Our story began in the early 1980’s when founder Vincent Pumo; a native Sicilian living in Manchester used to travel into Italy each month with his 11-year-old son James.

Since then we have grown to be the largest supplier in the world of new and used parts for Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Porsche and Aston Martin.

Vince was an entrepreneur by nature and had established 2 high end hair salons at a young age. With a keen eye for trends and big hair becoming all the rage in the 80’s, he seized the opportunity to start importing hairdryers from Italy into the UK market.

Each month Vince and James made the long and perilous 1000-mile trip over the channel and up through the Alps to finally arrive in Maranello a few days later in a 1950’s Type 2 VW Transporter (and anybody that has knowledge of these vans will be well aware that they were characterfully unreliable and most, including this one, no heating what so ever).

Now where does this all link to supercar parts I hear you ask? Well, just like the rest of us, Vince had a passion for some of the finer things in life, Italian cars being one of them.

As the 80’s progressed, this passion saw him getting to know David Clarke, the founder of Graypaul Motors; a newly appointed Ferrari service centre situated in the North of England.

With Vince being full of charisma, they became great friends very quickly and with a lack of supply chains at the time, Vince and James would travel around Modena to the likes of Pininfarina and Maranello to collect parts for David during their regular trips to the motherland.

Over the years, the trips saw Vince and James build great relationships with suppliers and gain a strong knowledge of the spare parts world and these trips continued right through until David sold Graypaul Motors in 1985.

With the opportunity arising, Vince took the plunge to move into the spare parts industry himself in July that year and Eurospares (continental parts) Ltd was finally born.

James has continued the tradition with trips into Italy to find rare and exciting spares, however, with the embrace of modern technology they’re not required to be as regular as they once were and are certainly more comfortable than they would have been in the old Transporter 2.

Since the beginning, Eurospares has strived to be the best and has grown to be the largest supplier of new and used Ferrari parts, Lamborghini parts, Maserati parts and Porsche parts in the world.

We’ve pushed forward and invested in the future of the company during the good times but there’s also been some hardships over the years too. A devastating fire in 2002 which started in a neighbouring building saw our offices and warehouse burn to the ground. The 2007-2008 financial crisis caused a plethora of concessionaires and dealerships to close around the globe and of course, the whole world has suffered during the recent global pandemic.

We’ve continued to grow throughout, and the progression of the company is akin to the strong leadership of James Pumo (who took the reins in the late 90’s) and the passionate, admirable attitude of the staff which has helped the company to push forward and continue to support the global community that we’ve helped build over time.

Everyone that works here is part of the family (many of which are actually members of the family) and we have always been proud of the friendly, professional and welcoming nature we extend to all of our customers.

We think it’s important that you know who you’re dealing with and with that in mind, we’ve devoted a section of our site to the staff that make this company the place it is today. They’re the wonderfully intricate cogs that make this machine work and we’d like to give you the chance to get to know them as well as we do.

We are driven by our passion and look to cater for every supercar owner; whether you’re an enthusiast who has just realised your dream of owning one of these exhilarating vehicles and needs to stick to a budget, a collector who has a stable full of prancing horses and raging bulls or are somewhere in between, then we’re here for you.

We hold a huge inventory of new Genuine Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Porsche and Aston Martin parts, specialising in models from the 1950’s until present day at prices that will not be beaten. We also offer a huge range of recycled parts from the multitude of salvaged cars we dismantle each year.

If you need the parts quickly then you’re in luck; we ship all over the world and offer 24- or 48-hour delivery to nearly every country in the world.

We pride ourselves on impeccable customer service and our focus is to ensure that you get the service you’d expect when dealing with these fantastic vehicles.

Our passion is for parts, and the cars we provide them for; both on the road and track, and our motorsport connections have led to us sponsoring and supporting champions such as Mick Schumacher, Charles Leclerc, Antonio Fuoco and Oliver Bearman.

We’re a real company run by real people who have a genuine passion for the brands we work with. As a customer, you are at the heart of our business and we are constantly driving forward to provide you the best possible service we can. We endeavour to make sure you have the experience you would want and expect when dealing with these phenomenal vehicles.

Explore the website by reading some of our articles, check out our social media or simply google Eurospares reviews if you don’t already know who we are. Then when you’re ready, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us when you need help, that’s precisely why we’re here.

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