PorschePS0HWithout undercoating (PVC coating)
PorschePS0LControl of demonstration vehicles
PorschePS0PDeviating installation
PorschePS0UPilot production/0-series vehicles, current model year
PorschePS0VDeviating installation
PorschePS18Deviating installation
PorschePS1KBody painted
PorschePS1QAccessories package 3
PorschePS1VDeviating installation
PorschePS1WPhoto/film vehicle
PorschePS2DControl (in-plant)
PorschePS2HOffer change
PorschePS2LControl of new colors
PorschePS2SControl (in-plant)
PorschePS2YDealer finish
PorschePS2ZModel phase
PorschePS31Control (in-plant)
PorschePS32CAN and FlexRay data logger line
PorschePS33CAN and MOST data logger line
PorschePS3EControl of production vehicles of PAG
PorschePS3JControl of presentation vehicles
PorschePS3SControl (in-plant)
PorschePS3XControl (in-plant)
PorschePS50Control of logistics 1
PorschePS5FTest vehicle
PorschePS5GControl of painted bodies
PorschePS6AControl (in-plant)
PorschePS6DControl (in-plant)
PorschePS6JFirst equipment
PorschePS6LInternal control PR code
PorschePS6TControl (in-plant)
PorschePS6YControl (in-plant)
PorschePS72Sports Edition
PorschePS7SPackage offer
PorschePS82Pre-production vehicle (special vehicle)
PorschePS8CBodies without clear coat
PorschePS98Pre-production and quality validation run
PorschePS99Special validity check
PorschePS9QControl (in-plant)
PorschePS9SSpecial control
PorschePS9TSpecial vehicle for market launch
PorschePSD1Volkswagen Group comparison drive (KVF)
PorschePSD3Type approval for 0-series (vehicle representing the production version)
PorschePSF4Control PR code for vehicle tracking
PorschePSF9Production category (finish for press demonstration), observe model-specific or market-specific detail catalog
PorschePSH2Launch support
PorschePSI6Control SE
PorschePSJ4Type approval for pilot production (vehicle representing the production version)
PorschePSL2Pre-production approval testing vehicles
PorschePSL7Estate finish (press and trade fair finish)
PorschePSM4Fuel market A
PorschePSM5Fuel market B
PorschePSM6Fuel market C
PorschePSM7Fuel market E
PorschePSOAIntroduction of new engine
PorschePSOCIntroductory volume
PorschePSOLControl of demonstration vehicles
PorschePSOUPilot production/O-series vehicles, current model year
PorschePSOVDeviating installation
PorschePSOZControl (in-plant)
PorschePSP0General production control
PorschePSP1Cover for prototypes (driving cover)
PorschePSP2Cover for prototypes (parking cover)
PorschePSP6Type approval vehicle
PorschePSPOGeneral production control
PorschePSQ2Function concept
PorschePSR9Control of platform in car body manufacture
PorschePSS4Control FA
PorschePSS8Control of pre-production vehicles and SOP 45/01 with related model year change points
PorschePSU4Adhesive label type 1
PorschePSV2Volkswagen Group Acceptance Road Test (KAF)
PorschePSV3Control (in-plant)
PorschePSV6Control (in-plant)
PorschePSW5Scope from "Exclusive"/CT program
PorschePSX9VIP vehicles with highest priority
PorschePSY0Box by Junge as per specification
PorschePSZ8Delivery Zuffenhausen
PorschePT1M8-cylinder SI engine 4.0 I unit 0P2.A
