Breaking at

Our team of expert technicians passionately and professionally dismantle and salvage around 30 supercars each year. The functional and working parts from each exotic are tested and catalogued by manufacturer part number. The parts are then sold to customers around the world at heavily discounted prices.

A Passion for Breaking

At Eurospares, we're passionate about extending the lifespan of supercars through meticulous dismantling and salvaging. Our dedicated team of expert technicians, driven by a passion for precision and performance, methodically disassemble each car.

These vehicles, having met the end of their road, find a new purpose in our hands. We extract their functional, high-quality parts, breathing new life into components that still have miles to go. These salvaged treasures are then offered to customers worldwide at significantly discounted prices.

Choosing Eurospares means more than just cost-effective solutions; it's a commitment to sustainability and responsible consumption. By opting for recycled prestige parts, not only do car owners rejuvenate their prized possessions at a fraction of the original list price, but they also contribute to reducing waste in our industry.

Embrace a greener approach to car maintenance without compromising on the exhilarating performance and exquisite craftsmanship you demand from your luxury exotic.

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