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LaFerrari: A High Performance Tribute to Classic Ferrari Models

Described by Ferrari’s company president as “the maximum expression of what defines our company”, the LaFerrari follows in the footsteps of the legendary Ferrari 288 GTO, F40, F50 and Enzo. The LaFerrari was a limited-production mild hybrid sports car with an added electric motor to the V12 petrol engine, providing the highest power output of any Ferrari road car whilst decreasing fuel consumption by a staggering 40%.

Infused with more than sixty years of sports car and Formula 1 racing know-how, the LaFerrari was a top-notch performer on the race track. This was proven spectacularly when Fernando Alonso completed a lap at Ferrari's own Fiorano circuit in just 1 minute and 20 seconds. This achievement marked a significant moment, as it was the fastest lap recorded by a production car at the time.

The design of the LaFerrari was the first Ferrari since the Dino 308 GT4 not to have a design input from Pininfarina, instead being styled exclusively by Ferrari’s own designers in-house.

The design reconnects with the Ferrari’s of the 1960s with cues from the 458 Italia and the F12 Berlinetta with similar headlamps, front air intakes and through-the-side glass detailing. The clever engineering on the LaFerrari uses active aerodynamics on the spoiler and front and rear diffusers which can be augmented in real-time to match the driving dynamics.

To control the whopping 789 horsepower, a host of high-tech aides such as F1 traction control, electronic stability control and electronic differential were introduced. These, and the many vehicle controls and paddles being located on the steering wheel, helped ensure that the LaFerrari would be driven with both hands on the wheel for guaranteed maximum control - very important considering the Ferrari LaFerrari 0-60 mph sprint is under 3 seconds and has a top speed of 218 mph.

In 2016, Ferrari unveiled a limited edition open-top version of the LaFerrari named the LaFerrari Aperta with a removable carbon fiber hard top, (optional), and a removable canvas soft top. It boasts the same specifications and characteristics as the LaFerrari and provides a unique open-top driving experience.

A series of targeted modifications were included in the design for the Aperta to cope with the stresses of not having a roof. Mods included more efficient powertrain control electronics, reangled radiators - to redirect airflow out along the underbody rather than over the bonnet, a longer front air dam to help increase downforce, and an L-shaped flap added on the upper corner of each windscreen pillar to reduce compression on the rear of the interior.

These modifications have put the Aperta at the top of the supercar category in terms of dynamic performance. They ensure drivers experience the same ultimate luxury and thrilling performance as the coupe but in an open-top car.

All Genuine Ferrari LaFerrari Parts are Available

Listed as one of the most expensive supercars to maintain, genuine LaFerrari parts are as you can imagine, quite pricey. The good news is that we have a price match policy, and have built a reputation for supplying genuine Ferrari parts at highly competitive prices, so you can buy with confidence knowing you are getting the right part at the right price.

Shop the complete range of replacement LaFerrari parts online at Eurospares. We can supply every part including the LaFerrari exhaust, front bumper, seats, service parts, transmission and windows. We also have a complete Ferrari LaFerrari engine for sale.

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Worldwide Ferrari LaFerrari Parts Supplier

At Eurospares, we maintain a huge range of genuine and OEM Ferrari parts in stock. If we don't have what you need, we can quickly order it for you with minimal wait times. Our efficient global delivery service ensures your parts reach you swiftly and we have next-day delivery options on in-stock parts to the USA, UK, France, Germany, and Italy. For our customers in Australia, Japan, and other international locations, we offer an expedited 2-day delivery service.

Our expertise also extends beyond just new parts. We've worked with numerous Ferraris in our workshop, carefully dismantling them to salvage usable and working parts. This process allows us to offer genuine, functional, used Ferrari parts at reduced prices, contributing to sustainability by preventing waste.

If you know the part number required or want to narrow down and filter your search, head over to our dedicated search page where you can search part numbers, descriptions, models and more.

Driven By Passion since 1985

At Eurospares, our passion for the LaFerrari and all Ferrari models runs deep. Since 1985, our journey has been fuelled by an unwavering enthusiasm for prestige supercars. We don't just supply parts; we share your admiration and love for every Prancing Horse and it's this passion that drives us to excel.

So, for any and all of your Ferrari spare part requirements, please feel free to reach out to us. We're here ready to assist you with any part you need and can offer advice on availability, fitment and handling.

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