PorschePT1MV8 biturbo 4.0-litre basic engine components
PorschePT2B4 Zyl.Ottomotor 2,0L Aggr. 06N.B 888evo4
PorschePT2G4-cylinder SI engine 2.0 I unit 06L.D
PorschePT2GR4 TFSI 2.0-litre basic engine components
PorschePT31Components for basic engine, unit M 022Y
PorschePT5RR4 TFSI 2.0-litre basic engine components
PorschePT7V6-cyl. diesel engine 3.0 I assembly 059.N
PorschePT7VV6 TDI basic engine components
PorschePT8I6-cylinder SI engine 3.0 I unit 0P1 .E
PorschePT8IUnit for V6 3.0-litre engine (DU0/D4A)
PorschePT90Units for engine PR No. D9L
PorschePT91Units for engine PR No. D9K
PorschePT91V6 turbo 3.0-litre basic engine components
PorschePT9I6-cylinder SI engine 3.0 I unit 06M.C
PorschePT9IV6 turbo 3.0-litre basic engine components
PorschePTD14-cylinder diesel engine 2.0 I unit 04L.C
PorschePTE58-cylinder diesel engine 4.2 l KW TDI
PorschePTF16-cylinder diesel engine 3.0 I unit 059.H
PorschePTF1V6 TDI (generation 2) basic engine components
PorschePTH16-cylinder diesel engine 3.0 I unit 059.K
PorschePTH1V6 TDI (SCR) basic engine components
PorschePTI48-cylinder diesel engine, 4.0-litre
PorschePTQ96-cylinder SI engine 3.6 I 0P1.B
PorschePTQ9Units for V6 3.6-litre engine (DU1/2/3)
PorschePTS86-cylinder diesel engine 3.0 I unit 059.L
PorschePTS86-cylinder diesel engine, 3.0-litre
PorschePTV86-cylinder SI engine 2.9 I unit 06M.A
PorschePTV8V6 biturbo 2.9-litre basic engine components
PorschePTW64-cyl. petrol engine 2.0 I assembly 06L.B
PorschePTW6R4 TFSI 2.0-litre basic engine components
PorschePU00Cayenne E2 II Turbo wheel, 19" (8.5 x 19, RO59)
PorschePU01911 Turbo Design wheel, 21" E2 II (10 x 21)
PorschePU01911 Turbo Design wheel, 21" E2 II (10x21)
PorschePU0221" Sport Classic wheel
PorschePU5AInstrument insert, km/h indication, RoW
PorschePU5AInstrument insert, km/h speedometer
PorschePU5BInstrument insert, mph indication, GB
PorschePU5BInstrument insert, mph speedometer Great Britain
PorschePU5CInstrument cluster, mph speedometer - USA -
PorschePU5CInstrument cluster, mph speedometer -USA-
PorschePU5CInstrument insert, mph indication, USA
PorschePU5DInstrument cluster, km/h speedometer - Canada -
PorschePU5DInstrument insert, km/h indication, Canada
PorschePU5EInstrument cluster, km/h speedometer Japan
PorschePU5EInstrument insert, km/h indication, Japan
PorschePU5FInstrument cluster, km/h speedometer -AGCC -
PorschePU5FInstrument insert, display km/h, AGCC
PorschePU5GInstrument cluster, km/h speedometer - Australia -
PorschePU5GInstrument insert, km/h indication, Australia
PorschePU97Cayenne E2 Platinum Sport Edition wheel, 21"
PorschePUD0Without exterior ambient lighting
PorschePUD1Ambient lighting, exterior illuminated styling elements at the sides
PorschePUDOWithout exterior ambient lighting
PorschePUE4AUX-IN + USB electric interface
PorschePUF0Without electric interface
PorschePUF1Electric interface for external use
PorschePUF1Multimedia socket for external source
PorschePUFOWithout electric interface
PorschePUFOWithout external electric interface
PorschePUI22 X USB/IPOD interface
PorschePUI2Extern, Aux-In, USB Typ-A, 2x USB Buchse
PorschePUI2Extern, Aux-ln, USB Typ-A, 2x USB Buchse
