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In 1989, Porsche blessed us with the Porsche 964 (Carrera 4), which could be described as the 911 with attitude. This was the first car to be offered with Porsche's Tiptronic automatic transmission and all-wheel drive as options - with the rear-wheel drive Carrera 2 variant also added to the range in 1990. Both variants were available as a coupé, Targa or Cabriolet.

Designed by Benjamin Dimson, the 964 kept the same minimal yet handsome external style as the original 911, however, featured some significant styling revisions; most prominently the more integrated bumpers and an automatically extending rear spoiler which replaced the "whale tail" found on the 911 throughout the '80s.

When you thought the 911 itself couldn't get much better, the 964 model came along and featured a naturally aspirated 3.6 liter box engine outputting an impressive 250 hp, producing a nice little growl for its time.

Safety and comfort levels were significantly enhanced for drivers, turning the 911 into an excellent tourer - with powered steering and ABS brakes being added for the first time as well as small but significant details such as a new climate control system and warning lights.

The suspension was also redesigned using coil springs and shock absorbers instead of torsion bars, adding self-steering elements to reduce the chances of oversteering.

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Please select your model from the options above and let your journey begin. Whether you are in search of a Porsche 964 camshaft, 964 rear bumper, or need a complete Porsche 964 engine we can help you locate the part you need and get it delivered to your door in turbo time!

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The whole team at Eurospares are passionate about Porsche and have a passion for all supercar parts so please don’t hesitate to contact us for all your Porsche parts needs and enquiries! We will give you honest and professional advice and can help you find the exact part you need.

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