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As the trusted source for genuine and OEM Maserati parts, we are dedicated to preserving the legacy of the vintage Mistral by providing you with the highest quality parts and expert support. View the Mistral part diagrams to locate the exact part you're searching for or get in touch with our team of experts and we will source the part for you.

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Maserati Mistral: A Rare and Refined Italian Grand Tourer

Full production of the Mistral ran between 1964 and 1970 and was a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” Italian sports car, available in either a 2-door, 2-seat coupé or a 2-door, 2-seat spyder (convertible). When the Mistral was first released in 1964 it was initially available with a choice of two engines; 3.5 liter or 3.7 liter. From 1965 onwards a 4.0 liter version was introduced, all variants were designed by Pietro Frua, a leading Italian coachbuilder and car designer during the 1950s and 1960s.

The Mistral oozes both refinement and elegance still to this day with its timeless classical interior design. Like the Sebring and the 3500, the Mistral used Maserati’s 6-cylinder racing engine and featured a 5-speed manual transmission, although there was the option of an automatic transmission. It was quick and responsive with a top speed of more than 140 mph and one could quite easily picture themselves taking their Mistral on a scenic and exhilarating drive around Southern Europe.

Records show that although sales were strong and demand was high, just 953 were built and only 125 of these were the Spyder open-top version. This has made the Maserati Mistral Spyder a rare classic and a head-turner at car shows the world over.

The Mistral was the final and most engineered of Maserati’s six-cylinder GT cars and was succeeded by the V8 Ghibli - the third generation Ghibli is still in production to this day - and the V8 Mexico.

Superior Maserati Mistral Parts Supplier

The Maserati Mistral is not just a car; it's a symbol of your discerning taste and a passport to an exclusive world of Italian luxury and performance. At Eurospares, we're committed to preserving this legacy, ensuring your Mistral continues to turn heads and delivers the refined driving experience that defines it as a masterpiece of automotive art.

We understand the unique bond you share with your iconic Italian masterpiece. Every purr of the engine, every turn of the wheel, reminds you of the legacy you uphold. And when the time comes to nurture that legacy, ensuring you have the right parts and support is critical.

Your Mistral deserves the best, and we offer a range of buying options to match your budget and restoration goals. We stock an extensive inventory of genuine Maserati parts, guaranteeing the original fit and finish your Mistral demands.

From sourcing essential engine components to the iconic steering wheel, we are here to help ensure your Mistral remains in impeccable condition. Browse the Mistral parts catalog and exploded part diagrams to pinpoint the exact part you require with ease or browse a selection of in-stock parts in our parts showcase.

Worldwide Delivery On All Mistral Parts

Our dedication to Maserati Mistral owners extends across the globe, with next-delivery available to key regions including the USA, UK, France, Germany, and Italy, and rapid delivery options for Australia, Japan, and beyond. Each shipment is insured, ensuring your parts arrive securely, no matter where you are.

Choosing Eurospares for your Maserati Mistral parts means choosing a partner who shares your passion for excellence, quality, and the timeless legacy of Maserati. Let's ensure your Mistral continues to embody the pinnacle of Italian craftsmanship and performance for years to come.

Eurospares is more than a parts provider; we are custodians of the Maserati Mistral's heritage. Through our in-house workshop, we expertly dismantle end-of-life exotic cars to offer you high-quality used Maserati parts, making even the rarest components accessible.

Supplying Your Parts With A Passion

Our foundation in 1985 was built upon a deep-seated passion for Maserati, nurtured by our founders - enthusiasts and owners of Maserati cars. This passion has propelled us to the forefront of the independent Maserati parts supply industry.

We recognize the Maserati Mistral as a significant investment and a cherished piece of automotive history. It's why we offer more than just parts; we provide reassurance. If you have any questions or need help regarding a specific part please contact our friendly team of Maserati part experts.

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