Lamborghini 400 GT Parts

As the trusted source for genuine Lamborghini parts, we are dedicated to preserving the legacy of this vintage GT by providing you with the highest quality parts and expert support. View the Lamborghini 400 GT part diagrams to locate the exact part you are looking for or contact us and we will source the part for you.

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Lamborghini 400 GT: Elegance & Exclusivity

The Lamborghini 400 GT, introduced in 1966, succeeded the Lamborghini 350 GT, and there were only 23 models made.

Production began with the 4 liter 12-cylinder engine that was used in its predecessor, and the bodywork was restyled to create more room.

The bodywork, designed by Carrozzeria Touring, was handsomely classic in its design and the interior was luxurious with leather upholstery and a gorgeous wood-rimmed steering wheel.

This Lamborghini is rare to say the least, with only 23 models having been made. 20 of these were bodied in steel, and 3 were bodied in Superleggera, (Italian for Superlight).

The suspension of this model was an all-independent system with unequal A-arms, coil springs, telescopic tube shock absorbers with tubular wishbones and anti-roll bars. The brakes consisted of all-wheel Girling brake rotors, hydraulically operated via a dual circuit system with servo assistance.

The V12 front-mounted engine produced a max power of 320 hp at 6500 rpm and fed power to the 72-spoke Borrani wheels, which featured Pirelli Cinturato Belted tires - and this Lamborghini featured a water-cooling system with a radiator and two electric fans.

Professional Lamborghini 400 GT Supplier

Sourcing genuine Lamborghini 400 GT parts from Eurospares is an effortless and reliable experience. As a rare and highly sought-after Grand Tourer, the Lamborghini 400 GT demands the best quality components to maintain its legacy.

At Eurospares, we cater to collectors and custodians who understand the value of preserving such an extraordinary supercar. Our extensive inventory of Lamborghini parts ensures that you have access to everything you need, from body and repair parts to specific restoration components.

We pride ourselves on offering the complete range of original Lamborghini 400 GT parts. Our Lamborghini 400 GT parts catalog is available online, featuring detailed part diagrams that list every component by its Manufacturer Part Number (MPN). These visual aids ensure ease of reference and accuracy, helping you find all related parts swiftly and efficiently.

Our extensive stock includes dashboard instruments, fuel filters, oil filters, gaskets, water pump seals, and more. If a part isn't immediately available, we can order it at highly competitive prices with fast turnaround times.

Worldwide Lamborghini 400 GT Parts Supplier

As fellow Lamborghini owners ourselves, we understand the rarity and value of the Lamborghini 400 GT, and our commitment to quality is reflected in every part we supply. Whether you need new or used Lamborghini parts, Eurospares is here to help you get the parts you need.

Once you've selected your Lamborghini 400 GT parts, we ensure they are delivered to you as quickly and securely as possible. For in-stock items, we offer next-day delivery to the USA, UK, France, Germany, and Italy, with two-day delivery available to Australia, Dubai, Japan, and other countries.

Our team of supercar enthusiasts carefully packages each order using the highest-quality materials, protecting your valuable parts throughout their journey. Whether you're ordering small seals and valves or complete body shells and windshields, we guarantee safe and efficient delivery.

Eurospares: Maintaining Your Masterpiece

Since 1985, Eurospares has been driven by a passion for parts. Our team of luxury supercar specialists is always ready to offer assistance and advice, leveraging decades of experience to answer your questions quickly and confidently.

We are privileged to supply the world's highest quality Lamborghini parts, ensuring that your iconic Lamborghini 400 GT continues to perform at its best and remains in showroom condition. Contact us with any inquiries and experience our unmatched service and dedication to preserving your supercar.

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