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a part diagram from the ferrari 400 gt (mechanical) parts catalogue

GT (Mechanical)

a part diagram from the ferrari 400 gt / 400i (coachwork) parts catalogue

GT / 400i (Coachwork)

a part diagram from the ferrari 400i (1983 mechanical) parts catalogue

400i Mechanical) (1983)

The Ferrari 400: A Blend of Innovation and Elegance

First introduced at the 1976 Paris Motor Show, the new Ferrari 400 was offered in two models: 400 Automatic, the first Ferrari to have an automatic transmission, using a GM 3 speed automatic transmission and 400 GT using a five-speed transmission. Only 502 units were built, 355 of these were automatics, 147 were manuals and there were no US versions made due to America’s smog and safety regulations. The automatic was chosen by 70% of buyers.

The chassis of the 400 was structurally almost identical to its predecessor, the 365 GT4 2+2, but it featured several distinctive elements. These included a smaller body-colored spoiler on the lower edge of the nose, five-bolt fixings for the five-spoke alloy wheels, and various interior modifications such as new stitch styles and patterns, updates to the switchgear on the center console, and redesigned door release catches.

In 1979 the 400 was updated to the 400i with a Bosch K-Jetronic fuel injection system. Although this improved the cars emissions, it took the power down from 340 hp to 310 hp, like in the smaller Ferrari 308 GTBi. The 0-60 mph sprint was still an impressive sub 7 seconds and the GT had a top speed of 150 mph. Ferrari strove for elegance with this car and you can tell from first glance this was a classy supercar. Featuring pop-up headlamps, overly obvious five-spoke wheels, luxurious interior, and a large diameter pre-airbag steering wheel.

The only initial difference between the 400 and 400i were the fuel injected engine and the “i” badge on the rear but when Ferrari updated the 400i in 1982 there were more significant differences. New camshaft profiles and exhaust manifolds helped raise engine power slightly to 315 hp and lower profile Michelin TRX tires were added.

The exterior had a narrower front grille to expose the fog lights with the tail fog lights now housed in the bumper and the natural alloy grille between the headlamps and the satin black rear fascia were now body color. The exterior mirrors were more elegant and came bearing a small Ferrari shield similar to those on the Ferrari 328.  As for the interior this was revised with different upholstery patterns, door panels and a center console with an array of new electronic switchgear.

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We have a massive range of parts in stock, and can also order specific items directly from the factory as needed. Additionally, we regularly acquire cars that have been written off to dismantle for parts, offering them at discounted prices.

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We pride ourselves on maintaining a large inventory that includes readily available parts and the ability to order specific components directly from the factory. Our extensive parts catalog covers all spares and accessories, from engine diagrams featuring the crankcase and cylinder heads to systems as crucial as brakes and exhausts.

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Eurospares: Maintaining Your Vintage GT

Eurospares are driven by passion and our friendly and knowledgeable staff members are on hand to help you with any Ferrari parts you need. Whether you're undertaking a full restoration or a simple part replacement, we provide a seamless and efficient solution for sourcing all the parts you need.

If you have any questions and would like to get in touch, visit our contact page where our personable and knowledgeable staff members are on hand to help you find the 400 parts you require.

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