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Our massive selection boasts every Espada part imaginable, from intricate instrument gauges to the powerful V12 engine itself. View the Espada part diagrams to find all the spare parts and accessories you're looking for.

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The Lamborghini Espada: A Blend of Speed, Style, and Space

After the Miura came the Espada, and whilst they were both penned by Marcello Gandini at Bertone, unlike its predecessor the Espada was a full four-seater coupe. It ticked all the boxes of comfort, performance, and style, plus it had bags of space.

Back in 1968 when it was released after debuting at the Geneva Motor Show, the Espada was the world’s fastest four-seater; its front mounted 4 liter V12 rated at 390 hp could sprint from 0-60 mph in 5.9 seconds and the top speed was 152 mph.

Named after a matador’s sword, this supercar was based on the Marzal concept from 1967 and featured cutting-edge designer styling that divides opinion.

It’s an extreme, quirky, head-turning machine that also proved itself to be family-friendly thanks to so much room in the cabin and usable storage space. In addition, there’s the trademark upright glass panel above the brake lights for improved visibility and the extra wide doors that make getting in and out a cinch.

Once Lamborghini stopped producing the Islera, the 345 hp Series 2 Espada took over and it quickly became their bestselling version - 575 sales out of 1,217 in total.

Espadas were seen as a great budget supercar in the seventies but that doesn’t mean Lamborghini skimped on the luxury - comfortable seating for four, a seductive interior and a classy body all made a winning formula.

This large dramatic coupe has a low stance, superbly weighted steering, minimal body roll, a smooth ride and excellent performance. It was Lamborghini’s first ever 2+2 and it was executed very well.

Complete Catalog of Lamborghini Espada Parts Available

Eurospares is the world’s biggest stockist of Lamborghini parts and we do our upmost to ensure we have every part for every model available. We delight in assisting customers worldwide with their restoration journeys, providing expert advice and the precise parts needed from our extensive Lamborghini Espada parts catalog.

We aim to supply every part for this classic model. From the heart of the Espada's power - including alternators, brake calipers and rotors, crankshaft components, or even a complete engine - to its exterior elegance with lights, body panels, and wheels, our selection is often unmatched.

For years we have been working closely with Espada enthusiasts and workshops, offering everything needed for repair and maintenance projects. Whether it's bodywork elements like panels and doors or interior finesse with dashboard instruments and steering wheels, our knowledge and resources are designed to meet your every part need.

To find the exact part you need view the detailed Espada part diagrams. Alternately you can search at the top of the page, browse the parts showcase or reach out to our team of Lamborghini part experts.

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Our knowledgeable team is driven by a passion for luxury supercars and every single spare part we have in storage has been meticulously categorized and organized to ensure we can get it to you in record time.

For in-stock parts, we're able to offer next-day delivery to the USA, UK, France, Germany, and Italy, ensuring you get what you need quickly. For our customers in Japan, Australia, and other countries worldwide, your parts can arrive in as little as 2 days. Our team of packing professionals use high-quality packaging materials so you can rest easy knowing your parts will arrive in perfect condition.

For those seeking authenticity and value, our internal breaking workshop is a goldmine. Specializing in the careful dismantling of exotic cars, including many Lamborghinis, we offer a wide array of used Lambo parts. This service not only supports sustainable practices but also provides an opportunity to acquire rare parts at competitive prices.

Eurospares: Your Passionate Parts Partner

Reach out to our approachable, knowledgeable staff if you need any information about Lamborghini Espada parts. The Eurospares team has been shipping luxury sports car parts and accessories to customers all over the world since 1985.

Our extensive stock and wealth of experience keep customers coming back to buy their parts and seek advice again and again. We are proud of the reputation we have earned for quality and reliability, please contact us if you need any assistance.

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