PorschePUI2Two electrical interfaces, USB/iPod
PorschePUI4AUX + USB/IPOD electric interface + 2X charging
PorschePUI4AUX-IN and USB/IPOD electric interface
PorschePUI4Electrical interface for external use, USB and iPod
PorschePUI4External, AUX-IN jack, USB type A, 1x USB socket
PorschePUI6AUX + USB/IPOD electric interface + 2X charging
PorschePUI6Extern, Aux-ln, USB Typ-A, 1x USB Buchse und Ladebuchse(n)
PorschePUNOWithout Internet
PorschePUOOCayenne E2 II Turbo wheel, 19" (8.5 x 19, R059)
PorschePUP0Analog clock
PorschePUP1digital clock
PorschePUP1Sport Chrono / compass, Black
PorschePUP2Radio-controlled clock
PorschePUP2Sport Chrono/Compass mojave
PorschePUP3digital clock
PorschePUP3Sport Chrono / compass, White
PorschePUP4digital clock
PorschePUP4Sport Chrono / compass, Luxor Beige
PorschePUP5digital clock
PorschePUP5Sport Chrono / compass, Garnet Red
PorschePUP6Sport Chrono/Compass bordeaux red
PorschePUP7Analog clock
PorschePUP7Sport Chrono/Compass carmine red
PorschePUP7Sport Chrono/Compass crimson
PorschePUP9Without clock
PorschePUPOSport Chrono/Compass chalk
PorschePUQ7Electric interface, 4 X USB
PorschePUQ7External, USB type A, 2 x USB socket and charging socket(s)
PorschePUX5Standard valve (tire inflation)
PorschePUX5Standard valve
PorschePUX6TPM valve, Silver
PorschePUX6Type-1 valve (tire inflation)
PorschePUX7TPM valve, Black
PorschePUX7Type-2 valve (tire inflation)
PorschePV0ATires without specification of tire brand
PorschePV0DPIRELLI tires
PorschePV0GMICHELIN tires
PorschePV0LGOODYEAR tires
PorschePV0UYokohama tires
PorschePV1LTire suppliers for sensitive countries
PorschePV1MTire suppliers for installation tests
PorschePV1NTire suppliers for press demonstration/ fair
PorschePV1PTire suppliers for EU countries
PorschePV1QNexen tires
PorschePV1ZTire suppliers for Porsche
PorschePV3921" Sport Classic wheel in exterior colour
PorschePV39Alloy wheels 9J x 21 in front, with 10J x 21 in rear
PorschePV5719" Panamera standard wheel (9/10, 5X19)
PorschePV5819" Panamera S wheel (9/10, 5X19)
PorschePV81Alloy wheels 8J x 20 in front, with 9.5J x 20 in rear
PorschePV9521" Sport Classic wheel in Black
PorschePV95Alloy wheels 8J x 19 in front, with 8.5J x 19 in rear
PorschePV9621" Sport Classic wheel in platinum
PorschePV96Alloy wheels 9J x 21 in front, with 10J x 21 in rear
PorschePV98Cayenne E2 II wheel, 18" (8 x 18, RO53)
PorschePV98Cayenne E2 II wheel, 18" (8x18, R053)
PorschePV99Cayenne S E2 II wheel, 18" (8 x 18, RO53)
PorschePV99Cayenne S E2 II wheel, 18" (8x18, R053)
PorschePVC0Ohne Garagentoroffner
PorschePVC1Garage door opener, 433 MHz
PorschePVC1garage door opener
PorschePVC2Garage door opener, 315 MHz
PorschePVC2garage door opener
PorschePVCOOhne Garagentoroffner
PorschePVF1Stainless steel pedals
PorschePVFOStandard pedals
PorschePVH248 V island vehicle electrical system
PorschePVHOWithout 48 V island vehicle electrical system
PorschePVK0Air duct, standard
PorschePVK1Air duct, type 1
PorschePVK2Air duct, type 2
PorschePVK9Without air duct -- without additional body vents
PorschePVL0Standard pedestrian protection measures
