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XX Stradale

The SF90 Stradale: Hybrid Innovation and Hypercar Performance

The Ferrari SF90 Stradale was designed for the 90th Anniversary of the Scuderia Ferrari racing team with “Stradale” meaning “made for the road”. It was the first ever Ferrari to feature plug-in Hybrid electric vehicle architecture and is equipped with three electric motors and a twin-turbocharged V8 engine which is an evolution of the unit found in the 488 Pista and the F8 Tributo.

Two of the electric motors are connected to each front wheel to allow torque vectoring and the third is sandwiched between the engine and the new eight-speed dual-clutch transmission. The new transmission is more compact and lighter than the existing seven-speed transmission used in previous models like the 458 and 812.

The V8 engine alone generates 769 horsepower but when you add in a trio of electric motors giving an additional 217 horsepower, the SF90 generates an immense 986 horsepower in total to deliver breath-taking acceleration.

When you think of a hybrid though, you worry this will impact the driving experience, especially on a Ferrari but this is quite the opposite. In fact, by just selecting one of the four driving modes, the sophisticated control logic then takes care of the rest, leaving you to enjoy the ride and experience you would expect from a Prancing Horse.

The four modes of driving in the SF90 provide a unique and personal experience. “eDrive” mode runs the car only on the electric motors. “Hybrid” mode, which is the car’s default mode, runs on both the internal combustion engine and the electric motors during which the control logic on the car’s onboard computer turns off the engine to save fuel if the conditions are ideal.

The “Performance” mode keeps the engine running to charge the batteries and keeps the car responsive to maintain performance. Lastly, the “Qualify” mode uses the powertrain to its full potential so the driver can attempt to achieve all the performance statistics Ferrari has claimed - 0-60 mph in 2.4 seconds, 0-100 mph in 4.5 seconds and a top speed over 210 mph!

Attention to advanced aerodynamic detail shapes the exterior. Through and beneath the car are an array of intakes and vents to feed cooling air, extract hot air, maximize downforce and minimize drag. The engine was positioned to give a low center of gravity and superior stability, and when combined with precise steering the car has exceptionally sharp handling.

The body was an entirely new chassis composed of forged aluminum and carbon fiber, which also made the base stiffer giving it impressive grip and stability with its reduced weight. It is 4kg lighter than its hybrid equal LaFerrari and it is a combination of all these advancements which push the SF90 into the hypercar bracket, aka a top-tier supercar.

Although minimal, the cockpit demonstrates Ferrari’s priority on performance, its modern design is a glimpse into how future Ferraris will be styled. For information clarity and ease of use, everything is presented on a 16-inch flat screen. The car has also employed a new HUD - heads-up display, that reconfigures itself according to the selected driving mode. The F8 steering wheel has been carried over to the SF90 with added features to control various functions.

Only available on request, the Assetto Fiorano is a special version of the SF90 which is designed to further enhance the racing experience. Those who opt for this set-up gain access to a range of exclusive content to give the SF90 an even sharper edge and improve performance with weight-saving enhancements. Modifications in the package include lightweight titanium springs, a titanium exhaust system and a carbon fiber rear spoiler that increases the downforce and stability of the car at high speeds. Added Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres improve the grip and track performance over the standard Pirelli P Zero tires on the original SF90 Stradale model.

Speeding to the roads in 2024 is the SF90 XX Stradale. This enhanced version boasts additional power, cutting-edge electronics, refined active aerodynamics, and upgraded braking systems. The SF90 XX maintains track-level performance whilst being totally road-legal. In fact, it is the most intensely focused Ferrari road car since the iconic F40 and F50 and features a fixed rear wing in homage to these legendary models.

The SF90 XX set a new record as the fastest street-legal car at the Fiorano track, marking a significant leap in performance for Ferrari's road cars and notably becoming the first road-going vehicle in the XX Programme. In 2024, Car and Driver rank the SF90 Stradale as number 2 in their Best Exotic Sports Cars, sitting in between the Ferrari F8 which is number 1 and the Lamborghini Revuelto ranked number 3.

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