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Beauty and Brains: Merak's Sleek Design Meets Smart Engineering

The Maserati Merak, closely related to the Maserati Bora, was the brand's answer to the oil crisis at a time when larger engines were at a disadvantage. The combination of the sensational sleek Italian design and more economic engine made the Merak a Maserati best-seller.

Housed within all-steel bodywork, this model's engine bay was an all-alloy dual overhead camshaft V6, as opposed to the V8 used by the Bora, and the smaller powertrain allowed for more cabin space - in which two back seats were situated.

Three twin-choke weber carburetors fed the engine which powered the Merak producing 187 bhp which was capable of top speeds over 149 mph.

Having been designed during the Citroen ownership of Maserati, some Citroen hydropneumatics were used in the Merak. The braking system was hydraulically operated and assisted, and the pop-up headlamps hydraulically actuated. Another Citroen component seen on early versions was the Citroen SM dashboard with a single-spoke steering wheel.

The Merak is another fine GT example from Maserati of its era and often commands a high price tag and much interest in the current collectors market.

Preserving the Maserati Merak with Eurospares

Eurospares are a market leader when it comes to the supply and delivery of new and used genuine Maserati parts. We know that the Merak combines vintage smooth looks on the outside with impressive classical vibes on the inside and you may own one as an investment or as a Sunday drive. To keep it in prestige condition we can supply you with whatever part you need including all fittings and fixings for the Merak interior, Merak dashboard instruments, new Campagnolo wheels, and so much more.

At Eurospares we understand the magic of the Merak. As Maserati enthusiasts and owners ourselves we understand the intricate dance of these Italian thoroughbreds. We know that you need the right part and you need it fast. That's why we are committed to maintaining an expansive inventory which boasts the largest most complete selection of genuine and OEM Merak parts.

We know the Merak inside and out and we mean this literally thanks to our in-house technicians who have been hands on with the Merak over the years parting out used Merak parts. Visit our cars breaking section to view photos, find used parts and learn more about our process.

In-Stock Merak Parts and Global Delivery

Our inventory is not just vast; it's meticulously organised and readily available. Forget scouring online forums or chasing elusive parts through online auctions. We have all Merak parts available and readily accessible through our user-friendly website. Explore detailed part diagrams or browse in-stock parts in the showcase, and order with confidence knowing you're getting the exact piece your Merak needs.

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide next-day delivery to the USA, UK, France, Germany, and Italy, and swift, insured delivery to the rest of the world. We are aware that your time and convenience are paramount so our logistics and on-site fulfilment system are designed to meet your needs promptly and efficiently.

Beyond Parts: Your Trusted Partner Since 1985

When it comes to your Maserati Merak, you deserve the best. Not just parts, but expertise, a partner who speaks the language of Italian precision. At Eurospares, we're more than just market leaders; we're your trusted supplier in Merak maintenance and restoration.

We don't just provide parts; we provide advice, reassurance, and support your passion. Since 1985 we have been supplying the right part at the right price to owners and workshops worldwide. Contact us today and revive your Italian legend!

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