PorschePVL1Pedestrian protection, enhanced
PorschePVL2Extended and crash-active pedestrian protection
PorschePVL2Pedestrian protection, enhanced
PorschePVLOPedestrian protection, standard
PorschePVM1Sports package RAD 22" (10/11,5x22)
PorschePVM2Cd enhancing paneling
PorschePVM3Cd enhancing paneling
PorschePVMOSport design package for the sport package
PorschePVN0digital clock
PorschePVN1digital clock
PorschePVN2digital clock
PorschePVN6digital clock
PorschePVOATires without specification of tire brand
PorschePVODPIRELLI tires
PorschePVOHDUNLOP tires
PorschePVOQHANKOOK tires
PorschePVOVToyo tires
PorschePVOWFalken tires
PorschePVOYKumho tires (Korea)
PorschePVR0Without impact protection measures
PorschePVR1Impact protection measures
PorschePVR1Side protection, running board
PorschePVR2Side impact protection measures, off-road
PorschePVR3Front-end and side protection
PorschePVR4Front impact protection measures
PorschePVR4Impact protection measures
PorschePVR4Sill covers (Sport Design package)
PorschePVR5Sill cover with aluminium trim
PorschePVR7Impact protection measures
PorschePVROWithout impact protection measures
PorschePVT1Scuff plates in door apertures
PorschePVT2Door entry guards, aluminium, illuminated
PorschePVT2Scuff plates in door apertures (illuminated)
PorschePVT3Scuff plates in door apertures (illuminated)
PorschePVT6scuff plate - sill panel
PorschePVT6Scuff plates in door apertures
PorschePVT9Sill trim strips campaign versions
PorschePVW1Privacy glazing
PorschePVW1Side windows tinted green, from B-pillar to rear window gray tinted safety glass
PorschePVW4Side and rear windows
PorschePVW5Insulating glass in rearInsulating glass in rear
PorschePVW5Insulating glass in rearlnsulating glass in rear
PorschePVW5Side and rear windows
PorschePVW6Insulating glass, privacy from B-pillar, rear
PorschePVW6Side and rear windows
PorschePVW7Side and rear windows
PorschePX26Steering wheel airbag, full leather
PorschePX28Steering wheel airbag, light burr walnut, leather
PorschePX30Steering wheel airbag, dark burr walnut, leather
PorschePX45Instrument dial in interior color
PorschePX46Tiptronic selector lever in aluminium/leather
PorschePX47Gear lever knob in Carbon/leather
PorschePX48Tiptronic selector lever in Carbon/aluminium
PorschePX50Powerkit 331/340 kW
PorschePX51Powerkit 250 kW
PorschePX54Stainless steel tailpipes
PorschePX58Handbrake lever in Carbon/leather
PorschePX65Tiptronic selector lever in light burr maple/aluminium
PorschePX66Tiptronic selector lever in dark burr maple/aluminium
PorschePX69Door entry guards in Carbon with logo
PorschePX70Door entry guards in stainless steel with logo
PorschePX71Instrument dial painted/Aluminium Look finish
PorschePX72Gear lever knob aluminium/light burr maple/leather
PorschePX73Sports chassis -20 mm, without PASM
PorschePX73Turbo sports suspension
PorschePX74Sports suspension (exclusive)
PorschePX75Differential lock (exclusive)
PorschePX76Inner door sill guard, left/right
PorschePX77Steering wheel airbag, carbon/leather
PorschePX80Panamera Turbo power kit
PorschePX91Handbrake lever aluminium/light burr maple/leather
