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a part diagram from the ferrari 355 (2.7 motronic) parts catalogue

2.7 Motronic

a part diagram from the ferrari 355 (5.2 motronic) parts catalogue

5.2 Motronic

a part diagram from the ferrari 355 challenge (1996) parts catalogue

Challenge (1996)

a part diagram from the ferrari 355 challenge (1999) parts catalogue

Challenge (1999)

Ferrari 355 - Building on a Legacy, Defining a Future

The Ferrari 355 replaced the 348 and made up for many of its shortfalls. Released in 1994, it featured the latest F1 technology that helped get the 0-60 mph time down to just 4.6 seconds and push to a top speed of 183 mph.

The exterior and interior are exquisite and the V8 soundtrack tickles the senses in all the right ways. Suspension can be adjusted to prioritise comfort or speed, and handling is excellent due to brilliantly responsive, sharp steering - all 355s have power steering as standard.

Named the 355 because of its engine size (3.5 liters) and the number of valves (5) per cylinder, this rear-engined V8 Ferrari produced 380 bhp and is often featured in the top 10 of best Ferrari's ever. The Challenge model launched in 1995 and it was totally track-focused, including all the features you need to race such as a roll cage, harness and competition steering wheel. The final edition of the 355 (Fiorano) came out in 1999.

The 355 was pivotal for Ferrari in many ways, as the last ever hand-built production Ferrari and the last V8 to be given pop-up headlights. It's an iconic supercar that was an instant hit and is still desirable to this day. Everything about this Ferrari oozes quality. Originally it only came with a 6-speed manual transmission and was available as a coupe or Targa-roofed GTS; a full convertible was launched a year on.

From Legend to Legacy: Preserving the Ferrari Spirit with Genuine Parts

Eurospares is your one-stop shop for Ferrari 355 parts. As fellow Ferrari owners ourselves we know that the Ferrari 355 is an Italian legend that ignites the soul of every enthusiast. But like any high-performance Ferrari, your 355 needs the right care to keep its heart pounding. And when it comes to parts, nothing gets your Prancing Horse purring like genuine spares from Eurospares.

We have been in the Ferrari parts business since 1985 and our commitment to you extends beyond a mere parts supplier; we are your dedicated partner in preserving the heritage and performance of your Ferrari. Through our comprehensive inventory, expert guidance, and unwavering commitment to quality, we empower you to keep your cherished vehicle in pristine condition for generations to come.

For over three decades, Eurospares has earned the trust of discerning Ferrari owners worldwide. Our stock of parts and accessories cannot be beaten, and the same level of care is taken to source and deliver every item, regardless of size or value.

Customers come to us for routine service parts such as oil filters and spark plugs, and also specific parts for key jobs such as a Ferrari F355 clutch replacement or a headlamp replacement. To find your exact part please select your model above and locate your Ferrari F355 parts diagram.

From precise transmission components that keep your shifts smooth and powerful to a complete Ferrari 355 engine ready to reignite your legend's roar, we have everything you need and more, including F355 body panels and service kits.

Fast Delivery Worldwide On All F355 Parts

Ferrari F355 used parts are also available on our website thanks to our in-house breaking team. It's never a pretty sight to see such a highly sought-after supercar in a state of despair and in need of dismantling for its parts but look on the bright side knowing that Eurospares will have the parts you need to ensure that your Ferrari 355 stays on the road and track.

We have 1000s of parts in stock, you can order from the online part catalogs or the parts showcase. We ship worldwide every day and can provide next-day service to the USA, UK, France, Germany, and Italy. For destinations like Japan and Australia, a mere 2-day wait separates you from your vital components.

Eurospares: Genuine Parts and Expert Guidance

All of us at Eurospares are driven by passion and have a wealth of knowledge on all Ferrari spares. We strive to meet all your Ferrari part needs so that you can quickly and easily get your car back on the road and in perfect condition. Our deep knowledge of every model and our meticulous sourcing ensure you receive only the highest quality parts, back with the highest levels of customer service.

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