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The 944's Evolution: From Successor to Classic

The Porsche 944 production ran from 1982 to 1991 as the successor to the Porsche 924. With its cool good looks - notably the flared wheel arches and pop-up headlamps - performance upgrade, and practicality the 944 went on to be one of the most successful models in Porsche history.

The 944 is a rear-wheel drive, front-engine sports car and was available to buy as a coupe or a cabriolet. Over the years several model variants were released which included the 944 S, 944 Turbo and the 944 Turbo S.

To this day the Porsche 944 remains a good investment, especially over recent years as the car is fast becoming a classic Porsche and has had a massive resurgence in popularity, continuing to feature at car shows worldwide and turning heads wherever it goes.

When first released the car provided drivers with reliability and practicality whilst being exciting to drive. Whether it was a trip out to the shops on a Saturday or a long-distance trip on a week-long holiday, the 944 did not disappoint and earned its reputation as a “daily driver”.

In fact, the Porsche 944 broke the mold with its large boot space and luggage capacity and with the rear seats folded down, there was even more room available!

To improve and evolve from the 924, the Porsche engineers focused on providing more power and this came with the 944's all-aluminum, 2.5 liter 4-cylinder engine, which was capable of 0-60 mph in 8.3 seconds and had a top speed of over 140 mph.

In addition, the Porsche 944 was better equipped, more refined and more comfortable to drive. There was a choice of leather and carpet interior plus a wide range of optional extras such as air conditioning, power-assisted steering and side protection molds. As newer models were released there were changes to the dashboard and center console, all of which now have a real 1980s feel about them.

Further upgrades and enhancements continued, and production was planned to continue throughout the 1990s. However, these plans were changed as more and more new parts were added, so much so that basically a new car was being built and therefore the 944 S3 became the 968 instead.

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