PorschePX97Gear lever knob in aluminium/leather
PorschePX98Handbrake lever in aluminium/leather
PorschePX99Natural leather
PorschePXAAAerokit Cup
PorschePXABSpyder rear in body colour
PorschePXAFTurbo aerokit
PorschePXAGCarrera - rear spoiler
PorschePXAHCarrera 4S aerokit
PorschePXAJPainted sill covers
PorschePXALAerokit Boxster
PorschePXAMAerokit Cayman
PorschePXANSport Design package, painted Black
PorschePXAPSport Design Package (Aerokit)
PorschePXARSill covers
PorschePXASSport Design front apron
PorschePXATSportDesign package
PorschePXAVAerokit, Turbo
PorschePXAWSill cover painted Black
PorschePXAXRear lid slats painted
PorschePXBSBrake calliper, painted black, highly polished
PorschePXCADashboard trim strip (3-part) sports seats
PorschePXCBInstrument surround sports seats
PorschePXCCSide air vents sports seats
PorschePXCDCenter air vent bracket sports seats
PorschePXCERear center console sports seats
PorschePXCGSports seat backrest in Aluminium Look finish
PorschePXCHSide/centre air vent slats, sports seats
PorschePXCKRear center console in Galvano Silver
PorschePXCLInstrument surround in Galvano Silver
PorschePXCMRoll-over bar in Galvano Silver
PorschePXCNSide air vents in Aluminium Look finish (997)
PorschePXCSSportDesign mirror, lower shell, Black
PorschePXCWAluminium Look trim on belt opening in B-pillar
PorschePXCYCenter air vent in Aluminium Look finish
PorschePXCZShort shifter
PorschePXD9Wheel painted in body colour
PorschePXDAWheel spokes painted Black
PorschePXDGRims painted in high-gloss Black
PorschePXDHWheel centre painted in Platinum
PorschePXDJDecorative trim on gear lever/selector, painted
PorschePXDKSilky gloss rims, Black Matt
PorschePXDLRims painted Jet Black Metallic
PorschePXDMDecorative dashboard trim, painted
PorschePXDPInstrument cluster frame, painted
PorschePXDRPainted trim on belt opening in B-pillar
PorschePXDSIgnition lock surround in leather
PorschePXDULeather trim on belt opening in B-pillar
PorschePXDVDashboard end-trim in leather
PorschePXDXMirror attachment point finisher, leather
PorschePXDZSelector lever cover in leather
PorschePXE8Gear lever knob aluminium/dark burr maple/leather
PorschePXE9Handbrake lever aluminium/dark burr maple/leather
PorschePXEAPassive handset in leather
PorschePXEPPreparation for "Rear Seat Entertainment"
PorschePXESPreparation, illuminated door entry guard
PorschePXETPreparation for coolbox in rear
PorschePXEWBi-Xenon plus dynamic cornering light, Black
PorschePXEWBi-Xenon with dynamic cornering light (Black)
PorschePXEXHeadlights, Black
PorschePXEYLED headlights, dynamic Cornering light
PorschePXFBInstrument dials painted Bordeaux Red
PorschePXFDInstrument dials in Sand Beige
PorschePXFEInstrument dials in Terracotta
PorschePXFFInstrument dials in Brown/Natural
PorschePXFGInstrument dials in Guards Red
PorschePXFHInstrument dials in Speed Yellow
PorschePXFJInstrument dials in Carrara White
PorschePXFLInstrument dials painted in Luxor Beige
PorschePXFNGear lever in aluminium II
PorschePXFPHandbrake lever Aluminium II
PorschePXFRInstrument dial painted Racing Yellow
PorschePXFY20" Panamera Sport wheel, Platin.
