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Designed to celebrate Ferrari’s 40th anniversary, the F40 was Ferrari’s fastest, most powerful and most expensive car for sale at the time of production. It was also the last Ferrari personally approved by Enzo Ferrari himself before his death in August 1988 and it was claimed that only Enzo’s closest associates were involved in the development process.

On the unveiling of the F40 design, it took everyone’s breath away with its raw, mean, and desirable look. It was everything you look for in a racing car but road-legal and practical. Styled by the artist behind the Daytona, 512 BB and 308 GTB, the design of the F40 was significantly different being more sharp, angular and purposeful to help reduce frontal area, drag and lift. The design was the first series production car to feature composite panels - made of Kevlar, carbon fiber and aluminum - for strength, and had a polycarbonate plastic windshield and windows. It was designed with a Lexan hood, which would later be used on the F8 models, to display the beauty within; the twin turbo V8 engine.

It’s clear that the F40 was an innovative piece of machinery engineered with incredible precision and the 2.9-liter twin turbo V8 engine reflects that with its outstanding performance figures. The Ferrari F40 bhp is 471 and the Ferrari F40's acceleration 0-60 mph is 4.2 seconds. In the 1980’s it became the fastest car ever made with a top speed of 201 mph and the first to exceed 200 mph, leaving many people regarding the F40 as the greatest supercar of all time.

Compared with the 288 GTO, the F40 powerhouse had an additional 80 bhp and to cope with this extreme power a new tire had to be developed. From experience in the Formula 1 season and asymmetrical tread patterns, Pirelli made a carcass with lightweight materials to create the P-zero specifically for the F40. Vented performance brake rotors were added to the larger front and rear tires to allow for handling performance that is hard to beat, even to this day.

A hot topic of the F40 over the years has been the particularly unaccommodating interior. The notoriously stripped-down cabin reduced the weight of the car to just 3,000 pounds by having no sound system, no glove compartment, no leather trims, no door panels and ultra-lightweight cloth bucket seats. The one luxury it did have was moderate air conditioning. The door handles were also replaced with a pull cable running diagonally in the hallow of the door to pop it open and on the exterior the handles were replaced with a recess latch to help further reduce the weight. The carpet on the floors was also removed but what many people don’t realize is that the dash of the F40 is topped with carpeting.

The F40 was an evolution of styling and performance cues of the 288 GTO Evoluzione which never made it to competition. Enzo Ferrari instructed a timeframe of just 13 months to design, test and build the F40. To put into perspective of how unheard this timeframe was, creating a new car is a process which usually takes years, not months - so to make such a monumental car in such a short space of time is nothing short of a miracle!

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