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a part diagram from the porsche 911 turbo (1975) parts catalogue
911 Turbo


a part diagram from the porsche 911 turbo (1976) parts catalogue
911 Turbo


a part diagram from the porsche 911 turbo (1977) parts catalogue
911 Turbo


Porsche 911 Turbo: Power, Performance & Luxury

Sometimes referred to by its internal type number, the Porsche 930, but more famously known as the first-generation Porsche 911 Turbo, this car has become the flagship model of the Porsche model line-up.

Put into production between 1975 and 1977 producing 2,819 units, the 911 Turbo became a turbocharged version of the original Porsche 911, which quickly became popular amongst car enthusiasts.

Starting out with a 3.0 liter flat-six engine with one big turbocharger that boasted 260 hp and a top speed of 155 mph, subsequent variants in 1978, rose to 300 hp with an improved 3.3 liter engine and also became available in coupe, convertible, targa and speedster body styles in the biggest change in the 930 production.

Exceeding expectations, the 911 Turbo was also luxurious featuring equipment such as air-con, a stereo system, electric windows and leather seats. As for the exterior, the 911 Turbo sported the iconic “whale tail” rear spoiler which cleverly had two intakes for the engine fan and the air-con to aid the aerodynamics and create more downforce at the rear of the vehicle.

The impeccable design and turbocharge made this the best-equipped 911 with exceptional performance - capable of rocketing the 911 Turbo to 100 mph in just 14 seconds.

Although the 911 Turbo was well-equipped and fast it also came with risks and was very demanding to drive. It soon got the nickname “The Widowmaker” after its handling characteristics, which were prone to oversteer and turbo lag, caused several crashes.

911 Turbo Spare Parts Specialist

At Eurospares we pride ourselves on being a market leader for all Porsche parts. We are here to help fellow Porsche 911 Turbo enthusiasts looking for genuine spares and expert advice. Whether you're in the middle of a full restoration project or simply in need of routine maintenance, our extensive 911 Turbo parts catalog covers all original parts ranging from valve control components to repair kits and brake rotors, ensures you have access to everything you need in one place.

For those of you dedicated to preserving the condition and performance of your Porsche 911 Turbo, installing genuine parts, even small ones like wheel nuts, sealing rings, and hose clamps, will ensure your Porsche maintains the highest standards of quality and compatibility.

Understanding the importance of precise maintenance, our website gives you access to all the detailed part diagrams for the Porsche 911 Turbo, including the crankshaft, shock absorbers, exterior panels, and more, aiding in your part identification process. These technical resources are designed to simplify your shopping experience, ensuring you pick the exact part for your specific repair or upgrade.

Get Fast International Delivery on 911 Turbo Parts

For our international customers, we offer swift and secure shipping options. Parts are shipped daily from our UK warehouse, with next-day delivery available to the USA, UK, France, Germany, and Italy, and rapid 2-day delivery to countries like Australia, Japan and UAE.

We understand the urgency and anticipation that comes with each part purchase, which is why we guarantee professional packaging and swift deliveries to ensure your parts arrive in perfect condition, ready for installation.

Our team members can safely package any part your classic 911 Turbo needs, from small components such as bolts, clips, and washers, to large pieces including body panels, exhaust pipes, and windshields. We offer a range of delivery options and keep you updated on your order status every step of the way.

Eurospares: Preserving Legends Since 1985

Eurospares is not just another parts supplier; we are a community of passionate experts dedicated to the art of automotive excellence since 1985. We go beyond merely selling parts; we offer a comprehensive service that includes expert guidance and support.

Our team is always ready to assist, whether it’s through our user-friendly online parts diagrams or personal support from our knowledgeable staff. If you need any assistance please contact us. Many of us our Porsche owners ourselves and love to help fellow enthusiasts with any Porsche related inquiry.

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