PorschePXFZAlcantara interior package
PorschePXGBDecorative dashboard trim, carbon
PorschePXGCDashboard carbon/Alcantara
PorschePXGDParking brake handle carbon/Alcantara
PorschePXGEHandle recess insert, carbon
PorschePXGGRims in gold high gloss
PorschePXGKStopwatch dials, Luxor Beige
PorschePXGLStopwatch dials, Racing Yellow
PorschePXGMDials, stopwatch, white
PorschePXGMStopwatch dials, White
PorschePXGNDials, stopwatch, indian red
PorschePXGNStopwatch dials, Guards Red
PorschePXGPStopwatch dials, Bordeaux Red
PorschePXGR20-inch Sport Classic II wheel, central locking
PorschePXGSRims in black high gloss, green edging
PorschePXGTSilk-gloss rims, Black. Red border
PorschePXGXSeat belts with Acid Green stripes
PorschePXGYSeat belts with Orange stripes
PorschePXGZSeat belts with Silver stripes
PorschePXHADecorative inlays, leather
PorschePXHBCentre console trim in leather
PorschePXHCShift lever in mahogany
PorschePXHDPDK selector lever in mahogany
PorschePXHEDashboard trim panel in mahogany
PorschePXHFMulti-function steering wheel in mahogany
PorschePXHGCentre console trim in mahogany
PorschePXHHShift lever, carbon
PorschePXHJPDK selector lever, carbon
PorschePXHLMulti-function steering wheel, carbon
PorschePXHMCentre console trim, carbon
PorschePXHNSeat belts in Racing Yellow
PorschePXHPSeat belts in Luxor Beige
PorschePXHSRear centre tunnel in leather
PorschePXHUSeat belts in Bordeaux Red
PorschePXHVMulti-function sports steering wheel, Mahogany
PorschePXHWMulti-function sports steering wheel, Carbon
PorschePXHXSeat belts in Chalk
PorschePXHYSeat belts in Miami Blue
PorschePXJ4Leather cover for ignition lock surround
PorschePXJABlack door opener, highly polished
PorschePXJBRear section of centre console in Arctic Silver
PorschePXJHWindow triangle strips in High-Gloss Black
PorschePXJJCarbon trim on belt opening in B-pillar
PorschePXJLMakassar Ebony side air vent
PorschePXJMSycamore side air vent
PorschePXJNMakassar Ebony center air vent
PorschePXJPSycamore center air vent
PorschePXJRMakassar Ebony windscreen defroster panel
PorschePXJSSycamore windscreen defroster panel
PorschePXJTMakassar Ebony rear center console
PorschePXJUSycamore rear center console
PorschePXJWExterior mirror top half, Carbon
PorschePXKBSide air vent in light burr maple
PorschePXKCSide air vent in dark burr maple
PorschePXKDSide air vent in Carbon
PorschePXKESide air vent in Arctic Silver
PorschePXKGDefroster trim in light burr maple; leather
PorschePXKHDefroster trim in dark burr maple; leather
PorschePXKJDefroster trim in Carbon/leather
PorschePXKLLeather speaker covers
PorschePXKMSpeaker covers in light burr maple
PorschePXKNSpeaker covers in dark burr maple
PorschePXKPCarbon speaker covers
PorschePXKRCenter air vent bracket in light burr maple
PorschePXKSCenter air vent bracket in dark burr maple
PorschePXKWCenter nozzle bracket arctic silver
PorschePXKXInstrument surround in Arctic Silver
PorschePXLABoxster tailpipe
PorschePXLFSports exhaust system
PorschePXLGCentre console storage bin cover in Alcantara, with logo
PorschePXLJCentre console lid in Alcantara with crest
PorschePXLKSportDesign steering wheel, Alcantara
PorschePXLLGT sports steering wheel, Alcantara
PorschePXLMShift lever, Alcantra
PorschePXLNPDK selector lever, Alcantra
PorschePXLPSports tailpipes, Black
PorschePXLRSports tailpipes, Panamera
PorschePXLSSports tailpipe 98X
PorschePXLTSports tailpipes, 997
PorschePXLUSun visors, Alcantara
PorschePXLWSports tailpipe cover, Black
PorschePXLXSports exhaust system, Black tailpipe
PorschePXMARooflining in leather
PorschePXMERear section of centre console painted
PorschePXMFFront center console including 2 storage bins, leather
PorschePXMJRear section of centre console in Carbon
PorschePXMKRoll-over bar in exterior color
PorschePXMLRear center console in light burr maple
PorschePXMPLeather sun visor, 2 illuminated vanity mirrors
PorschePXMRSun visor in leather, 2 illuminated vanity mirrors,
