maserati qtp v8 (1998) electrical system: engine compartment (rhd) parts diagram

058GD - Electrical System: Engine Compartment (RHD)

Maserati QTP V8 (1998) Electrical System: Engine Compartment (RHD) Parts Diagram

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Part Key
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                        Part number
                        # 001
                        MPN: 373040142
                        ENGINE COMPARTMENT RH WIRING
                        # 002
                        MPN: 373040143
                        ENGINE COMPARTMENT LH WIRING
                        # 003
                        MPN: 373030123
                        ENGINE WIRING
                        from £424.55
                        from £424.55
                        # 004
                        MPN: 393650307
                        EXTERNAL TEMPERATURE SENSOR
                        from £27.63
                        from £27.63
                        # 005
                        MPN: 325520172
                        VACUUM PUMP
                        from £99.75
                        from £99.75
                        # 006
                        MPN: 313320006
                        HORN ASSY
                        from £19.02
                        from £19.02
                        # 007
                        MPN: 313320146
                        from £56.33
                        from £56.33
                        # 008
                        MPN: 314020316
                        from £1.80
                        from £1.80
                        This part replaces part number 313320325
                        # 009
                        MPN: 393050151
                        ENGINE/CHASSIS GROUND BRAID
                        from £3.75
                        from £3.75
                        # 010
                        MPN: 373000105
                        FAIRLEAD PLATE
                        from £4.17
                        from £4.17
                        # 011
                        MPN: 373000329
                        from £1.08
                        from £1.08
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