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Ferrari 512: Performance, Design, and Legacy

The Ferrari Berlinetta Boxer (BB) 512 succeeded the 365 GT4 BB in 1976. Equipped with a larger displacement to almost 5.0 liters and a slightly modified bodywork it became the fastest production car at the time. The regular design triple light clusters with a reflector, turn signal and stop light on either side featured on the 365 GT4 BB and 308 were replaced, and it had a new multi-tubular frame and an all-independent suspension which reflected Ferrari’s racing experience.

At the last of the BB series, the 512 BBi replaced the 512 BB in 1981, with the adoption of a Bosch K-Jetronic fuel injection system instead of the Weber carburettors. This assisted with producing cleaner emissions and offering a better balance of performance and drivability and as a result, it was considered as one of the most functional of all the Ferrari Berlinetta Boxer models.

A change to metric sized wheel and the Michelin TRX tire system, small white running lights in the nose, and red rear fog lamps outside of the tail pipes in the rear valance made this model variant different to its replacement.

Production of the the 512 TR started in 1991 and was the evolution of the Testarossa. Its interior was redesigned to increase comfort and ergonomics and the exterior facelift was designed to improve aerodynamics. The looks were also elevated thanks to the bigger 18” wheels.

A not so visible change on the TR was the engine and transmission assembly location on the chassis which had been dropped by 30mm to lower the centre of gravity to improve the cars road holding. It returned to Ferraris naming of model titles using characters with the ‘5’ referring to the engines cubic capacity in litres, the ‘12’ the number of cylinders and the ‘TR’ an abbreviation of Testarossa.

The 512 M was the last version of the Testarossa and the final Ferrari to boast a flat 12 engine with only 501 cars produced between 1994-1996. Its power was upped to 446 bhp which gave an impressive top speed of 196 mph. Bringing the decade old car into the modern day, the 512 M had a Bosch ABS system, newly designed steering wheel and modern air con, along with noticeable differences to the exterior to help improve the aerodynamics.

The wheels on the 512 M had a unique marmite design - which you either love or hate - but does differentiate the model from the other 512 series. The exterior saw the signature pop up headlamps replaced with fixed ones while the front nose took on a rounder shape and air ducts were stamped into the hood, like the Ferrari 456, making it a racier, lighter, faster and more hi-tech version of the 512 TR.

Ferrari 512 Spare Parts Specialist

At Eurospares, we pride ourselves on offering an extensive selection of genuine Ferrari 512 parts, ensuring that you have access to everything you need to maintain or enhance your classic supercar. Whether you're searching for Ferrari 512 body parts, repair parts, or service parts, our detailed parts diagrams make it easy to locate exactly what you need.

We can supply any part required, from essentials such as oil filters, fuel filters and cam belt bearings to badges, car covers and wheel caps. Select your model to view the parts catalog, browse a selection of in-stock parts in the parts showcase or contact our team and they will find the parts for you and create a personalized basket for your review.

Worldwide Ferrari 512 Parts Supplier

Eurospares ship new and used Ferrari parts daily to collectors and enthusiasts around the world. The Ferrari 512 is indeed a rare car, however be assured that if you are in need of a part for your Ferrari 512 TR or some genuine Ferrari 512 M wheels you are in the right place! We specialize in sourcing and advising on all Ferrari parts available.

Parts are sent quickly and securely to customers all over the world and we only supply the highest quality components that will help your GT live on and achieve its full potential. From small items such as bolts, seals, and washers, to large parts including exhausts, transmissions and wheels, our team of passionate part experts can safely package and ship any part to most countries worldwide. We can provide next-day delivery to the USA, UK, France, Germany, Italy, and many other countries. We can deliver in as little as 2 days to Australia, Japan and beyond.

There aren't many 512's around, so getting spare bodywork parts is not easy, however thanks to our on-site breaking workshop we are able to take in 512s which have been written off and strip them down for spares making the functional working parts available for sale. To see what Ferrari’s we have been working on recently including damaged 512 BBs please go to our used Ferrari parts page.

Eurospares: Driven by Passion since 1985

Choosing Eurospares means opting for excellence. We not only ensure the availability of Ferrari 512 parts for sale but also guarantee swift global delivery, making us the leading supplier of Ferrari parts. By purchasing from us, you invest in quality parts that enhance your Ferrari’s performance and longevity, ensuring it remains a symbol of automotive excellence on the road or on the track.

If you have any questions and would like to get in touch, then go to our contact page where our friendly and knowledgeable team members are on hand to help you find the 512 parts you require.

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