PorschePXMYRoll-over bar in Arctic Silver
PorschePXMZRear section of centre console in leather
PorschePXN3Dashboard side air vent in leather
PorschePXNBRear center console in dark burr maple
PorschePXNGInstrument surround in leather
PorschePXNHSide vent, left/right defroster trim in leather
PorschePXNNCenter air vent bracket in leather
PorschePXNRCarbon center air vent bracket
PorschePXNSLeather steering column trim, 4-part
PorschePXNSLeather steering column trim
PorschePXNULeather trim strip (dashboard)
PorschePXNVTrim strip (dashboard) in light burr maple
PorschePXNWTrim strip (dashboard) in dark burr maple
PorschePXNXCarbon trim strip (dashboard)
PorschePXNYTrim strip in Arctic Silver
PorschePXPA3-spoke sports steering wheel in leather interior co
PorschePXPB3-spoke sports steering wheel, light burr maple, leather
PorschePXPC3-spoke sports steering wheel, dark burr maple, leather
PorschePXPD3-spoke sports steering wheel, Carbon/leather
PorschePXPG3-spoke sports steering wheel, sports seats
PorschePXPLPrivacy glazing
PorschePXPPLoudspeaker finisher on switch panel in interior colour
PorschePXPRRear window with privacy-glazing
PorschePXPSPrivacy lightweight glazing
PorschePXPTCentre console storage bin lid with crest
PorschePXPUMulti-function steering wheel Galvano Silver, new generation
PorschePXPVMulti-function steering wheel, Galvano Silver
PorschePXPWInstrument surround in light burr maple
PorschePXPXInstrument surround in dark burr maple
PorschePXPYCarbon instrument surround
PorschePXRB18-inch Sport Classic II wheel
PorschePXRC18-inch SportTechno wheel
PorschePXRD20" Carrera Sport wheel
PorschePXRF20/21" 918 SPYDER wheel, PLATINUM, central lock
PorschePXRL18-inch SportDesign wheel
PorschePXRN17-mm spacers, rear
PorschePXRP5-mm spacers, front/rear
PorschePXRR19-in. Carrera Sport wheel
PorschePXRS19" Sport Classic wheel
PorschePXRT20-inch Sport Techno wheel
PorschePXRU20" Sport Classic wheel
PorschePXRV20" Sport Classic wheel, Jet Black
PorschePXRWPanamera Sport wheel, 20"
PorschePXRXPanamera Sport wheel 20" in body colour
PorschePXRYPanamera Sport wheel 20" in Black
PorschePXRZ20" Sport Classic wheel, Black
PorschePXSAPainted sports seat backrest
PorschePXSBLeather sports seat backrest
PorschePXSCPorsche Crest embossed in headrest
PorschePXSDFront seat controls in leather
PorschePXSEBucket seat, left
PorschePXSFBucket seat, right
PorschePXSGRacing bucket seat, left
PorschePXSHSilver seat belts
PorschePXSJ6-point HARNESS
PorschePXSL6-point safety catch
PorschePXSMRacing safety cage
PorschePXSNOmission of rear seats
PorschePXSRCarbon back for bucket seat, right
PorschePXSSCarbon back for bucket seat, left
PorschePXSTSeat belts in Sand Beige
PorschePXSUUpholstered seat
PorschePXSWSeat belts in Maritime Blue
PorschePXSXSeat belts in Guards Red
PorschePXSYSeat belts in Speed Yellow
PorschePXSZSeat belts in Riviera Blue
PorschePXTCDoor panel parts in leather
PorschePXTEDoor panel parts in carbon/leather
PorschePXTFDoor panel parts in arctic silver/leather
PorschePXTGInner door sills in leather
PorschePXTJDoor panel parts in light burr maple
PorschePXTKDoor panel parts in dark burr maple
PorschePXTLDoor panel parts in Carbon
PorschePXTRDoor panel parts in Aluminium Look finish
PorschePXTTMakassar Ebony door panel parts
PorschePXTUSycamore door panel parts
PorschePXTVLeather door panel parts
PorschePXTWDoor panel parts in Galvano Silver
PorschePXUASpoiler lip painted
PorschePXUBCover on headlight cleaning system, painted
PorschePXUCModel designation painted
PorschePXUERear apron painted in exterior colour
PorschePXUFSportDesign rear apron
PorschePXULSportDesign rear apron, painted Black
PorschePXUVCentre console storage bin lid with logo
PorschePXUXRear backrest release loop in leather
PorschePXUZDoor mirror, bottom half Matt aluminium
PorschePXV1Defroster trim in leather
PorschePXVASteering column trim in leather. Contrasting decorative stitching.
