Maserati 4200 Parts

Embark on the journey of restoring your Maserati 4200 to its pristine condition or keeping it meticulously maintained with our extensive selection of genuine and OEM parts. Simply choose your model to dive into the complete part catalogs and access the online diagrams, ensuring you effortlessly find exactly what you need.

The Maserati 4200: A Symphony of Speed and Luxury

The 2002 Maserati Coupe is a tough-looking, rear-wheel drive beauty with a glorious 385 bhp 4.2 liter V8 engine - built by Ferrari - and six-speed manual transmission.

Compared to the 3200GT that the 4200GT Coupe and Spyder are based on, this is a big upgrade, including a stiffer body, new suspension, a new transmission and a new lighter engine. There are slight design updates too, such as triangular tail lights and a fresh hood, but it’s still very close to the original Italdesign-Giugiaro styling.

Maserati’s Coupe Cambiocorsa comes with a Ferrari-developed, clutchless manual transmission, and in “sport mode”, shifts are fast but harsh. Steering, handling and grip are all superb and the Coupe has near-perfect 50/50 weight distribution.

Maserati’s F1-inspired semi-automatic Cambiocorsa outsold the manual transmission option as it's more suited to the car’s grand touring nature. It zipped from 0-60 mph in less than five seconds and the top speed was 176 mph.

The Spyder’s beautiful shape is enhanced even further with the roof down and the inside of the Cambiocorsa is mostly wrapped in luxurious leather. Even with the roof stowed away, there is a surprising amount of storage space in the trunk and the fitted roll-over bars make this a safe and practical sports car.

These little 2-seater roadsters look fantastic and are a pleasure to drive, performing as well as you’d expect from any luxurious supercar powered by a Ferrari V8.

Genuine and OEM Maserati 4200 Spare Parts For Sale

Eurospares stocks a wide range of Maserati 4200 spare parts, including parts for the Coupe, Gransport, Spyder and Trofeo. Italian supercars are our passion and we have been committed to providing owners of magnificent Maseratis with the spares they need for nearly 40 years.

All orders made through our online store are packed with care and sent out right away so that they arrive on your doorstep quickly and safely. We ship to the USA and all other countries worldwide.

We can supply you with Maserati 4200 GT parts, Maserati 4200 Spyder parts and more! Our range includes the Maserati 4200 oil filter, Maserati 4200 brake rotors, a Maserati 4200 exhaust, and a Maserati 4200 Tubi Style upgrade.

Experienced Maserati 4200 Parts Supplier

Our team handle an unrivalled selection of Maserati parts on a daily basis. We are one of the largest, if not the largest, independent supplier of Maserati parts worldwide whom maintain a huge inventory of parts.

This means we are most likely to have the part you need on hand and we can supply photos and answer any questions you have. Our parts range covers everything from body panels, windshieds and wheels to maintenance parts such as belts, gaskets and filters.

When undertaking a Maserati 4200 servicing we can supply you with the service part kits, filters and part sets. Go to our Maserati 4200 service kit page for details. View the 4200 part diagrams to see exploded schematics or visit the parts showcase to quickly find in-stock parts.

In addition, to a holding a range of new parts in stock, we also boast a large selection of used Maserati parts for sale. These high quality parts come from our internal specialist breaking service.

There's a real art to breaking cars, and the process allows us to get up close and personal with every Maserati that enters the Eurospares workshop, reinforcing our knowledge on part fitment and handling. Visit our cars breaking page to see photos of the 4200s we've broken down for parts.

Providing Expert Assistance Since 1985

Whatever restoration or repairs you have planned, we have got you covered. Since 1985 we have been connecting customers with the right part at the right price. Need help finding the perfect part for your car? Simply get in touch by going to our contact us page and our team of part specialists will provide you with fast and friendly assistance.

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