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Find all your Lamborghini parts here at Eurospares, we have a huge inventory of genuine, OEM and aftermarket spare parts at low prices for all models and provide fast global delivery.

Since 1985 we have been specializing in new and used Lambo parts and have built a reputation for having one of the biggest ranges of Lamborghini parts for sale and in stock. This means it is more likely we have the parts and accessories you are looking for!


To locate the exact part you need, simply choose your Lamborghini below to view the part catalogs and exploded part diagrams. Alternately search by part number at the top of this page or browse a wide selection in our parts showcase.

If you want friendly and helpful professional advice please contact us. Our parts range covers older GTs such as the 350, Diablo and Espada right through to the iconic Huracan, Murciélago and Revuelto.

Our selection includes brakes, body parts, carbon fiber parts, engine parts, exhausts, headlamps, wheels, and so much more! We can supply every part for every model and have a wealth of part knowledge to share.

Find your Lamborghini

Find Genuine Lamborghini Parts at Eurospares

Eurospares stocks and supplies genuine original Lamborghini parts to customers worldwide! Whether you need some new Lambo door parts, a small item such as an oil sensor or a brand-new Huracan engine we have you covered. If we do not have it in stock, we can order the part directly from the factory.

We want to make it as easy for you as possible to find the parts you need online at the best prices. If you know the part number you require then simply start a search from the top of our page to find it. To view online part diagrams from the official Lamborghini part catalogs please select your model above.


We have a large inventory of Lamborghini parts and can ship them to you quickly. We stock thousands of parts, so whether you need something specific like a new oil pump for your Lamborghini Murciélago or want to shop for wheels and accessories, you are sure in the right place!

Our massive range includes Lamborghini Diablo parts and accessories, Lamborghini wheel nut tools, bonnet badges, Lamborghini key remote entry system kits/ anti-theft alarm systems and a selection of Lamborghini seats for sale.

Expert Service and Fast Delivery Since 1985

Our huge range of Lamborghini parts includes brake pads and rotors, clutch kits and flywheels plus service items and filters. We also have a dedicated service parts kit page where routine service parts are grouped together for your convenience. Common Lamborghini service parts include gasket sets, oil filters, pollen filters, and spark plugs.

If you need any further assistance using our website or would like to speak to one of our professional Lamborghini part experts then please contact us. We can provide next-day delivery to the USA, UK, France, Germany and Italy, and, we can deliver in as little as 2 days to Australia, Dubai, Japan, and all other countries worldwide.


We supply every part for every Lamborghini model. Our Lambo parts range covers genuine, OEM, aftermarket and Tubi Style performance exhausts. In addition we are a specialist in parting out Lamborghini cars where we recycle everything including interiors, windshields, and even the chassis. Visit our used Lamborghini parts page to view the up-to-date list of current models we are working on right now.

Unleashing the Passion for Lamborghini Parts

Our team of experts is deeply immersed in the world of Lamborghini, possessing an unparalleled understanding of every model, from the iconic Countach to the revolutionary Aventador and beyond.

Our passion extends to every aspect of Lamborghini ownership, from sourcing the finest genuine parts to providing expert advice on maintenance and upgrades. Step away from the limited selections found elsewhere. Our expansive collection of prestige parts caters to the discerning tastes of Aston Martin, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, and Porsche aficionados. Shop with Eurospares and discover a world where passion meets precision.

Colourful Lamborghini brake calipers on shelves in the Eurospares warehouse.

A selection of our genuine Lamborghini brake calipers in stock.

Blue Lamborghini Countach parked outside the Eurospares warehouse with customer collection and goods inward signs on the wall.

As Lambo owners and enthusiasts ourselves, we share your passion.

Two Lamborghinis being dismantled in the Eurospares workshop.

Our hands on experience cements our knowledge of each Lamborghini part.

Lamborghini Parts FAQs

Lamborghini parts are produced both in-house at their Sant'Agata Bolognese facility in Italy and by a select group of external suppliers. These suppliers are chosen for their expertise and capability to meet Lamborghini's high standards for quality, innovation, and performance. The parts come from a global network, including collaborations with leading technology and automotive companies, ensuring all Lamborghini vehicles embody cutting-edge innovation and supreme craftsmanship.

Yes, Lamborghini, being part of the Volkswagen Group along with Bentley, Bugatti, Porsche, and other brands, does share technology and parts with its sister companies. This includes powertrain components, and various electronics. Sharing resources within the group helps Lamborghini to leverage the advanced technology and engineering expertise of its affiliates. However the design, assembly and quality checks are performed at their HQ in Italy, retaining its unique brand identity and the original iconic Italian flair we all love and admire.

We deliver to over 235 countries worldwide, with next-day service to many locations including the USA, UK, France, Germany, and Italy. Even for destinations further away like Australia and Japan, we can get your parts to you in just 2 days.

Finding the exact part you need is easy at Eurospares!

You can either 1: select your model and view the detailed Lamborghini part diagrams, 2: start a search with the part number or part name, 3: browse a selection of in-stock parts in our parts showcase or 4: contact our team of Lambo part experts and we will find the parts for you.

Yes, every Lambo part we supply comes with a warranty and expert support from our team. Genuine Lamborghini parts are also covered by the Lamborghini warranty. We provide a 30-day warranty on all parts, including used Lambo parts, at no additional charge. The warranty period can be extended during the checkout period or by contacting our offices prior to parts being despatched. If you have any questions please contact our sales team or read our full warranty terms and conditions.

Genuine Lamborghini parts are parts which are supplied by Lamborghini and are covered by the Lamborghini warranty. These are also known as “genuine original”, “new genuine”, and “used genuine” if we have taken the part from a Lambo we have dismantled.

OEM Lamborghini parts are Original Equipment Manufacturer. These are the exact same parts as genuine, but the part will not have the Lambo logo on it nor come in any Lamborghini branded packaging. However it is the same part and it has been made the same way as the genuine part.

Aftermarket Lamborghini parts are parts which are typically made by third parties and are alternative parts to the Genuine or OEM parts. For example Lamborghini Tubi Style exhausts are designed to replace your stock exhaust giving you more sound and more horsepower!

Yes, please go to our used Lamborghini parts page to view the photos and details of all recent cars plus any parts available.

We have had the privilege of being hands on with all sorts of iconic models, from classics like the Countach and Espada, to the latest models of Huracan, Urus and more! Whether you're meticulously restoring a classic or keeping your current Lambo running perfectly, we are a market leader in quality used Lambo parts at competitive prices.

When purchasing from outside the UK, you have the option for a hassle-free delivery process. You can choose between DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) where all duties and taxes are handled by us at checkout, ensuring quick delivery directly to you, or DAP (Delivered At Place - also known as DDU), where duties and taxes are managed upon arrival by your local courier. Most customers prefer DDP for its convenience.

If DDP isn't available for your country at checkout, we can arrange it upon request. For any specific inquiries please contact our sales team.

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