PorschePXVBSkirt cover in leather, different stitching
PorschePXVCSport seat plus, rear backrest, leather, stitching
PorschePXVMLeather center air vent
PorschePXVPTrim strip including cupholder cover in leather
PorschePXVRSide/centre air vent in leather
PorschePXVTCover for loudspeakers, doors and rear in leather
PorschePXVWInterior mirror, leather
PorschePXVXStitching and embroidering in different colour
PorschePXVYClothes hook in leather on seat backrest
PorschePXWADoor panel trim in leather
PorschePXWBDoor panel trim in mahogany
PorschePXWCDoor panel trim in carbon
PorschePXWDDoor panel trim in brushed aluminium
PorschePXWEDoor panel trim, painted
PorschePXWJSports seat Plus, painted backrest
PorschePXWKSports seat Plus, leather backrest
PorschePXWLSports seat Plus package, leather backrest
PorschePXWPFront seat covers, Alcantara (seat centre strip)
PorschePXWRPDK gate frame in Aluminium Look
PorschePXWSPDK gate frame painted
PorschePXWTPDK gate frame painted Black
PorschePXWUPDK gate frame in leather
PorschePXWWHeritage Line
PorschePXX1Floor mats, logo, leather border
PorschePXXAAerokit Cup
PorschePXXBDoor entry guards, stainless steel, illuminated
PorschePXXCDoor entry guards, aluminium, illuminated
PorschePXXDDoor entry guards, carbon, illuminated
PorschePXXFRed tail lights
PorschePXXGTail lights in clear glass look
PorschePXXHAlcantara sun visor
PorschePXXJAlcantara interior light cover
PorschePXXKFront seat covers in woven leather
PorschePXXLRear seat covers in woven leather
PorschePXXMWithout chequered flag design (seat)
PorschePXXPLED tail lights, dimmed
PorschePXXPTail lights, darkened
PorschePXXRTail lights, darkened
PorschePXXTExclusive Design Edition
PorschePXXVAluminium pedals
PorschePXXVSports-look pedals
PorschePXXZAluminium footrest
PorschePXY5Tiptronic gear selector gate in leather
PorschePXYAPDK selector lever (EXC)
PorschePXYAPDK selector lever, aluminium, Exclusive design
PorschePXYBFuel tank cap in Aluminium Look
PorschePXYCShift lever, aluminium
PorschePXYDDashboard trim panel, aluminium
PorschePXYECentre console cover, brushed aluminium
PorschePXYGCentre console trim, painted
PorschePXYHPDK selector lever, aluminium
PorschePXYRPorsche Crest on armrest front
PorschePXYSModel logo on armrest front
PorschePXYTPorsche Crest on armrest front and rear
PorschePXYUModel logo on armrest front and rear
PorschePXYVPorsche Crest on front headrest
PorschePXYWPorsche Crest on front and rear headrests
PorschePXZBCarbon centre air vent
PorschePXZDInterior light surround in leather
PorschePXZJtrim Carbon Sideblade
PorschePXZMCentre tunnel, front, leather
PorschePXZYDecorative inlays in Mahogany Yachting
PorschePXZZMulti-function steering wheel, Mahogany Yachting

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